Well, the life of the party was just ruined. To me, it was ruined. Stalker guy, AKA, my History partner, was here. I mentally slapped Korra, and hissed, "Why is that thing here?!" She looked confused, and said, "Who?" I pointed to Stalker, and said, "That. Why is that thing here?" She narrowed her eyes, and said, "What do you have against Raphael? It's not like he left a note at your house." I gave her such a look, and she said, "Oh. He left a note, didn't he?" She pulled a Dobby, and said, "Bad Korra!"
I rolled my eyes, and slowly opened my door. I stared at Korra's house, and my thoughts filled with dread. I stepped out of the car, and slowly walked towards the door. I heard the music inside, and groaned. I took a deep breath, and pushed open the door.

How do I put this nicely? Oh, I know. It was a disaster. Drunks everywhere, sleazy morons and their sleazy girlfriends, and worst of all, Raphael standing in the corner, gazing through the crowd, as if he's looking for someone. His eyes settled on me, and I felt unexplainably uncomfortable. I felt the heat burning on my cheeks, but I refused to back down. Then some red-head comes and tugs his sleeve, and his gaze is broken from me. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding.

The only one who didn't look drunk was . . . Kent. Kent McKuller, with his checkered sneakers, his dark brown hair that hung down to his ears, his button-up shirt carelessly rolled up at his elbows. Kent, with his light blue jeans, and his sarcastic grin, and his blue eyes. I smiled to myself as I passed by him on the stairway, and saw him give me a second glance. I made my way to Korra's room up the stairs, and shut the door. I looked in her mirror, and saw a very bubbly Hispanic girl standing in front of me. She had a very big smile, and her hair was curly. Her brown eyes were very enthusiastic, and she was tall and lanky.

She was a stranger.

But why, I couldn't recognize. I grinned, and "borrowed" some of Korra's vanilla lip gloss. I applied some, and ruffled my hair some. I went back across the room, and opened the door, only to find Raphael at the door. I shrieked, and slammed the door shut. I could feel him trying to open the door, but I pressed my full weight against it. I was terrified that he was going to come and kill me. I know, it sounds cliché. But I was terrified. I felt his full weight go against the door, and eventually, he pushed me off, and burst into the room. I stared at him, scared out of my wits.

"What do you want?" I asked, my voice shaky. I hated my voice sounding so small. He just stared at me like a maniac, and said nothing. Now I was mad. "What do you want?" I repeated, annoyed. He still said nothing. I tried to slip out the door, but he grabbed my arm. Good God, how strong he was! "Let me go!" I shrieked, tugging. He shook his head, and said in a rough voice, "Sorry, Emery, can't do that." I looked up at him, and immediately my eyes locked with his.

"Let me go," I whispered, my eyes brimming with tears that threatened to fall. Before he had time to say anything, I screamed, "Korra! Korra!" In less than five seconds, she had bounded up the stairs, and ripped his arm off mine. She glared at him. "Get out," she growled. "Get out of my house." He nodded, and turned around, leaving. My breathing slowed, and as soon as I heard the door slam, I knew he was gone. I explained to Korra everything that had happened, and when I finished, she just shook her head, and said, "You applied some of my lip gloss?" I gaped at her, until I realized she was joking and burst out laughing.

She held her arm out to me, and I gladly took it. We went down the stairs to the party, and I followed Korra to the seats. We talked about the usual: How we thought that most guys were sexist pigs, all the girls were too anorexic, how to eat a gummy bear the right way. At least twenty minutes into the conversation, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see none other than Kent McKuller standing behind me. He flashed me a bright smile, and said, "Hey." I smiled back and said, "Hi."

Korra just rolled her eyes, and said, "I'm a person too, y'know. And I exist." Kent laughed, and sat down beside me. As soon as they exchanged greetings, I found myself looking at my locket, which was my all-time favorite necklace. I pushed it open, and I saw my Mom, and my Dad inside. I let myself wonder what it was like to not have a Mom that was always off on business trips, and a Dad who never had time for you, or your sister. I narrowed my eyes whenever I heard Korra say, "Oh, no, Emery doesn't have a boyfriend." My head snapped up and I shrieked, "What?!"

Korra turned towards me, as if she had forgotten I was there, and her cheeks turned a dark shade of pink. I could feel my cheeks heating as well, but I just said, "Please don't say anything about me in this boyfriend-girlfriend conversation. You know I hate these, so why pull me into your fun?" Korra turned a darker shade, making her look like a beet. I rolled my eyes, and looked around.

I had a strange feeling that someone in particular was here at the party, and I instantly knew who it was. Miranda McKay, the one people call 'The Red-headed Wonder,' was at this very party. Her snooty little nose was held high, and her shoes clanked on the floor. I snorted as I saw the wannabes right behind her. I didn't like the sleazy outfit she was wearing. You could practically see her underwear, and the way it clung to her wasn't too pleasing. And it was outright pink, that's for sure.

Kent made an annoyed sound, and said, "I really prefer to stay over here with you guys. She bothers me." I glanced over at him, and could practically feel the radiation coming off of his smile at me. I watched as RHW made her way through the crowd, and over to her boyfriend, Nickolas Ride. I watched as she smiled, and talked in her whiny voice. I wanted to go over there, and tell her what a hussy she is, ask her boyfriend what he saw in her, but I decided against it. It would only cause trouble, and lord knows I hate trouble.

I turned back to Kent, who was talking to Korra about Harry Potter. I rolled my eyes, and as they paused in the middle of their conversation, I muttered lowly but to where they could hear me, "And what am I? Chopped liver?" I propped an elbow on my knee, and placed my chin in my hand. Kent looked at me and said, "No, you're not chopped liver. You smell better, and you look better. Trust me, I know what chopped liver looks like, and I was in bed for the next week, just from the sight of it." He made a gagging sound, and I laughed. A hair came into his face, and I had an urgent feeling to brush it away, but I restrained myself.

I couldn't ruin anything with my unruly thinking. Besides, he beat me to it. He was adorable, and he didn't even know it. How could he not know?

After the party, Korra drove me home, and I walked to the front door. I grabbed my keys in my pocket, and started jiggling the key in the handle. As soon as I opened the door, I began feeling conscious that there was someone behind me. I looked around, and saw a dark figure walking down the sidewalk. I quickly went inside, locked the door behind me, and watched the figure through the window over my couch. Its head was fixed in a gaze at my bedroom window. And, before my eyes, the figure took his hood down, and I knew who he was.

Raphael shrugged off his jacket, and did something that would change everything, something that made it to where I couldn't go back to my old life ever again—he arched his back, crooked black wings sprouting from his back, and flew to my window.

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