Lord Zeus was known for his numerous, scandalous affairs with some of the most beautiful woman who have ever walked on Earth. He had many brave heroic sons and dazzling daughters. Sometimes the girls were much more attractive than their mothers that he would even fancy them. Like mother like daughter, he would have his way with them. Now one can't blame Zeus too much, half of them where as lustful as him. However, this was luckily not very common because most of his daughters died seconds after Hera caught wind of them. Granted few were born immortal. And only one, made an impression, yet she earned her title unlike the rest.

The Muse Terpsichore (who was the goddess of dancing and singing), was a daughter of Zeus. Being the most beautiful out of her and her eight sister, she begun to catch the attention of Zeus and they quickly begun a very secret affair. Her being a water nymph meant that she spent a lot of time at the sea so it made the relationship difficult. It ended quickly with no hurt feelings. However when she got pregnant with their child, Hera started to suspect, rightfully so. Hera knowing that her husband was up to having yet again another affair nothing good could come of that. By the time Hera found out that he was, Terpsichore had already had her baby girl whom she named Perla. Hera was not pleased to hear about the child so she sent sharks to hunt the girls down and eat them. However, the young goddess was in grave danger so Terpsichore asked Poseidon to protect her and her daughter. He agreed only if the young girl will become his servant. Terpsichore gave her daughter up as a slave and never looked back. Perla was ready to serve the daughters of Poseidon however Apollo came to Poseidon and warned him that "Any immortal child of yours, who has Zeus as the grandfather, and the upbringing of Hades will be forever be the faw of the Three Brothers."

Poseidon laughed at the idea because it wouldn't ever apply to him. Right? He never gave that another thought again. Poseidon never liked Apollo much nor was he one to believe everything that he lied about. He took the baby with open arms. When Perla reached of age Poseidon had begun to look at her. She looked different from anyone he had ever seen. She was tall and thin. Her eyes where a soft blue that made the water look dull with their aqua blue shade and her hair was a white blond and it glittered when she moved. Best of all, she was blessed with a mermaid's tail. In the ocean having a tail is a gift.

Poseidon and Perla started an affair however just like Hera, Amphitrite, never liked her husbands cheating. She wasn't as involved as Hera with her husbands affairs but considering that Perla had won her trust and friendship only to sleep with her husband was crossing the line. He saw her love for pearls and named them after her and she became the goddess of pearls. So after a while of Poseidon's promises to leave Amphitrite for her started to become lies so after many arguments Perla left. Perla was forced to hide at the bottom of the trenches, at the bottom of the ocean floor, in fear that Amphitrite would come and kill her child. Perla had also heard the prophecy and worried what was to become of her child. So while Peleus and Thetis where getting ready for their upcoming wedding and the gods where getting gifts, Perla had given birth to a child.

She could not see her child but it's legs where tightly bound together and there was no way to tell the child's sex. First Perla thought she had a mer baby but it had no tail. It was hairy and it's eyes where shut tight and not a sound came from the child. She had assume that it was dead but she heard a heart beat. The child never cried but moved it's little hands moved when it wanted feeding. Perla had known she had given birth to monster and now understood the prophecy. She accepted her child and decided to leave the trenches and go to land. She had the child covered in silks and unwrapped it once she was on the shore. The child begun to cry and but it's appearance didn't make her smile but she loved her child. She wanted to hide and shelter her child so she had a small but cozy home made of pearls far far from Greece near modern day Barcelona, Spain. For the next few weeks she had sea nymphs care for the baby in a bed made out of a sea clam.

One morning Perla took her daughter above land where she seemed to open her eyes. Perla was in such awe with her baby's bright dark purple eyes. The baby had begun to stretch it's little legs and hands apart making it obvious that it was a girl. She quickly took her baby to the sea nymphs where they bathed her and took all the hair off of her body. Perla's daughter was flawless and she didn't even want Poseidon to even know that she had given birth to such a beautiful angle. Yet something about the girl made Perla worried. What is was she was not sure. Only that this little gift would grow up to fulfill an awful prophecy.

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

Location: Majorca, Spain

I don't know what it was about the beach but I hated it. The hot sun made my tan skin itchy and burn, so it would turn pink. The sea was either too hot or too cold and it constantly smelt like dead fish and salt. Whenever mama forced me into the water I came out smelling dreadful. The fish looked ugly and are scaly; eating them made my tummy hurt. So after annoying my mother with tears she left me on the shore. She told me to build a castle but the sand always got stuck under my fingernails. Mama would shake her head and mutter something about how my ancestors would go to Hades if they saw me.

Mama loved the sea, and she apparently made an effort to get me to like it so she invented clam kissing. She found it cute, putting a grain of sand in them, then kissing it making a pearl appear inside. After she kissed thousands of pearls to life she would make necklaces out of them. They were all different, some pink, some black, but most of them white. I always loved them because they all came from her. She told me that no human has ever seen them, only those in the sea, so I suggested throwing them and see if a human would find one. Whether or not they did I never gave it a second thought. We would only get a few done because then a storm would come.

Normally it was calm but every now and again it would get dark outside and the waves would hit our little home violently. I would watch from the window and mother would sometimes mutter a name...Poseidon, I think? And she would go back to her business. I asked her several times who this was, because I have never met anyone, and she would tell me he was the evil sea god that hurts young girls. I would stare at her and nod my head each time. After the storms would past, her and I went outside where a bunch of washed up clams appeared. Then the cycle would start over again. Mama had so many that our entire house was covered with them. Sometimes when a storm came I would wonder if mother and I's throwing of the pearls displeased him, making that the cause of the storms. Mama would tell me stories how some gods are nice, like Hestia and some are evil like Poseidon and Hades. She would tell me of the their powers and I would ask her if I had any and she would tell me that I was to young to tell.

I was always lonely on our island. It had no humans living on it so I had no company. Mama had a small home made out rocks covered by trees. I felt like we were hiding sometimes. No one else lived on the island with us, so I haven't met anyone but my mama. But she always told me about these greater and better things out there that I wonder why we are not part of it. So I spent countless hours looking at the water wash up onto our little island. Waiting for something, someone, that would never come.

Mama was the only other person I have ever seen in all my years of living. I didn't understand how old I was because a goddess can be any age she wishes after they have reached the age of eighteen. I assumed everyone looked like her. Her hair was always perfectly strait, it got whiter and it shined more when she was her happiest. Her face was pale as can be and soft. The hint of pink on her cheeks brought her to life. Her big blue eyes made her. They were the same color as the clear ocean, with so much life and joy. She was very thin. She always had pearls put together making her top piece. Her necklaces, bracelets, and earrings always matched whatever color of pearls she had on. Sometimes she would cover her tail and hair in pearls and that only made her look ten times prettier if that was even possible. When she was on land her legs where long and she had anklets all the time.

I don't believe I was as pretty as her because looked nothing like her. My hair was wavy and light brown. My skin was tan with indigo eyes. I was always dressed in blue and green fabrics, and I hated the colors. They were bright and reminded me of the smelly sea. Mama's pearls were the only thing I wore with pride. I never knew why I didn't look like my mama and I always wished I did. I never understood why, she says no one is allowed to see me. She would tell me stories about how there are gods like Selene, goddess of nature, and Zeus, god of the sky, but I never saw them. I never really heard anything as a baby. Mother sometimes sung to me when I cried. If I was lucky I would hear birds flying by.

So on my third birthday I awoke to the sound of the door being banged loudly. I figured it was another storm and it would come as quickly as it came but then it left too quickly. I was frightened because that was not normal. I heard it open and another voice begun yelling so I hid under my covers. Then out of nowhere I heard my mama yell. A plate hit the ground and shattered. Yelling was coming, but it was not my mother's voice. More things got broken and at one point I think I heard a chair being thrown. My mother stopped yelling and gave out a sequel. I felt frightened, so I begun to called for her and nothing. I got out of my crib and walked over to where my mother was.

She was sitting in a chair clutching a note. At her feet was another person, covered in red liquid and it kept coming. Her face looked petrified and scared. She was breathing deeply and looked about to cry. I was only three years old and I could remember this scene like it was yesterday. The room was destroyed and her face wasn't a beautiful pale, it was like a sick pale. She was not supposed to be sick, no she was not allowed to be sick. But no matter how strange she looked, the person at her feet had my full attention. It didn't look to much like my mother so that was probably why I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

"Mama?" I said in almost a whisper, with a little tremble in my voice. My eyes left the body's and looked into mama's eyes.

"Baby," she said. Anger filled her eyes, I have never seen anger before. "Baby we have to go." She came over to me by going around the body.

I wanted so badly to ask what it was or who it was but she picked me up and walked to her room. Frantic, she ran through her drawers and robes and togas flew everywhere. She placed me on the floor and started to put clothing in a large bag. She filled the bag half way when she stopped.

"Mama where are we going?" she took two large pearls, both with a tint of purple, out of purple sack. She came over too me and placed one of the pearls into my pocket

"Greece. Now baby never let that pearl out of your sight. Don't drop it, don't tell anyone about it, don't even think about it. Do you understand me?" she went back to her packing where she pulled out a mirror made out of a dark yellow color that had a weird animal on the back. It was absolutely beautiful. It was like out of the sea. I nodded and waited for her to say something else but my tongue didn't stop itself.

"Mama where is Greece?"

"Far away. We are going to go see your Aunty."

"Mama I have an Aunty?"

"Yes, you have a very large disgusting family."

"Mama, why are we going to Greece?"

"Natina baby I'll tell you when you're older. Now be quite, do not talk no matter what. If we are get separated you say you are from Athens and a daughter of a fishermen. We have to go." I got worried because she never did this before.

I tried to remember what she said about Athens. Her emotion was leaking into me and my mind went blank and I felt tears rushing down. She placed the mirror in my other pocket.

"The pearl is how I will find you. Lose it you lose your mother." with tears in my eyes, again I nodded when another large bang hit the door.

I began to tremble in my mama's arms. Her heart was beating so hard I thought it would fall out. What was happening? I always wanted new and interesting to happen, so was all this my doing? My thoughts where racing so fast and took full control over me that I noticed my mother tremble. She too was afraid, which only made me more afraid. Without warning she moved over to lock her door. Panting she put me down and went over to her closet. She removed many layers of fallen robes and discarded togas to revile a small door. She picked me up and put her finger over her mouth. I understood that it meant to keep quite. She took me in the closet and shut the door. Once inside the dark her necklace lit up. She opened the door.

The first thing that hit me was the odor. It smelt like rotting fish with huge chunks of salt. I hated the smell of the sea; it must have lead down to the sea. I wonder why she never took me down here, but was so glad she never did. It looked like stairs have been carved into the ground and lead to an underground tunnel. It was pitch black with no light other than my mama's pearls.

I was never afraid of the dark, it was not the darkness that I was afraid off, but whatever it was that mama was afraid off. Mama kept going down without a single sound. I didn't think the stairs would go on for a long time but when I thought we had reached the end I saw two more tunnels. Mama took the one on the right and it lead to a room with several holes on the walls. Mama was about to open her mouth to say something but was disrupted by low hush screams coming from afar.

She gasped loudly, "Natina, they found us." Her eyes got wide and her expression went blank.

"Who found us mama?" I asked.

"The soldiers, now hunny, I will lift you up and you craw all the way until you hit the end, don't go into the water, whatever you do! I will go another way around, okay dear? " Her hands went around my cheeks. I looked at her and nodded. She took her necklace off and handed it to me. "Here, it will be dark when you get there."

They were gorgeous! All pure white without hints of small deformities or bumps or bents. They glowed so strongly and where brighter than the sun it hurt my eyes a little bit. I squeezed the pearls in my hand and once again nodded. She leaned in closer to kiss my cheek then she lifted me up to the hole at the far left.

I crawled up and the pearls lit up my little tunnel. I put them on and they were a little too big on me. I kept going until I saw an opening at the end so I speed up hoping that mama would be on the other side. As I begun to speed up I felt my hand fall into something wet and slid. I lifted myself and I noticed that I fell into mud and it wet all over mama's pearls and my dress. Normally I would have made a mess and started to fuss but I knew that mama was waiting for me on the other side and she would clean me off. I kept going tough the mud until I fell a few feet onto the ground.

This time I fell onto sand and it went all over the rest of my dress and into my mouth. I started to spit out the sand and never have I wanted a bath more in my life. Thankfully I didn't get any in my eyes because when I looked around the room mama was not there. Instead there was a small pound in the center of the ground. I wanted to run and clean myself but I remembered that mama didn't want me getting into the water.

I went to the corner and patiently laid down. I didn't realize how tired I was or even when I got up because my eyes got tired. I wiped some of the mud and sand off of my arms and noticed that my bracelet fell when I fell. I saw it laying on the other side but tiredness overwhelmed me that I could do nothing but let sleep take over

I awoke to the feeling of water on my legs and I awoke with a fright. I felt myself being lifted and I looked around. Someone was holding me from the caller of my dress. When my eyes opened fully I saw that it wasn't my mama holding. On the contrary, I didn't even know who it was. Men where gathering around me and I had several spears pointed on me.

"General Agatone, it's a child, a girl at that, she can't harm anything!"

"I was put on this mission, you were not! Our Lord waned the child regardless it's gender or species. Andrew, muff her."

Like that he tied my hands and feet so quickly and put something over my head. He threw me into the water and I began to swarm. I fell into the water and it took me a while to process what was happening that I fell on something hard. Head first, I was afraid that I would get enough air that I held my breath. Once I could no longer hold my breath again I drifted into sleep again.