hey guys what you been doing since I did get reviews on my first story I,m going to continue but this time ALOT better and this time the ideas will shock you

and I own nothing of the rio movies but my creations will be bolded for the first few times. well here we go

Blu was the first awake after what seemed like an eternity but was actually just a few blu sat up he cracked hi back and found himself in a different room not at all like his bluu started to look around he saw a few people in lab coats and geussed he collapsed after he got to the sanctuary and spotted a big machine by the foot of his bed/table as he saw the egg his mind went back to instinct and looked around till he found what he was looking for, couldn't believe that he missed her and she was right next to he stared at her he noticed she was wiggling more and more and figured she was waking up, blu's anger was boiling to a horribly high level looking at all the scratches he mate had tooken along with the black then felt releived just because she and the egg where alive, shaken problaly but blu was thinking to himself he didn't notice jewel sitting up and listening to blu ramble on to himself about some luck and weapons or along that line "blu whats wrong?"jewel muttered blu jumped a couple of millimeters ( I'm not getting reviews asking what an inch is so I put it in worldly terms for every one) and lightly giggled because blu looked like he saw a ghost and the heart monitor tracking him sped up a good deal which made her laugh at him even what made it worse was thta tulio had just walked into the room and was worried about how fast the heart monitor was going so fast tulio quickly walked over to the assistents and grabbed a needle full of sedative if need be just to calm blu or jewel when tulio got to the table he saw jewel laughing while blu was a crimson red and looking like some one threw a tomato at him."Well I'm glad that you two are awake" said tulio with a big smile of relief and a bit of humor.