Chapter 1: The Demon Brat

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It was the last day of classes at the ninja trainee academy. Tomorrow, all of the aspiring, future ninjas take their exit exams to become full-fledged shinobis of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Every single student was excited to get out of the academy and continue their journey as a ninja.

Well, almost every student.

There was one student sitting in the back of the class that looked far less ecstatic than all the other students. He wore a bright orange jumpsuit with blue shoulders and a red circular symbol on the back. He had a spiky blonde hair and a nervous and frightened expression etched on his face. There sat Naruto Uzumaki, a boy that was despised throughout the Village of Konohagakure. Unknown to him, Naruto hosted the Nine-Tailed Fox inside his person.

Twelve years ago, the Hidden Leaf Village was attacked by a demonic fox with nine tails. No one knew where the fox came from or why the fox chose to attack the village, but the inhabitants of the land knew that they had much to fear. Brave shinobis and defensive villagers had all fallen to the enraged demon. The fox raged and ravaged as it destroyed the village with ease.

When all hope was lost, the Fourth Hokage appeared. The man was the leader of the Hidden Village and protected the citizens with his life. He could not stand to see the village drive into chaos by the actions of the demon. So, he decided to do a forbidden jutsu to stop the attack. This jutsu would seal the demon in a host body; however, it came with a cost. As soon as the Hokage put the demon inside the body of a newborn baby, he died.

The Fourth Hokage deemed that the baby be treated as a hero. He held the greatest sacrifice of holding a vicious beast inside so that the village can live in peace. The villagers; however, did not see it that way. They had just lost their Hokage along with their friends and families. They felt sad and hurt that they had lost so much. With all these feelings, they soon felt pure rage at the demon that caused all of this discomfort. But, since the demon was no longer around, they chose a different target for their animosity.

The boy that hosted the demon.

The Third Hokage decided to come out of retirement after the death of the Fourth Hokage. His first decree back in office was that no villager could talk of the Nine-Tailed Fox or attack its host. He believed that this would allow the host of the fox, Naruto Uzumaki, to live in a normal life. He hoped that Naruto would not suffer for something out of his control.

The villagers; however, saw a way around this law. Even though they could not physically attack the boy, they still found ways to torment the poor Jinchūruki. They shot the boy dirty looks, making him feel unwanted. They shot the boy dirty looks, making him feel unwanted. They also taught their children to despise the boy. Since they couldn't tell their kids the real reason, they used the excuse that he was a troubled miscreant. The kids believed them are teased and tormented the young boy. The called him names they heard their parents say such as "The Demon Brat: and "Disgraceful Boy." The pushed him around, kicked dirt in his face and old many other despicable things that bullies are known for.

These actions affected Naruto greatly. He didn't know why the kids tormented him (or the fact that he held the demonic fox in him), but he believed that there was something wrong with him. Ever since his time in the orphanage (his mother died giving birth); the kids have given him a hard time. Due to how he was treated throughout the village, he had grown a very shy personality. He didn't speak, stand out, or brought any attention to himself. The fear of constant torture turned Naruto into a frightened soul afraid to speak.

When he joined the ninja academy, he sat in the back of the academy. He thought that he could avoid people if he stayed out of sight, but he was wrong. The other student taunted him all the same. The worse of all being the remaining survivor of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke also grew up with nothing and therefore deemed Naruto undeserving of a ninja title. He believed that there was no reason for Naruto to act quiet. Also, the fact that Naruto was not able to perform a single jutsu gave Sasuke enough reason to taunt the unfortunate boy.

Iruka Umino, the Chūnin instructor, had walked in the classroom to instruct his students for the last time. Iruka's hair was in a warrior's wolf tail. He wears a Chūnin jacket over blue sweat suit. Naruto liked Iruka. Iruka was never harsh towards Naruto. In fact, he walked Naruto home from the academy in the first weeks on his induction into the academy. Iruka did not blame Naruto for what the Demon Fox did. As he saw it, Naruto had to take on the great burden of holding a beast that he didn't even know resided in him.

Iruka looked at all of his students with a feeling of nostalgia. "Alright class, this is our last meeting before your exams, so ..." began Iruka until he heard two girls giggling.

Iruka stared at the source of the giggles with an intense glare. His gaze landed two kunoichi-in-training. The one on the right was wearing a purple outfit. She had light blue eyes and bleach blonde hair that was in a ponytail. This was Ino Yamanaka. However, Iruka's gaze was focused more on the girl to Ino's right. This girl was wearing dark blue pants and a cram colour jacket. Her hair was cut short with a long bang on each side of her face. She had white, pupil-less eyes. She's known throughout the village for her loud mouth, sarcastic attitude, brash nature, and prankish tendencies. Right there, gazing right back at Iruka with a smirk, sat "The White Eyed Prankster" ... Hinata Hyūga.

Hinata titled her head to the left with a humoured expression on her face. "Can I help you with something, Iruka sensei?"

Iruka did not share Hinata's humour. He was tired of going through the same thing was her each day. The worst part is that she didn't do this because she was the heir of the Hyūga clan, she did this because that was just the kind of person that Hinata was. "Hinata, for one day could you please..."

"That," Hinata interrupted, "is Lady Hinata to you sir." Hinata didn't care about her title; however, she loved using it against her sensei. Seeing frustration rise in Iruka's face was an enjoyable sensation to the prankster.

Iruka always hated how the conceited heiress always made a point to embarrass him in class. A sign of disrespect from any other student would result in severe punishment. However, he would not scold the Hyūga brat on this case for one reason. It wasn't that she was the first born of one of the most prestigious clan, yet it was because she had become a good friend to a certain demon.

*Flashback Time*

It was regular day at the academy. The kids were now enjoying recess before they went back to listen to more of Iruka's lectures. For the students this was a time to relax, eat their lunch, or practice their taijutsu (sparring). Students littered the playground; talking about classes, eating their lunches with glee, or running around and playing. Everyone always had fun during the break.

Everyone except for Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto had the same routing for his recess time: sit behind a tree that was out of view, eat his lunch in silence, and stay out of contact with everyone else. Naruto tried to make sure that he would never find himself in trouble. He just wanted to complete a day of school and then go home with no trouble. However, for Naruto that was more of a dream than a reality.

Unfortunately, this happened to be another bad day for the Jinchūruki. As Naruto started to eat his rice, Sasuke walked up to Naruto with a crowd on fan girls, led by Sakura Haruno. Sasuke wears a blue shirt with the Uchiha emblem on the back with white shorts. His dark hair was spiky in the back. Sakura wore a long pink dress and had long, flowing pink hair. Every recess period, Sasuke walked across the school grounds with a group of girls following behind him. He didn't care for the girls, but the crowd made him feel like the big man of campus. And the big man of campus could do whatever he wanted.

"Well if it isn't the 'The Dead Last Pariah' himself," Sasuke said as he walked up to Naruto with an evil grin across his face. At once, Naruto stared at the ground fearing the worse. At that moment, Sasuke pushed Naruto to the ground and then proceeded to kick dirt in Naruto's face and his lunch. "Ha ha ha, come on loser. If you are a real ninja, why don't you get up and umph?"

Naruto instantly stopped feeling dirt being kick on his face. He looked up and saw Hinata standing right between him and Sasuke, who was now holding his chest. Hinata, for one of the few moments in her life, had no trace of a smile on her face. She was furious and held her fighting stance against Sasuke. She did not activate her Byakugan yet, but she still delivered a well enough hit that dropped Sasuke to one knee.

Sakura, at once, rushed to Sasuke with her arms around him for comfort. "What are you doing, you white-eyed freak? Why would you resort to something as cowardly as attacking someone who isn't paying attention."

"Ha. That's a laugh," Hinata chuckled, not dropping her guard. "The guy who walks around with a gang and picks on a single kid, who is trying to eat his lunch in peace, is a true act of bravery. Of course, I would expect nothing less from an Uchiha," Hinata ended with a smirk.

At that comment, Sasuke shook out of Sakura's arms and stood in a fighting stance against Hinata. It was a rivalry between the Uchiha clan and the Hyūga clan. There was no knowledge on when or why it started. But both clans had the same thing on their minds, that they would be one to end it.

Before the two could engage in a match of Byakugan versus Sharingan, Iruka appeared out of nowhere. He took a quick look at the scene in front of him. To his left, he saw Hinata not taking her eyes off of Sasuke nor putting her guard down. Behind her, he saw Naruto on all fours, covered in dirt, staring up at Hinata in bewilderment. In all of his life, no one besides Iruka had stood at Naruto's defence. Iruka then looked over to the right and saw that Sasuke had made himself look like the victim. He also saw that Sakura had broken the ranks of the girls and started to approach her sensei.

"Save it, Sakura. I saw the whole thing. I suggest that you take your friends somewhere else to hang out. Sasuke, follow me. Naruto, you covered in dirt. Clean yourself up before class resumes. Lady Hyūga, if it isn't too much of a bother, could you please accompany Naruto." Hinata nodded to her sensei as Iruka grabbed Sasuke's arm.

After he left, Hinata shot a nasty glare to Sasuke's fan girls and they dispersed in fear. She then turned to Naruto with a cheerful expression and held out her hand. "Hey, you all right?" Naruto got up, brushed himself off and nodded to Hinata. Hinata gave a puzzled look at Naruto and then asked, "You don't talk much, do you?" Naruto quickly shook his head no. "I thought as much. Well, from this day forth, I declare that Hinata Hyūga and Naruto Uzumaki are friends," she said as she held her arm up as if she was a queen. Naruto let out a small chuckle. "Good, I got a laugh out of you. Now hold still for a moment," she said as she pulled a cloth out of her pocket. She then proceeded to wiping the dirt off of his face. This brought a small brush to the blonde boy. When she finished, the bell started to ring. "Okay, let's go to class," Hinata said as she skipped to class. Naruto just stood there shocked at what happened in the past hour. Hinata almost walked into the building until she looked and saw Naruto had not moved at all. "Aren't you coming Naruto-kun?" Naruto shook himself and rushed to Hinata smiling, happy that he finally made a friend.

*Flashback Time Over*

Ever since that day, Naruto had slowly improved in his confidence. When he responded to people, he would now speak. His eyes would stay to the floor and he was barely audible, but the fact that he felt somewhat comfortable talking was an improvement from before. He never started a conversation, but it was clear that there would be a time when that would happen. So, Iruka would allow Hinata to get away with some things as a show of thanks.

"Lady Hinata," Iruka said through gritted teeth, "This is the last day before exams. Can you please entertain me and not interrupt today's teachings?"

"Well," Hinata said in a smart tone, "Since you asked sooo nicely, I would be happy to oblige you.

"Thank you," Iruka replied. "Anyway ..."

*8 hours later*

"Wow that class was so long. I thought it wasn't going to end," Ino complained as she walked home with Hinata, Naruto, Kiba Inuzuka, and Chōji Akimichi. Kiba, who walked with his dog companion Akamaru, was wearing a blue hoodie with fur and brown pants. His black hair faded into the fur on the hoodie. Chōji wore grey shorts with his legs and arms wrapped in tape. He also was wearing a green jacket with a white shirt that displayed the Akimichi emblem. Luckily for Naruto, the parents of Ino, Kiba, and Chōji felt not disdain toward the host of the demon fox, so they were not taught to despise Naruto.

"Well, it was the last day. I expected that it would take some time, but it doesn't matter. As of tomorrow, we will all be full-fledged ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village. Believe it," Hinata said confidently, wrapping her arms around the necks of Ino and Naruto.

"Well," Naruto said quietly, "We s-still have exams to finish." Hinata and the rest of the gang were used to the way Naruto spoke and no longer had to ask Naruto to repeat himself. However, his comment left Hinata quiet for a moment. She had no doubt that Ino, Kiba, Chōji, or herself would pass the exams. It was Naruto that made her worry about tomorrow. When it came to the written exams, Naruto was arguably the best student in the class. He always took notes and studied very hard for the exams. He always scored a perfect score on all written tests, but it was a different story when it came to jutsu production. Naruto had never completed a single jutsu. Whenever he attempted a jutsu, nothing ever happened. His worse attempts would come from the clone jutsu, when it would cause a blow back attack, launching Naruto into a nearby wall.

Hinata knew that Naruto was as worried about the exam as she was, so she decided to put on a brave face for him. "I swear Naruto-kun, you worry about the smallest things. There is no way that we are gonna be ninjas by tomorrow. Well, as long as a certain someone puts down the potato chips to actually take the exam, we will all be fine," Hinata joked pointing to the Akimichi boy, who had just finished eating a bag of barbeque chips.

"Hey, I can do both for you information. What about you, Lady Hyūga? Can you stop pulling pranks on people long enough to take the exam?" Chōji asked with a stern look.

"He has you there, Hinata. I don't think I can remember one exam where you haven't done something to disrupt class." Kiba agreed with Chōji.

Hinata looked straight at Ino. "I cannot believe that would say that I would not take an exam seriously. Can you believe it, Ino?" Ino just giggled while shaking her head. "How about you Naru..." Hinata turned her head only to see that Naruto wasn't with them anymore. "Naruto?"

Ino saw the look of concern on Hinata's face. "Don't worry Hinata," Ino reassured her, "Naruto most likely went home to get ready. He will be in class tomorrow and become a ninja like the rest of us." Ino gave Hinata a big smile to show her there was nothing to worry about.

Hinata returned the smile. "Yeah, you're right. There is nothing to worry about," Hinata replied. She couldn't get the thought out of her head, though, that one of her friends would not be joining her as a fellow ninja.

*The Next Day*

At the academy, the students were already becoming ninjas. All the students were very happy to receive their leaf headbands. To be honest, they didn't know if it was better to be out of the academy or to be able to protect the land that they love. The exams were almost done and not one student had failed yet.

However, "The White-Eyed Prankster" did not feel happy at all. Placing the headband around her neck, she sat in her seat with her head in her arms. Ino was currently completing her head in her arms. Ino was currently completing her exam, being that Yamanaka was the last name alphabetically in the class. However, one student had yet failed to arrive to the school. Naruto was not there at school and after hearing Ino go after Sasuke and not Naruto, Hinata's confidence in her friend began to disappear.

She never thought of Naruto to skip one day of school. In fact, she had relied on Naruto for notes when she had decided to play hooky. Hinata knew that Naruto was worried about the exam, but not to this extent. It didn't help that Sasuke had also noticed Naruto's absence. He kept on declaring that Naruto was too much of a coward to even accept his failure like a man. Hinata would usually attack anyone for making fun of any of her friends, but the fact remained that Naruto had not arrived, making Sasuke's claim truer by the minute.

Ino walked out with her headband in her hand as she flashed a big smile towards Hinata. Her smile quickly turned to a frown as she saw Hinata sulking in her seat. She walked over to Hinata and put a hand on her own hip. "Earth to Hinata. Earth to Hinata."

Hinata raised her head with a sombre expression on her face and looked at the headband in Ino's hand. "Oh, congratulations Ino. Where are you going to place it?"

"I haven't decided yet, but that isn't important right now," Ino said with a stern look directed at Hinata, "Are you seriously this upset that Naruto isn't here yet?" At this statement, Hinata's head went back down to her arms. Ino hit her head out of frustration. "Hinata, when have you ever been the girl to wait around for something? If you're wondering where Naruto is, why don't you go and look for them."

A few seconds passed and then Hinata rose up with her signature smile on her face. "You're right Ino. I'm going to go find Naruto." She jumped out of her seat and headed towards the door. At that moment, the door opened up to reveal none other than Naruto himself. At first, Hinata stood there stunned, but recovered seconds later and said, "Naruto-kun, how dare you keep me..." She stopped quickly and then noticed how Naruto looked.

Naruto had dirt marks all over his face. He had bruises and bumps all over his body. His arms dragged from over exhaustion. Finally, his body seemed to be drenched in sweat. "Naruto," Hinata said quickly, "What have you..?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, please enter."

Hinata turned around to see Iruka, as Naruto walked passed her without a second look. Hinata stood there with a surprised look on her face as she watched the door close for Naruto to take his exam.

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