"AAAAA" Ichigo moaned out as the brown haired man bit lightly on his neck. "wait,' he panted "St... Ho...Stop hold on, who are y...you, AAA" he stumbled as the man moved lower on his neck.

"Shhhhhhh, little berry boy. You talk too much, and your wearing too much." with that he removed Ichigos boxers in one clean movement. He moved his mouth to the semi hard length he was rewarded with pleas of "more!" smiling around the length he placed his first 4 fingers by his pet's mouth.

The man was now sucking on him and Ichigo could not hold in his begging, "More," he begged "please, oh god I need ... I need. AAAAaaaa," as he opened his mouth for the man's fingers he wonder how he got into this. One moment he was at home in his bed asleep. So this had to be a dream right? But it felt sooooo good though. Screaming around the man's fingers he thrust lightly up into the man's mouth.

Stark was already hard when he followed his mates sent, now that he had him in his mouth he could hardly hold back. When his little mate begged softly "please, FUCK ME" all sense of self control almost broke. It did however cause him to shove 2 fingers into his mate at once. "Sh... SHIT" his mate yelled in pain. Stretched his mate with all 4 fingers he rose up on to his knees just above his mates face distorted in pleasure.

"Name" his little mate whispers to him "please I wanna k now your name."

"Stark, coyote stark" he growled out lining himself up "your mate" then he pushed himself in to the hilt.

"AAAAAAAAA" Ichigo screamed in pain. "Hurts" him whimpered biting his lip.

"I know, shhhhhhh" stark whispered in his ear. "Shhhhhhh little love, I'll make you feel good" rocking his hips he searched for his mates spot. Suddenly his mate arched in to him clawing at his back.

"FUCKING there!" his berry screamed. "Please mate, please!"

"Oh? Tell me what you want Ichigo" he said huskily.

"More fuck me, hard, oh please" Ichigo begged. Picking up Ichigos hips stark slammed home causing is mate to buck in pleaser. Stark set up a back braking pace, pumping in and out of his mates entrance as he kissed a trail across Ichigos neck and collar bone.

A steady stream of begging poured out of Ichigos mouth as he came closer and closer to coming.

"Stark! More, yes, fuck. I love you, oh god, oh stark, I love you."

"Mate," stark whispered kissing him deeply. "My mate, MINE" he whispered going deeper and harder into Ichigo.

"Oh yes" Ichigo screamed "Sooooo good, heaven, don't stop, don't ever stop... AAA, Close so close. Stark baby gunna come, gunna!" he yelled.

"Me to" Stark yelled "come Ichigo, now come!"

"STARKkkkkkkk" Ichigo screamed as he came tightening around his mate.

Stark came with a broken sob of "Ichigo" as he claimed his new mate with his seed.