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I didn't really care at that point for questions or small talk I just ran like hell. Growling and roaring baboons where chasing after me and I was terrified shitless, to put it bluntly. The free-running skills a classmate had taught me suddenly became the best chance I had of getting away from the gibbering hoard, their orange eyes blazing in fury at me tricking their child. I spotted ahead that the path was ended by a gaping chasm,

You can do it! I squeaked to myself and leapt in a weak attempt to jump the gap. When I found that I hadn't landed but was in fact flying through the air I had to resist the urge to scream with vertigo. Something was gripping my belt and when I looked up I saw him. A man in nothing but a loin cloth! At that point in time I wasn't examining him, my mind was reeling! Chased by baboons then kidnapped by a Wild-man who swung on vines and barely wore any clothes! That made me scream.

The cheeky bugger glanced down at me like he didn't know what the heck I was so fussed about! Like men always go swinging through the trees in underwear all the time! My attention was preoccupied suddenly by a baboon that had managed to latch onto my leg and had started gnawing my Converse. The lace snapped and with my other foot I booted the baboon off my leg forcefully, taking my Converse with it. To my weak success I had managed to reduce my screaming to squeaks that probably only bats could hear. That was until the Wild-man threw me up and he let gravity push me down into his arms again. "Put me down!" I squeaked in a terrified chant when we stopped, my legs were shaking with adrenalin and I wasn't really sure whether I could stand on my own two feet but it was better than being hauled away by a man with goodness knows what intentions! I wriggled about until he set me down gently with a confused but careful look. It confused me for a slight moment before the baboon problem reappeared. They swarmed towards us in the tree and I quickly changed my mind. If I was going to pick between being kidnapped by a ruggedly handsome man or being killed I would go with kidnap any day "Pick me up, pick me up!" I grappled onto the man who hauled me over his shoulder as we fell down through the trees; he was practically surfing on the branches. It was a wonder of god and speed that we didn't get caught by the rabble. The baboons had cornered us by running towards us on the same branch.

Shit. The one window of opportunity was above us, I scampered up the man, maybe kneeing him once or twice, to have my legs wrapped round his waist from behind. With the extra height I grabbed onto the protruding branch which yanked us off and turned us onto another branch. The feat nearly yanked my arms out of their god damn sockets but at least we avoided getting caught. I suddenly felt gravity doing its thing and the man let go of me. I screamed again before landing in the Wild-man's arms yet again. He grunted in pain and he had the wide eyes and expression to match. The log we were on was weak and had cracked, forcing him to do the splits.

Serves him right for tossing me about, I huffed but the fleet of hissing baboons were just not giving up. They approached from the sides and I braced myself for gravity again. He dropped down through the hollowed out trunk which cracked and broke apart. Nothing was there to break our fall this time. I couldn't bring myself to open my mouth so the scream lodged in my throat as we fell to our impending doom. I latched onto the man for dear life and to my realisation our decent was slowing. He had grappled onto the vines and used them to slow the fall. We landed on another hulking branch; the man crouching with me clung onto his back. We both stared upwards as the old log tumbled after us smashing anything in its way. Quickly he carried me lower down on the tree before squashing our forms against the trunk, narrowly missed becoming paste.

We gulped in air, me shaken, him confused at best guess. The alpha baboon floated down with the con artist/mafia baby on its back. It was using a massive leaf as a parachute as it started babbling to the man who turned to start having a fully blown argument in baboon. Lya would die to be able to imitate animals like this man did, the audio and speech of different animals was her main project in biology and throughout the years we had started conversing in growls, grunts and whines rather than actually speaking to each other at home. It was very fun but at this point in time creepy.

He spun, my breath hitched as he looked me up and down before taking my belt plus the sketch and giving it to Mafia baby baboon that smiled and hugged the new objects with love. I snatched the chance to escape and crawled to the other side of the tree via a slim edge. My foot slipped and grappled onto a vine "I'm in a tree with a man who talks to monkeys." I said to myself, hardly believing what was coming out of my mouth. My hands shakily gripped to the vine tighter in desperation. If I swung onto the other tree branch I could find another way to climb down. It was only a small gap after all, so I wrapped my legs around the vine and threw my body weight forward to find I wasn't going anywhere but down at a painstakingly slow rate thanks to my weak limbs. "This can't get any worse can it?" I moaned.

It started to rain. I blinked and took it as a sign that God actually hated me "Obviously it can." My body wilted with exhaustion, the adrenalin wearing off till the man appeared in front of me upside-down. He tilted his head to the side in confusion and I copied him strangely. My voice was now nearly dead from the roller coaster experience so I didn't even bother to make a sound. I lashed out speedily with my legs but I slipped down the vine, quickly grasping my legs around the greenery once more I just averted my eyes and tucked my head into my body, unintentionally showing fright. A warm arm gripped me round the waist and tugged me up onto a sturdy branch with a leafy canopy to shelter from the flash storm. I scrambled towards the trunk to put some distance between myself and the Wild-man "Stay back!" I warned but he carried on crawling forward his wide, green eyes perplexed like a child's. In an attempt to keep him at bay I put my bare foot on his tan, rock hard chest. My eyes couldn't help but marvel at the man's body, Jesus he was buff! And not as in steroid scary-as-shit buff but as so-god-damn-sexy-that- looking-at-him-felt-like-a-sin buff! Mentally slapping myself I got back to how close he was getting. I pushed my foot to move him back and he averted his gaze to looking down at the barrier his bottom lip stuck out, again like a child trying to make a hard decision. He lifted my foot up and started tickling the base. I couldn't help but laugh "Hey that tickles." I giggled uncontrollably. A smile of realization flitted over his features before tickling me more with a playful expression. "Get off," I cried in between breathless laughs until I felt the other hand move up my leg "Get off!" In reflex I booted him hard no longer letting my defense down.

This made him move back. He shook his head in disorientation, sending his long, wet, jet black hair fanning out, like didn't understand what he had done wrong.

"Serves you right." I wagged a finger at the unusual man "Now stay away or I'll kick your ass out of the tree." I stammered. The empty death threat seemed to fall on deaf ears as he just advanced yet again this time stopping centimeters away from my face. It appeared that his curiosity had no bounds. "I'm warning you," I squeaked as he started sniffing my neck then hair. His fingers gently skimmed my jawline and I lost it. My fist went to slug him in the jaw but he just grabbed it like it was nothing and analysed my hand, bottom lip sticking out and eyebrows furrowed in focused concentration. He had to be in his early twenties, possibly younger I noticed as he unfolded my hand. Recognition appeared on his emotional features. I could see every change of thought through those green eyes. I never even realized such a real person existed anymore. Once my hand was unfolded he put his big hand palm to palm with mine. Green eyes widened in disbelief at first as I looked to stare at him strait. The truth seemed to dawn on him and the soulful green narrowed, as if to say "I'm not alone".

Carefully, without breaking eye contact till the last second, he pressed his ear against my chest and closed his eyes in search for something, an answer? I was too flustered to even attempt to stop him and after the emotional overload I couldn't bring myself to try and hit him again. "o-oh ok then," I stuttered while trying not to flap about like a deranged bird. When he withdrew he had the biggest grin ever, it made me feel special in some way. Big hands cupped my face and pulled my head down to his broad chest and pressed it there gently, I looked up to see him smiling with genuine care. He didn't even know me. I heard the paced beat of his powerful heart hammer against my ear through the muscle. A blush blossomed over my cheeks and I pulled away after an awkward moment "yes, that's a lovely heartbeat. It's very nice." I fiddled with the hair that had fallen out of the ponytail and now hung down in a mess.

"It's very nice."

I snorted "I can't do much with it after our little escapade-" My sentence cut short with realization my concentration zoned back in on him "You do speak!" I cried with a big smile slapped across my features "Oh that's a relief, it thought you were just a crazy Wild-man for a second- where are you from? It would be lovely to kno-" He blinked in amazement before pressing fingertips to my mouth to shut me up. I did and moved back cautiously careful to understand his every move. He pressed his knuckles to his chest before grunting


I must have looked dumbstruck or an idiot because he moved forward slightly and grunted again "Tarzan."

"Tarzan?" I repeated slightly confused at the whole situation, frowning.

He became exited, grunting softly and grinning with wide eyes, expecting. Realization hit me like a brick. It was his name! "I get it!"

"I get it!" he repeated like a parrot. This was how he learned, pressing his knuckles to his chest, repeating "Tarzan," then he placed his hands on my shoulders "Igetit."

"No, no, no." I waved my hands and shook my head "I'm Jane." I indicated to myself. He copied in an interpretation of my voice.

I shook my head again. It needed to be simpler. "Jane," I indicated to myself "Tarzan." I touched him lightly, not breaking contact with those intense eyes "Jane." I pointed to myself. He brushed the loose strands of hair away from my face in a loving gesture which made me turn red in embarrassment,

"Jane." Tarzan murmured softly. I was not going to go into stunned 'steamed pudding mode' as my dad called it. When I went totally oblivious of everything and just melted at something or someone. At this point I was in the edge of steam pudding.

"Exactly," I whispered back.

The shot of a gunfire snapped the moment and we both jumped. "Clayton!" I cried. It had to be him, "That blithering brainless idiot." I hissed under my breath.

Tarzan moved away to scout out the unusual noise. It rang through the trees again, sending African Grey Parrots flying and scattering in the air, they cawed loudly in fright.

"Clayton." The ape-man repeated excitedly to the noise.

"Amazing," I whispered and stared at him before shaking myself forward "Can you take me to my camp?" I asked slowly, pointing in the direction. He looked up at me like an amazed child and, to my surprise, could imitate the gun noise exactly. "Yes Clayton amazing!" I rushed, vertigo was coming back and I didn't like it one bit. As if reading my mind he grabbed me by the waist and prepared to swing down on a vine. I braced myself and grabbed round his neck before I was dragged off my feet.

My stomach felt like it would never recover.

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