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I watched as we neared our destination in the deep blue sea via steam boat. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach at the amazing sight of Africa. A strip of yellow sand set us apart from lush, alive forests that reached and climbed up the mountainous skyline, joining green with the grey of the peaks and blue with the distant waterfalls. I felt a sense that I should have come here long ago.

"Hey were in Africa! This is so cool of your Dad to take us along." Lya grinned wickedly before vaulting over the side of the boat. Her appearance was certainly individual to that of her surroundings and had created quite a bit of attention while on the boat ride to where they were going to camp. Lya was a very small pixie like girl with the fashion sense of a Hippie that had their wardrobe thrown into a rainbow. In other words anything with any sight whatsoever would see her coming from a mile off. We had become close friends in our biology lectures back home in Britain and now practically never left each other's sides.

"Oh gosh," My father looked over the side of the boat wearily; making sure his pupil hadn't killed herself accidentally by leaping off the boat to soon. "Make sure you use this time to study the wildlife Lya. This isn't a holiday." He wiped his old brow with relief before chuckling nervously. My father's name is Archimedes Q Porter and the eccentricity doesn't just stay with his name. No, my Dad is thought of as a bit of an odd ball at University with his big bushy mustache and blue bow tie (He insists that bow ties are cool.) He also comes up with all sorts of theories all the time and likes to play the role of the mad scientist most of the time. This expedition was to try and document animal ecosystem behavior The reason for taking me and Lya was so we could try and help document animal behavior As studying Biology students we had just learned how different animals react differently to individual situations. I loved how other animals worked, the anatomy, psychology, everything. Hopefully this trip would extend my knowledge of it all plus the way of their habitat. This was one of the perks to having a Lecturer and Scientist for a father.

Lya rolled her grey eyes and flipped her auburn hair "Yeah, sure thing Sir. Hey, Mr Clayton can you chuck me my saxophone!" she smiled to the other man standing next to me. Mr Clayton was our guide and 'protector' but so far we have only heard bragging stories of how he wrestled bears in Canada and shot Bengal tigers in… well Bengal. He assured my father that he had left the hunting of animals for sport behind him but I wasn't so certain. His brutish appearance and the assortment of weapons on his persona made me skeptical.

"Sure." He picked up Lya's Saxophone and dropped it over the side of the boat in a care free manner. Lya's eyes widened from their sleepy state and I gasped. Her saxophone was her life and was previously owned by her father who had died 2 years ago, she never went anywhere without it, a lot like me and my sketch book.

She dived hand grabbed it before it hit the floor in an unusual burst of speed. I let out the breath I was holding before turning to glare at the hulking man next to me. Clayton saw my attempting-to-be-ferocious glare from the corner of his eye and turned on the innocent charm. "It was an accident," He shrugged "I'm sorry." the man placed a hand on my shoulder like a slippery bastard.

I jerked away. I never usually judged people before I got to know them but he was practically emanating I-am-a-slippery-pedophile! That was enough of an excuse for me to feel creeped out. Another thing was no one else noticed this side of our guide, only me! Maybe I was analyzing things too much. Take a step back Jade and look at the bigger picture. Has he done anything to you? No. Has he been helpful? Yes. Does he make you feel safe? I would rather take on a fully grown cougar than have him anywhere near me. Mind you she would have a small chance of taking Clayton down with all of the self-defense training I had taken. I knew I would be a dead woman if I tried to take on a big cat. No one was stupid enough to try and kill a big animal unarmed.

"Watch where you're dropping things!" Lya bellowed from down below, shaking a dramatic fist at Clayton. "Come on Jay let's get to the camp." The pixie diverted her attention to me.

I suppose now that I have told you about nearly everyone I should explain a little about myself. I'm Jane Jade Porter, Uni student from London who studies Biology and fine art. I also enjoy singing and Kick boxing, unfortunately just because I enjoy something doesn't mean I'm particularly good at it.

Unlike Lya I am rather bland. If I had to compare me and her I would be a chicken Corma and she would be a Vindaloo, (to put it into curry prospects). Average brown hair, medium height, unusually pale skin… the only things I am proud of are probably my physique and my mother's blue eyes that I inherited along with the capacity to draw. I had lost my mother when I was 9; I guess that is one of the reasons why I took up kick boxing. Jade Porter Is not going to be a person who relies on anyone!

I got off the boat in the correct manor and joined Lya down on the, soft, sandy beach. Converse may have not been the most appropriate footwear however I had smartly come in shorts and a t-shirt, anticipating the heat, which blended well with the jungle. Lya had managed to attach herself to her sax and we were just about to go down a path the ship crew had created to dump our stuff deep in the jungle when the Captain leaned over the side of the steam boat.

"Careful girls, strange things have been happening around these parts." He warned "people have gone crazy by staying here too long."

Lya and I exchanged glances before thanking the Captain and heading in the direction we were going before, leaving Father and our 'Protector' in the dust.

What's the craziest thing that could happen anyway?