Jades pov

A few weeks later

It was positive. Fuck you beck this is all his fault as I cried on my toilet seat was it worth it how was my mum going to react will she cry I don't even know to make it beck fucking dumped me at Vegas doorstep great I have no one well done jade you get knocked up by someone that font even love you anyway am done crying as I wipe the tears off my face I am going to keep this baby be good to it show it love and affection mostly never let it down and if beck wants to be in its life well then fine I take look in the mirror you can't see anything yet but honestly I love it the thought of being a mum 1) thin I was dreading was the fact I was going to get fat and that everyone will call me a slut but am jade west I don't care about shit like that ... I am going to school as normal now nobody knows about the baby six weeks since I've found out and am ready to tell Beck

To beck

From jade

I need to talk to you meet me in the janitors closet no fighting just talking I promise

To jade

From beck

Ok xx

To beck

From jade

Don't x me I don't like you

He didn't reply I was scared he wasn't going to show up just as I was about to text him saying sorry he walked in the janitor's closet

Beck: yeah am here what do you want to talk about

Jade;*tearing up* beck urm I am pregnant

Beck: erm is-s-s-s it mine

Jade: yes it's yours yes am keeping it no you don't have to be involved I don't really care

Beck: jade of course I want to be involved I –I—I still love you jade

Jade: you let me go beck am sorry but if you want anything to do with me

Beck: jaaade please

Jade: am sorry it was your decision remember

And with that I walk out

Becks pov

Shit I am dad I am screwed what I am going to say to my mum how I am going to make up to jade I wonder who knows and as I am lost in thought the bell rings and I have to go to sikowitz but I see jade walking out

Beck: jade!

Jade: what

Beck: who knows?

Jade: no one now can you please leave me alone I have things to do

Beck: no when are you going to tell your mum

Jade: today

Beck: do you want me to be their

Jade: no

+line break+

Jades pov

I am sitting in my car I see mums car their I walk in and mums sitting on the chair holding a pregnancy test shit but it's not mine... mine was blue