So, I decided to write another story. This idea was stuck in my head one night and wouldn't go away.

This is a short start, but I think the other chapters are longer. I don't word count on my documents.

Hope you like.

Who's Afraid of the Wolf?

Chapter One: Girl in Red

Derek woke up in the woods. The light shone brightly in his face and he covered his eyes. He could hear the birds chirping, the squirrels and such scurry around, making the leaves fall apart underneath them. Sun rays were broken into separate spotlights shining onto an array of perfectly green grass, summer flowers of white and lavender and a ladybug jumping from branch to branch.

Another heartbeat sounded through the trees. It was fast and terrified and the scent of the person or animal was hard to decipher through the flowers and dirt.

He remembered he had no clothes after his first full shift into the alpha and looked down to check anyways. A red coat covered him from hip to knee. It was soft and obviously cotton. Little black buttons were arranged into a straight line and looked to belong to someone very small.

Derek sat up and tilted his head around.

A branch broke. Something dragged across tree bark. His gaze snapped over to a specific tree. It was a thick trunk that could easily conceal someone.

And that someone peeked around the tree.

It was a girl. She looked no older than seven or eight. She had dirty blonde hair that reached just over her shoulders, a pouty mouth and a little stub nose. Her little hands had fingernails that had been bitten short. Her eyes were a light hazel that were wide with curiosity and fear.

Derek kept the coat over him and stood up. He slowly inched his way over to the tree, careful not to scare her.

"Is this your coat?" He asked, not daring to remove it.

She nodded and crept out a little further. She wore a white dress and little red shoes.

"What's your name?" Derek knelt down in front of the tree.

The girl moved back a little and he steadied himself by putting his free hand on the tree.

"My name's Derek." He told her.

It seemed to gain a little of her trust as she came out from behind the tree.

"What's your name?" He asked again.


"Ruby," Derek confirmed. "Are you with anybody?"

Derek had trust issues and knew some people would go low enough to recruit a seven-year-old for a trap.

But Ruby shook her head and looked down at her coat. "Do you have any clothes?"

"Not at the moment." He mumbled. "Do you have anyone to go to?"

Ruby gave him a confused look and answered, "I went to you."

"Me?" Derek asked. "What do you mean?"

"I went to you." Ruby gave him a little puppy-dog look, jutting out her pretty mouth and widening her eyes.

Derek tried to think over how on earth that would ever make sense and said, "Come on, I'll get you home."

Ruby nodded and began to follow him as he began to sniff out his way back to his house. Derek could faintly smell the ashes and his heart ached at the memory.

The coat must not have reached completely around him because Ruby said, "Don't worry, I didn't look there."

Derek sighed and looked down as Ruby grabbed his hand that was so big compared to her little one. He almost snatched it away, but she huddled closer to him and held on tighter.

He let her hold on.

Roses are red,

violets are blue

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