Hi everyone this is my first fan fiction so please don't hate. Sorry for any mistakes!

The year was 2000 three years since Dan died. Roseanne thought she would never be happy again, well she's wrong.

"Roseanne, it's been three years don't you think you should start dating again?" Jackie said

"Oh Jackie, nobody would want me I just got lucky with Dan."

"Roseanne, you know that's not true. Well I got to go Fred needs me, just think about it.

Roseanne sits alone on the living room couch until DJ walks in.

"Hey mom, can I go to John's house."

"Okay, but be back by dinner, we're having noodles and butter again."

"C'mon not again!" DJ exclaimed

"Now DJ, you know we don't have that much money…"

DJ leaves the house Roseanne remains on the couch, and stats to think.

Maybe I would be happier if I started dating again. Na I'm way too old to even think about dating again. What about DJ what would he think?

Will Roseanne start dating again? Tune in to find out! Sorry for how short this chapter was….