Chapter 5: Ninja Makeover

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The three new genin looked at their sensei with shocked expressions. They were stunned with disbelief of what Kurenai just told them. She had just declared that they were now ninjas, even though she stated earlier that only one of them would achieve that status.

Hinata was the first to recover. "Wait, what?"

Kurenai smiled at the prankster's confusion. "You are all ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village. You, Chōji and Naruto have passed my exam.

Chōji shook his head in disbelief and spoke up. "How is that possible? You said that only one of us could pass your exam. How did we all pass it?"

Kurenai walked over to her sitting stump and sat down. "Let me explain it to you guys. There will be many times in a mission when you will have to make a difficult choice. There will be moments in a mission when you might have the option to finish the mission at the risk of leaving your comrades behind to fend for themselves. Making the decision between your objectives and your friends is a situation that comes up to frequently in the life of a shinobi. As shinobi we are supposed to finish our mission, no matter the sacrifice. However, anyone who would abandon a friend in need is nothing more that dirt in my eyes.

"The reason for this test was to see what you guys could do. I had no doubt in my mind that if you three worked together than you would be able to knock me down with no problem. However, the stipulation I put was to see if you would go against one another or if you would work together. The fact that all three of you decided to work together, knowing full well that you could possibly go back to the academy let me know that you are three students that I would enjoy training into become successful ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village.

"Now I would like to get to know the three of you better." Her three students, particularly Hinata, looked upset with this. They all looked like they wanted to train. "Sorry, but I still feel like there is more to learn about the three of you. We'll start training tomorrow. I like to train early in the morning anyway." Exchanging looks between each other, they nodded their heads at their sensei. "Good, now I would like to Naruto first," she said as she started to walk away from her students.

Naruto froze up at the mention of his name and immediately looked at Hinata, as if asking for permission. Hinata nodded her head to the boy, and Naruto followed his sensei to a different section of the training ground.

Kurenai sat down on a large, wide tree stump that was in the clearing a few kilometres away from Chōji and Hinata. She signaled Naruto to sit on the significantly smaller tree stump across from her. Naruto stared at the tree stump and then back at his sensei. Kurenai sighed from her nervous student's reaction. He speaks up when defending his friends, but when it comes to a one on one conversation, he freezes up. This is going to make it even harder to tell if he is improving at all or not. "Naruto, there is nothing to be afraid of. Just sit down and let's have a little chat"

Naruto still looked nervous, but he slowly sat down on the stump. "Okay, Kurenai-sensei," he silently replied, eyes to the ground.

Great, he's back to talking quietly and looking at the ground. I need to get him to stop doing that, but I'm afraid of pushing him to do it. He needs to do on it on his own if he's going to get any better. As Kurenai pondered this, she noticed that Naruto was looking at her with a strange expression. He looked scared, but also curious. He looked as he wanted to ask her something. As much as Kurenai knew what her blond student was curious about, she knew that she couldn't bring it up. She had to wait for Naruto to ask, so she decided to start with her own questions. So, Naruto, how do you feel about the team that you were assigned with?" Naruto looked up at his sensei, confused by the question. "I mean how do you feel about being paired up with Hinata and Chōji?"

"Well," Naruto started quietly. Kurenai struggled to ask him to speak up, but she knew that it wouldn't help. As long as she could hear him it got better. "They're my best friends. They are kind to me and like hanging out with me.

"Okay. Do you mind if I ask you a question Naruto?" Naruto shook his head. "I'm very curious about your goals. Not that I think that you couldn't become Hokage, but your attitude and actions don't support your claim. A shy, quiet boy doesn't have much hopes of being an effective ninja. Why do you think that you can become the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village?"

At this question, a small blush started to creep up on his face as he twiddled his thumbs. "Because I … I want to be more like Lady Hinata." Kurenai was a little surprised by that comment. She knew that Hinata was important to Naruto, but not to the fact that he looked up to her. "She's so brave and fearless, I feel like if I could be more like her than I could reach my goal of one day being Hokage."

Kurenai did not know why Naruto was so set on becoming Hokage. Even if he did strive to be like "The White-Eyed Prankster", it still didn't explain his passion to become the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village. So, why do you want to be the Hokage?

"I want to be the Hokage because the Hokage is a person that protects his home and everyone who lives there. I want to protect everyone who is important to me. Also, if I obtain that position, maybe everyone will finally respect me."

Even with all the bullying and hatred that he has dealt with throughout his entire life, he still wants to defend the villagers and earn their respect. She was surprised that there was no anger in the boy's heart for how he was treated. All he wanted was to be accepted.

"Kurenai-sensei, can I ask you a question?" Naruto, looking terrified while keeping his eyes on the ground.

Sure Naruto. You can talk to me about anything." Kurenai said with a small smile, already knowing what was coming?

"How do you feel about me?"

What do you mean?"

"Well, you know that I'm the …" At this, Naruto looked back to see his other teammates. When he looked back he saw Hinata holding a bag of potato chips in one hand and keeping Chōji away with the other hand. When Naruto was sure that his teammates would not hear him, he hesitantly continued "… that I'm the Nine-Tailed Fox, right?"

"FINALLY!" Kurenai shouted. She quickly put her hand over her mouth after noticing how loud she was. Looking past the clearly embarrassed, red-faced Naruto, she noticed that her other students did not hear her. It appeared that the "White-Eyed Prankster" was being so loud that Kurenai's exclamation wasn't heard. Giving off a sigh of relief, she returned her attention to Naruto. "Sorry for startling you Naruto, but I wanted to talk about that with you from the beginning." Naruto looked at his sensei with a mix of confusion and curiosity. "I'm sure you've been told this already but it is forbidden to talk about the secret of the Nine-Tailed Fox unless you are ready to talk about it. You weren't supposed to learn until you were ready, but that's nothing we can change now. Anyway, the fact that you host the Nine-Tailed Fox doesn't mean that I hate you." Naruto gave a sigh of relief, which made Kurenai chuckle a bit. "Naruto, you have done nothing wrong. You haven't hurt anyone or destroyed anything. In fact, Hinata has caused more devastation around the village than you." Kurenai stood up, walked over to Naruto, and grabbed his hands and looked him straight in the eye. "Naruto, you're a good person with a kind heart. I will help you realise your dream to become the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village."

Naruto looked at his sensei with shock. His entire life people gave him nothing but hatred and malice. Teasing, name calling and bullying was all that he knew. Besides a few people, Naruto never knew anyone who didn't hate him. But here was his new sensei. Not only was she treating him like an actual person, but also was wiling to help him realise his goal. Thank you, Kurenai-sensei," Naruto stumbled out as a light pink crept across his face.

Kurenai gave her shy student a warm smile. "Your welcome, Naruto. Now, could you please ask Chōji to come over here, I would like to speak with him next. "Naruto nodded his head, left his seat, and went to go join his friends. She sat there, watching her student go, and began thinking about their talk. Obviously, the main thing he has to overcome is his shyness. That along with any other physical skills he might need improving on makes it very challenging. However, helping him improve his confidence might make things easier. Also, keeping around a certain kunoichi that he aspires to be like might help as well. As she concluded her thoughts, she noticed that her chubbiest ninja had arrived. "Hello Chōji, please take a seat," she said as she gestured towards the stump.

Chōji sat down and looked at his sensei. "So, what would you like to talk about, Kurenai sensei?" He felt nervous that he had a very gorgeous woman as his sensei. He was checking the words that he said, so he didn't say something to make the moment as awkward as he felt.

Kurenai had one question in mind to ask Chōji and decided to ask it straight away. "Well, I just wanted to know how you felt about being on this team." Chōji raised an eyebrow, so Kurenai continued. "Everyone knows that for generations, the Akimichis have been paired up with the Yamankas and the Naras. I just wanted to know how you felt about that."

Chōji's head went down. It was obvious to Kurenai that he had been thinking abut this for some time. "To be honest, I was shocked when I found out that I wasn't following my family's footsteps. Shikamaru's a really good friend of mine. He was the first person to be nice to me and play with me despite my weight. I was really looking forward to teaming up with him. And Ino…" Chōji started to blush very red when he mentioned his name. Kurenai covered her snickering up by coughing as not to embarrass her love-struck genin. "Ino's a very good friend too. But, I guess being on a different team isn't so bad. I mean, Hinata and Naruto are great friends too. Plus, it might be a lot of fun to work with them."

"I think so too," Kurenai replied, giving her student a big smile. "So, you are okay with how the teams are set up?"

"Yeah," Chōji said.

"Good. Okay, that's all I wanted to talk to you about. Can you go get the Hinata for me please?" Chōji nodded his head and walked off. Thank goodness. I was worried that he would be very upset about not being with Shikamaru and Ino. I already have enough to worry about with Naruto and Hinata. A few seconds later, Hinata was sitting across from her with a big smile on her face.

"Okay Hinata, the first thing…."

"Actually," the brash Hyūga interrupted. "I'd rather you call me by my full title." The confident kunoichi gave a confident smirk that was met with an intense glare from her red-eyed sensei. At once, her face changed to a nervous smile and starting to wave her hand as if to get rid of the uncomforting stare that she was experiencing for the first time of her life. "I was just joking Kurenai-sensei. I really could care less about my title. I just did it because it was always a fun prank that I pulled on Iruka."

Well, that was easier than I thought. I guess no one thought about challenging her before. Kurenai was somewhat surprised by Hinata's quick change of attitude. "Actually, that is something I wanted to talk about with you. From now on, you need to stop pulling pranks around the Hidden Leaf Village."

Hinata's faced went from a shocked expression to a sad pout. "Aww, why not?"

Kurenai gave a hard sigh at her only female student's reaction. Does this girl take anything seriously? "Hinata, from now on you are going to be training with me as well as going on missions. I can't have you being late because you defaced the Hokage statues or set off stink bombs in the hot springs or whatever else you do.

Hinata knew that there was no point in arguing with her sensei. Unlike the other adults in her life, Kurenai did not hold back just because she was the prodigal daughter of the head of the Hyūga clan. In fact, that made Hinata have that much more respect for her. "Okay, Kurenai-sensei, I'll stop puling pranks around the Hidden Leaf Village." At that moment, a loud explosion resulting in a cloud of white smoke appeared behind Hinata. "Starting now."

Kurenai quickly stood up to see what had transpired. Right behind "The White-Eyed Prankster" was a white-covered Chōji and Naruto. Chōji was holding pieces of what Kurenai assumed to be pieces of a potato bag with a surprised look on his face while Naruto was on the ground with his hands over his head, shaking in fear of another explosion. Kurenai sat back down and looked at the innocent smile on the bold prankster. As much as she wanted to yell t Hinata, she found this prank to be very funny. "Fine, I'll let this one slide, but no more pranks, understand."

"Yes, Kurenai-sensei. I will no longer pull any pranks," Hinata declared. Her mind; however, was not so confident. I'll try, but I don't think I can just stop pulling pranks.

Kurenai did not completely believe her, but she had to move on so she could do the last thing she had planned for her team today. "Okay, I have one last thing that she wanted to do with the new team today. "Okay, I have one last thing I want to talk to you about."

"Fire away."


Hinata's face fell in confusion and concern. "What do you mean?"

"Prankster, loud mouth, conceited. Those words are not associated with members of the Hyūga clan. So why would the heiress of one of the most prestigious clans of the Hidden Leaf village be those things?"

Hinata face changed to pure seriousness. It was weird to see this expression on her face, but Kurenai thought that it suited her pretty well. "When I was younger, I used to be very quiet and shy. I followed the rules, I didn't stand out and I didn't interact with people very well."

*Flashback Time*

A four year old Hinata Hyūga, dressed in a white yukata, was playing with a ball on the Hyūga estate. This is how she always spent her free time. She never had anyone else to play with. Her title kept people away from her and she wasn't allowed to play with her cousin because he wasn't a part of the main branch.

So she was always alone. She only knew the people that she saw at the estate, including her parents. Whenever she was around someone she didn't do anything. She had no idea how she was supposed to act around others; therefore, didn't ever think about playing with others.

She bounced the ball very high and the ball bounced away from her. She watched as the ball rolled outside of the Hyūga gate right towards a little boy passing by. The boy had blond spiky hair and was wearing a white skirt with a red swirl mark resembling a flame. The boy picked up the ball and looked at Hinata. Hinata just stared and looked at the ball in the stranger's hand. The boy walked over to the shy heiress and handed her the ball.

"Thank you," Hinata said as she took back the ball. She was very surprised that this boy would come to her with no problem. Most people wouldn't approach her without her father around. The shy boy nodded and looked away. It appeared that he was also shy. Hinata gave a light smile and extended her hand. "Hello, my name is Hinata Hyūga."

The boy timidly took her hand. "Hi, Naruto Uzumaki."

Hinata smiled bigger as she shook her hand. "Would you like to play with me?"

Naruto started to smile. He never was allowed to play with someone, so he was enjoying the fact that someone wanted to play with him. "Okay."

The two immediately started to kick the ball back and forth, smiling and laughing Hinata was enjoying herself like never before. She never had anyone to play with before and now she found a friend that looked like he was having fun for the first time, as well.

While they were playing, a member of the Hyūga clan came outside to the young heiress. As soon as he saw Naruto; he ran out, grabbed Hinata and said, "Get away from her demon." At once, Naruto face fell as he ran out of the Hyūga grounds, crying. Hinata watched as her first and only play friend ran away from her. As soon as she could no longer see him, she started to cry as well.

*Flashback Time*

"I realised that if I wanted something that I couldn't be the little princess that my clan expected me to be. The first thing I ever wanted, I wasn't allowed to have. I had to do the things that I love to get what I wanted. I love to be loud and to prank people and that's why I'm here today.

Kurenai was completely blown away by Hinata's past. She knew that Hinata and Naruto's relationship was strong, but she didn't know how much it had impacted their lives. She would have never guesses that they had influenced Naruto's goals and Hinata's attribute. She started to realise how well they would work together and saw how great her choice in switching Naruto to her team was. "Okay Hinata, that's all I needed to know. Thank you," Kurenai stood up. "Let's go back to your teammates."

"Sure," Hinata replied. "Can you please keep that story between us? I haven't told anyone that story, not even Ino. Naruto doesn't remember that we met before and I don't want him to remember being chased away from me."

"No problem."

*Back at the Training Ground*

"Okay guys," Kurenai started as she and Hinata returned to the boys who had cleaned themselves off after "The White Prankster's" "last" prank. "It's a little too late for us to start training." As she said this she looked up at the orange sky with the sun getting ready to make way for the moon. "So, we're done for the day." The three ninjas started to get up. "But, I would like for all three of you to join me in a little shopping excursion."

None of her students looked interested in the request. These three teammates had no desire for shopping. Unlike most girls, Hinata hated to go shopping. She never understood why most girls loved going to get things that weren't all that unnecessary and felt tortured whenever Ino dragged her along. Like most guys, Chōji wasn't known to go out to get clothes. Whatever he had in front of him was what he was going to wear. Naruto had the worst luck, since he never got to choose what he could get. The vendors always gave Naruto what they believed was the best (most dangerous) outfits to wear.

"Uh, thanks Kurenai-sensei," Hinata said as all three of them decided to walk away, "But we're going to have to decline."

Kurenai gave a fake pout. "Okay, I just wanted to get some new ninja gear, but if you…"

At once, Hinata turned around. "Ninja gear? Hell yeah. Let's go."

Kurenai smiled as Hinata's reaction changed as soon as she found what they were going for. She looked at her other students to see if they would join.

"Well. I guess I wouldn't hurt to get some supplies," Chōji said. What do you thing Naruto?"

Naruto still looked very uncomfortable with the idea of shopping, but he didn't want to be the odd man out and nodded.

"Glad you guys decided to join me. Let's go."

*At Kirigiri's True Ninja*

Kurenai led the trio through the various stores and shops of the Hidden Leaf Village. As they walked, Kurenai caught the villagers giving death stares towards her shyest student. In response, she saw Naruto hiding himself between Hinata and Chōji. She also saw the two friends were putting their guards up, ready to protect their best friend. It made the jōnin sick to watch people treat Naruto like a demon. In the short time she knew Naruto, Kurenai had found out that Naruto was a very kind person. It just broke her heart to see him get treated this way because of a demon that just happened to be taking residence inside of him.

Eventually they reached the shop, where the owner was waiting outside. She was tall, around Kurenai's height, and had light, long purple her with bangs hovering over her lavender eyes. She wore a dark cloak with a white colored shirt and brown tie. She wore a dark black skirt with black boots. She smiled at them as she introduced herself, "Hello, my name is Kirigiri Tano. I'm the owner of Kirigiri's True Ninja. I see that we have some new genin here." Looking at the three ninjas, she pointed to the left end of the store. "We have many ninja accessories over there if you are interested. You can also look around if anything else catches your eye." The kids nodded and started to walk in the store. "WAIT!" They turned around and saw the expression of the store manager become very serious as she walked up to Naruto. Naruto tried to hide himself from the oncoming attack. Kirigiri bore right down at the blond boy. "I think that you…" At once her demeanor changed back to a smile shining on her pale white face. "… should check out our ninja apparel. I think there might be some outfit that you would find very interesting."

Naruto look stunned, while Hinata and Chōji breathed a sigh of relief. Kurenai had a giggle as she enjoyed her students' reaction. In truth, Kurenai had been looking for a shop that would accept Naruto. She found this task very difficult as many shops refused to aid her in her quest. Everyone that she had met with said that they would not sell to that "monster" while others said they feared that their reputation would die if the pariah stepped into their store. Her search eventually found her at Kirigiri's True Ninja. Kurenai dreaded this shop as she knew that the owner's father and uncle had died to the Fox's attack. However, when she asked if Naruto could shop there, Kirigiri smiled and said that wouldn't be a problem. Curious, Kurenai asked why and Kirigiri said that she would be happy to sell to the boy who assisted to stop of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

As Hinata and Chōji wandered around the store, Kirigiri led Naruto and Kurenai to the ninja apparel section. There was various outfits to choose from that were more "subtle" than the one he was wearing. Naruto walked throughout the area with extreme timidity. He seemed to question if he was allowed to look through the wide selection of outfits. Uncomfortable with the thought of being able to choose his own clothes, he kept looking back at his sensei and the shop owner. In response, they both nodded at him as to give him permission to search an outfit.

Eventually, Naruto picked up an outfit and walked back to Kirigiri and Kurenai. Kirigiri raised an eyebrow at the shy boy. "Is that the outfit that you want?" Naruto nodded his head, which made Kurenai frown. Kirigiri gave him a warm smile which Naruto found comforting. "Okay, why don't you change into that while I ring you up?" Naruto nodded with a warm smile as he walked into the dressing room.

As Kirigiri walked towards the counter, Kurenai walked outside the store thinking about her blond ninja. As soon as he warms up to you, he'll have no problem talking to you. Albeit very quietly, but at least he talks. But, put him in a new situation and he completely freezes up and doesn't know what to do. This can be very troubling. How will he handle missions or trying to become a Chūnin? This is going to take a long time. Hopefully doing many practices and training drills can help, but he needs to help himself if he wants to get any better. Kurenai decided to stay outside to wait for her students to join.

A few minutes later Hinata and Chōji walked out of the store. They had added holsters to their pants. Chōji had brought two standard brown ones and the hyperactive kunoichi bought three holsters. Two were standards ones that she attached right under her knee and the extra one was a deep purple one that was attack at the top of the pants. What she had in there, Kurenai was afraid to ask. However, Kurenai noticed something on the girl's neck and was curious to ask. "Hinata, may I ask what that is on your neck?"

Hinata looked down, smiled, and pulled out a small necklace. It was a fairly simple necklace. Hanging on her neck with a black string was a little metal circle. Closer inspection showed that the circle was a yin-yang symbol. "It's nice right," Hinata said. "I saw it in the store and I thought it was cute." She saw the confused faces on Chōji and Kurenai. "What? Am I not allowed to like jewelry? Whatever. Hey, where's Naruto?"

Kurenai gave a slight smile to what appeared right behind Hinata. "Why don't you look right behind you?"

Hinata turned around and her eyes open wide to the sight. Naruto stood right behind her in his new outfit. He now wore an open black cloak that reached to the middle of his thigh and had a collar that went from the bottom of his neck to the bottom of his chin. Inside the cloak was a plain orange shirt. (Just because he can't choose his clothes doesn't mean he isn't a fan of the colour orange.) He wore dark pants that went down his legs, only leaving his ankles bare. On his feet, he wore black sandals that left his feet and heel bare, Naruto looked at his teammates very worried, shy about his new appearance. "Hey guys."

Kurenai smiled at the new appearance of her visually transformed student. "Wow Naruto, you look great. What do you guys think?"

Chōji spoke up first "Dude, you look great. This new look suits you very well."

Hinata, uncharacteristically, stood silent. She was taken aback by her new attire. A light tint of pink reached her cheeks as she tried to think of anything to say. What's wrong with me? Why am I having such a hard time saying anything? As she screamed inside her head, Naruto waved his hand in her face. He feared that his silence was a sign that she hated his new look. Hinata eventually shook herself out of her stupor and noticed Naruto staring at her. Unfortunately, his look did nothing to ease the blush that was slowly intensifying. She decided to smile wide so that her blush was not noticeable. "You look great Naruto."

Trying to not burst out laughing, Kurenai regained the attention of her team. "Alright guys. I believe this was a very good day for us. We got a lot accomplished. Tomorrow, we'll start training. I want you to meet me at the training grounds at 9:00am. Everyone understand?" Naruto, Hinata, and Chōji nodded their heads. "Alright. Everyone dismissed."

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