Things had gone downhill. Rin had been captured and Kakashi wasn't planning to rescue her. Obito had just told him that he believed Kakashi's father, the White Fang, was a true hero...when it happened.

Right above them a swirling vortex opened up and someone started to fall. Kakashi just barely caught a glimpse of the Leaf symbol before he jumped up and caught the person.

"OW! MOTHER... THAT HURT YOU DAMN UCHIHA!" roared the blond.

The blond managed to sit up on the water, growling about 'stupid sharingan' and 'I outta teach that stupid Uchiha a damn lesson about using that on me for the fifth time'.

Needless to say the pissed off grumblings made no sense to the two.

"Who are you?" demanded Kakashi.

The blond girl had quite a few scuff marks, and her outfit was entirely orange and black. She had whisker like markings on her cheeks, and the Uzumaki clan symbol handing from her ears. Around her neck was the Konoha hitai ate and she wore it like a choker. She had a necklace with a green stone that hung loosely beneath it. Her shorts didn't even reach her knees, and her kunai and shuriken pouch were firmly around her legs. It was when she opened her eyes that Obito gasped.

They were identical to their sensei's, and just as warm. If it wasn't for the pigtails and breasts, he would have claimed it was a younger Minato.

"Who are you?" he demanded again.

"Uzumaki Naruko. What year is it?"

Kakashi blinked at the odd question, but answered her anyway.

"Huh...that's the farthest I've been thrown."

"What was that swirling vortex?" demanded Kakashi.

Naruko's expression turned to one of extreme irritation.

"The damn Uchiha's time travel jutsu. I hate it when he uses it on me and I keep having to get back to the same skill level only to be thrown again! Every damn time it's the same thing!" she growled.

"Ano...None of the Uchiha has a jutsu like that," said Obito.

"The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, may that dried up zombie burn in Amaterasu's holy fire, can manipulate time. It's a real pain in the ass, and I usually end up in my genin days or worse, Academy."

"And how many times has that happened?" asked Kakashi, not believing it for a minute.

"Five, if you count this one. Where the hell are we anyway?"

"We're supposed to be destroying a bridge," said Kakashi blandly.

Naruko stopped and looked hard at the two of them.

"Is this the middle of the Iwa-Konoha War? Before Minato Namikaze becomes the Yondaime?" she asked seriously.

"Yes...?" said Kakashi. As far as he knew, Minato was a candidate and not the Hokage just yet.

The grin on her face scared him. It really did.

"Oh this is PERFECT! I can finally keep that bastard from hitting me with that damn jutsu anymore, dattebayo!"

"Could someone explain what the hell is going on?" asked Obito.

"I'll explain when we rescue that kunoichi of yours," said Naruko grinning evilly.

Obito jumped up, reminded of Rin. When Kakashi was about to tell her they weren't going to save Rin, Naruko fixed him with such a strange stare that any protest died on his lips before they could form.

It was like she didn't find the suggestion open to discussion. For some reason he didn't want to disappoint her, and he had no idea why. It was like looking at Minato-sensei.

Obito followed Kakashi's lead, since he was the tracker. Naruko followed in silence, her wounds vanishing the longer they ran. Despite the orange outfit, Kakashi had the damnedest time sensing her presence. It was baffling!

Naruko hung behind and allowed events to go like they did before. Obito awakened his Sharingan and Kakashi lost his left eye. It was when they went inside that she really knew that her time had come. When the man went to bring the cave collapsing in on them, Naruko came from behind and used her Rasengan to blast his head off before he could get the jutsu off.

Kakashi stared at the swirling orb of death. He had seen that in the hands of only one other. The similarities between her and Minato were becoming far, far too strong to be ignored for too long.

"Let's blow this place. Don't you have a bridge to destroy?" she asked with a foxlike grin.

Rin was still in shock, so she didn't ask who the new girl was.

Obito was worried about Kakashi, because his eye was ruined. Finally Naruko had enough of his worried looks, because she rummaged in her bag to pull something out.

"Rin, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, what's it to you?"

"How good are you at on the spot surgery?"

Rin blinked, not expecting that.

"I'm good enough. Why?"

"I happen to have a spare set of eyes that we can replace Kakashi's left one with. And don't ask where they came from because you definitely wouldn't believe my answer. I can guarantee that he won't have any trouble seeing out of it though."

Rin weighed her options. Then she gave the girl a look.

"I swear on my honor that this is not a trick. If anything does go wrong you can have my head and I won't argue. Fair?"

"Deal," said Rin coldly.

Naruko unsealed one of the eyes, and Kakashi carefully removed the bandages. Half and hour later, he slowly opened his new eye. Everything seemed on the level...until he realized Obito was staring at him in absolute shock.


"Kakashi...that eye is...!"

"What's wrong with it?" he asked in concern. His jaw dropped underneath his mask when he was handed a mirror.

The eye she had given Rin contained a fully awakened Sharingan.

"Where...Where the hell did you get a Sharingan?!" asked Kakashi.

"Third repeat. The damn Uchiha dropped me off a month into my Academy days, and since there was a sudden increase in spare Sharingan I swiped a few so I could study it in the hopes to keep him from using on me again. It didn't work, but I still have a few eyes left. If I play my cards right the Uchiha clan won't be wiped off the map...again."

"My clan was wiped out...?"

"You were dead years before it happened," said Naruko flatly.

Suddenly she smirked as she felt the spike of rage from where they were. It seemed Madara realized Obito had lived, despite laying that trap for the team. Served him right for all the repeats.

Once they made their way to the bridge, Naruko offered to help. They were more inclined to trust her since she did give Kakashi something as valuable as a Sharingan without once asking for anything in return and she had saved their lives. She didn't seem to care that they had been inclined to hand her over to the Interrogation department because of her abrupt appearance.

Between Obito and Naruko, the bridge was loaded with so many explosive notes that Iwa wouldn't be able to remove them all before it went up.

"KAI!" said Naruko far too eagerly.

The explosion could be heard all the way to the other battlefield where Minato had just finished off the Iwa nin.

Then he felt another one of his special kunai being thrown, and flew to his team's side.

Only to find himself over a giant gap.


He grabbed the first thing he could, which happened to be a long chain that was being held by a cackling blond girl.

"Minato-sensei!" cried Rin and Obito in alarm. Kakashi was glaring at the other girl in accusation. It took Minato a moment to realize something was very off about Kakashi's eyes.

Once he was on solid ground, he realized what.

"Kakashi, you have...!"

"Blame her. I lost the other one," said Kakashi sourly.

"I told you the look on his face would be funny Obito-kun!" said the girl, laughing.

"You didn't say a thing about bringing him over the gap!" said Obito panicky, though he had to admit it was funny.

"Puh-lease, it's not like he couldn't have stopped himself by summoning Bunta, dattebayo," said the girl.

"What happened? Who is she and why does Kakashi have a full Sharingan?!"

As one they pointed at the smirking blond, who smirked wider.


"We blame you," said Kakashi and Obito in unison.

"Bah, is this the thanks I get for saving your sight Kakashi-chan? Or saving your ass Obito-kun?" she asked.

"You could have compromised us!" said Kakashi.

"You already were when she got captured. I just made sure you all survived," stated the blond flatly.

Obito remembered the comment she made earlier and paled.

"Who the hell are you?"

The grin on her face didn't inspire any confidence, and she gave a standard salute and told him.

"Uzumaki Naruko, Konoha's Rokudaime. At least I was after the first time the jerk sent me back into the past."


"Long story short there is an old geezer who just won't die and is harder to kill than a Jashinist. He has the final stage of the Sharingan and is armed with a pain in the ass jutsu that sends people back in time. He just happens to have a serious grudge against Konoha and hates me with a passion. He gets his kicks forcing me to start over as either a genin or Academy student, and every time I'm about to end him, he throws me back in time," she said flatly.

Minato winced. That did sound annoying.

"Can you prove your story?"

"We might want to find a clearing. Don't think the Boss would like being summoned like I did you," she said.

"Summoning no Jutsu: Toad!"

Minato was gaping when he saw Gamabunta sitting there, with the cheerful blonde on his head.

"Yo Boss! You won't believe how far back that pain in the ass sent me this time!"

Gamabunta leveled a tired glare at her. He didn't seem irritated at the abrupt summoning.

"Alright, let's get on with it already. What's the name of your wallet?"

"Gama-chan!" said the girl.

"Favorite flavor of Ramen?"

"Miso! Especially Ichiraku's!"


"Bastard and Banshee!" she said with an unholy amount of glee.

"First official summoning?"

"After Ero-sennin dropped me off the cliff and I summoned you of course!"

"Now that we've confirmed it's you, why the hell did you summon me so soon? Last I checked that undead bastard was about to attack Konoha...again...for the fifth time..."

"Take a long look down there."

Gamabunta finally noticed the other blond with blue eyes and blinked.

"Damn, he really did throw you far back. Since the brat is still alive with both eyes, you must have given him one of your spares," said the Toad boss.

"Gamabunta...?! But how...?" stammered Minato.

Gamabunta took a good puff from his pipe and said "Brat is one of my minions. She has the summoning contract with Toad, Fox and Crow. Naruko Uzumaki, the Number One Unpredictable Knuckle-headed Hokage in the History of Konoha. You may as well trust her Minato, because she's your blood. If you don't have anything for me to do, I'll see you later Naru-chan. Gamakichi will see you in a few years."

"You got it Boss!"

Gamabunta went back, and left a shell-shocked Minato and his team behind.

It was Obito who broke the silence.

"That...was sooo COOL!"

Naruko decided to terrify Kakashi because she did her best impersonation of Gai.


Complete with teeth and pose. Kakashi shuddered, not knowing why but feeling as those that image would haunt him for years to come.

Naruko's meeting with the Third was interesting to say the least.

"Hiya Jiji! It's been a while!" she chirped.

After the first repeat, she had learned to take the blow of his death easily. The first repeat, she had done everything in her power to reverse the damage done.

It all went back to the way it was after the second one, and by the third she had learned a few important things. One of which was to take it one day at a time and not care about the future. The second was to have everything she collected or valued on her at all times in a seal, because every repeat had the same odd side effect of having her waking up in her shinobi outfit and anything she had on her. Which was why the third time she had left the village and gone on a three-year long gambling spree and left hundreds of bankrupt casinos before she challenged Madara again and was sent back.

Sarutobi looked at her oddly.

"Minato, since when do you call me Old man?"

Naruko hooked a thumb behind her and Sarutobi dropped his pipe in shock.

"Not Minato. Name's Naruko Uzumaki, Dattebayo."

One short explanation and agreement to wait for a blood test before she was allowed out of the house later, and Naruko was eagerly awaiting the first chance to meet Kushina Uzumaki in person.

Her mother, who she never even got to know.

"Minato, if you think it's funny to walk around in a henge...!" said Kushina.

The air of righteous fury made Naruko laugh. Clearly she took after her mother more than her father. At the sound of feminine laughter, she realized with a start that it wasn't Minato. Said blond was wisely behind the girl using her as a human shield.

He was quickly disillusioned by a cackling Naruko. (The fourth repeat was spent next to Anko Mitarashi and their reign of terror lasted until this latest debacle when Kyuubi finally interfered with the time jutsu.)

"Minato...Who is this?" asked Kushina. The sweet smile on her face didn't fool anyone, particularly since her hair was starting to split into nine parts.

'Holy crap, Kyuubi wasn't joking! Her hair did split into nine parts when she was pissed!' thought Naruko.

"Kushina, honey, this is Naruko Uzumaki. She appeared out of nowhere while Kakashi and the others were about to destroy the bridge."

"It went up in a big boom!" said Naruko happily.

"How big?" asked Kushina, still giving Naruko odd looks.

"We felt it all the way where we were fighting, and it was easily 1,000 kilometers away in a dense forest," said Minato flatly.

"Five thousand high-powered explosive tags will do that to ya, dattebayo," said Naruko cheerfully.

Kushina gave her an odd look when she heard the verbal tick.

"And who are you?"

"A jounin who appeared without warning and isn't in the records. She's definitely an Uzumaki, because she has the chakra chains you use. She's stuck on house arrest until the blood work confirms it," said Minato quickly.

"What about Interrogation?"

"I already did it with Jiji and Blondie behind me watching. Those guys are real pansies," said Naruko cheerfully.

"Ibiki is one of the best," said Minato.

"Still a pansy. His Interrogation was pretty good for a newbie, but I've dealt with much, much worse."

"I'm about to make some lunch. Care to help?"

"Absolutely!" said Naruko with a grin.

It didn't take long for Kushina to learn she liked the girl, who teased Minato at every chance she got. The two quickly became friends.