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"Bella! It's starting, get in here!" Edward yelled from the living room.

"I'm coming!"

"Don't forget the popcorn, Bells!" Emmett yelled.

I laughed, but grabbed the four big bowls and carefully carried them into the living room. Edward jumped up to help as soon as he saw me.

"Why didn't you get me, Baby? I would have helped you."

I smiled. "I know." I handed Emmett his bowl of popcorn. "You have to share that with your wife, Em."

He grumbled, but put the bowl in between them.

"Good evening, I'm Nancy O'Dell…"

"And I'm Rob Marciano. We kick off tonight's episode with Brooke Anderson's exclusive interview with Izzie Swan."

"The country artist made headlines when she burst onto the music scene five years ago. She is responsible for such hits as Complicated, Loved You Anyway, Good Girl, a duet with Blake Shelton—Just a Fool, and countless others. When she was diagnosed with throat cancer at the top of her career, many were worried that she would never be able to rise above the cancer stigma…" Nancy started.

"Izzie has a full list of accomplishments under her belt, not only for her vocals, but also her charity work. Just last summer, right before her hiatus, she joined Edward Cullen and HeartStrong to record a song that became the theme for the Cullen Foundation's 'Something That Matters' campaign. A benefit auction was held, and hundreds came forward to donate to various charitable groups."

"Let's hear what she has to say…" Rob took them to the interview.

Brooke Anderson came on screen. "Izzie, thanks for agreeing to this interview."

"Thanks for having me," I said on the TV.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling great and happy to announce that I am in complete remission."

"Congratulations. What are your plans now?"

"Well, I've been in the studio recording and have a new album that is due to hit stores in about three months."

"We've gotten reports that there is a new duet on this album. Can you tell us who that is with?"

I smiled to myself, knowing that I hadn't revealed that Edward was singing with me. I had been very cryptic when I answered her.

"I can tell you that everyone will know who I am singing with at the CMAs next month."

"Secrets, Izzie? Okay, so what about your love life? Are the rumors that you and HeartStrong front man, Edward Cullen, have rekindled your relationship true?"

"Edward moved in to help me through my recovery. He has been a great friend and shoulder to lean on."

"That's all you're going to tell us?"

"If and when the time comes that Edward and I have something to announce, then we will do thattogether."

"Okay, well Izzie, it's great to see you looking healthy and happy. We look forward to seeing what you have for us in the future. Back to you, Nancy and Rob."

"Wow, Bells! You really left them thirsty for more," Jasper laughed.

"Yeah, Bella, why not just tell them that you and Edward are back together?" Kate wanted to know.

"Because if I had, then we would have every single member of the press on our asses, and I don't want that. If I can get us another month of peace, then that's what I am going to do. After the CMAs, it will be impossible to hide," I told them, feeling Edward squeeze my shoulder.

"That makes sense," Rosalie smiled.

"Can we watch the movie now?" Emmett whined.

We all threw popcorn at him, but quickly agreed to turn on Mission Impossible. It was the only one worth watching, anyway. The other films in that series were terrible.

We all settled in and were engrossed in the movie when I felt lips on my temple. I looked up and found Edward staring at me, so I raised my eyebrow in question. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "I love you."

I smiled. "I love you, too."



I sat at the piano in the studio and waited for Marcus and Caius. I needed their help, and I had a feeling it would take a lot of talking and bribing on their parts to make it happen…especially on national television.

"Hey, Edward." Caius smiled as he walked in and clapped me on the back.

"Edward, what's going on that you needed us both here?" Marcus asked as he followed his brother in.

I smiled and began telling them what I wanted to do and when. "Do you think it will be possible?"

"Wow! Um…we'll have to call the shows execs and see what the time allotment is, but I don't think that it will be a problem. It would be one of the most romantic things that has ever happened on the show," Caius grinned.

"We also need to talk about the performance next week. Bella wants me to stay in the shadows until I join her on the vocals. I need you guys to help the lighting people when we go to rehearse. She wants this to be our 'coming out' so to speak," I smiled.

"You know, Edward," Marcus began, "when I first signed Bella, I didn't think that the two of you would make it. When you were apart, it really showed through her music and singing how much she cared for you, but also how much she missed you." He leaned forward and put his elbows on his knees. "When she got sick, I wondered if she would even tell you. You surprised me, Edward. You stepped up and have been the man that she needed you to be. I hope this doesn't sound condescending but…I'm proud of you."

I nodded. "Thanks, Marcus."

We spent the next few hours working out a plan and getting everything squared away. With promises to let me know if I would be able to pull off my plan, the two men left.

I smiled and said a little prayer that everything worked out the way that I wanted…no, needed it to. My future depended on it.



I sat at my piano as Felix, Demetri, Alec and the girls, lounged around on the couch. I was fiddling with a song that I had been thinking about. I started humming as I played, and soon started to sing.

Let's wake up in the afternoon

Pretend that we got nothing to do

No we don't have to go by any agenda

We can make up our own rules

I see the way you're looking at me

Baby, know I'm feeling it, too

We can just light up every candle

Move from room to room

Stopping every minute just because you're in it

Wishing every day was Sunday, you're right next to me

It's how it's supposed to be

Hanging on every touch

Baby, don't rush, no no

Baby, don't rush

"What was that, Bella?" Heidi asked as I let the music die away.

I shrugged. "Just something that's been floating around in my head."

"Sounds great. Why don't we finish it and see how it sounds?" Alec offered and the rest agreed.

"Alright, but I don't know if I want it on the album."

We got busy, and for the next few hours worked on getting the sound and harmonies together. When Edward walked in, we broke for the day.

"Hey," I said. "Where've you been?"

"I was down at the studio working on something." He smiled secretively.

"What?" I wanted to know.


"What are you hiding?"

Edward came and knelt at my feet. "Bella, I'm not cheating on you and I'm not drinking, but I'm not telling you what I was doing because it's a surprise…for you." He leaned up and kissed my lips, then left the room.

Had I really jumped to that conclusion? I guess I had. I didn't want our past mistakes to hold us back in our relationship because it would certainly mar our future together. Taking a deep breath and reminding myself that Edward loved me and had been with me since right after I was diagnosed, I stood and went into the kitchen, intent on making dinner.

After dinner, Edward disappeared again, only this time his mother had picked him up so I wasn't worried. I sat down on the couch and curled up with a book that I had been meaning to read. I must have fallen asleep though, because I felt myself moving and Edward's scent all around me.

"Hmm…" I whimpered.

"Shh, I've got you, Baby. Go back to sleep," Edward crooned.

I just buried my head in the crook of his neck and fell back into a dreamless sleep.



I was nervous as hell, but I had a good feeling. We had been rehearsing all week and the song had come together perfectly. We had even found a way to get Bella's band on stage with us—all except Felix, who had broken his wrist.

I had also gotten word on the last day of rehearsal that the execs had agreed to give me the time I wanted, provided they could air it. I didn't care; I thought it would be a great way for the world to find out about us.

I had just finished buttoning my shirt and was walking into living room when Bella walked out of the bedroom. One look at her and I couldn't breathe.

She walked toward me in a strapless red dress. It was floor length and had a small train floating behind her. She was absolutely stunning. Her hair was half up, with curls that hit her shoulders.


She smiled at me. "Do I look okay?"

"Baby," I walked to her and took her hands in mine. "Okay is not the word. You're breathtaking."

She blushed, and I loved that I could still make her do that.

"Are you ready?" Bella asked.

I nodded and put her hand in the crook of my elbow, leading her toward our future.


We made it across the red carpet unscathed and into the theater. The gang was already inside, seated and holding seats for us. When we found them, I noticed that Blake and Miranda were sitting in front of us.

"Bella, you look great!" Miranda smiled as she pulled me into a hug.

"Thanks, so do you." I turned to Blake. "How are ya, Handsome?"

"Doing great, Bells."

I turned to Edward, "Edward this is Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Guys this is Edward Cullen."

"Nice to meet you. I love your music," Edward said as he shook their hands.

Miranda shot me a questioning look. I just smiled and nodded to her silent question. When the house lights blinked, we all sat down. Edward put his arm along the back of my chair and gently stroked his thumb across my bare shoulder.

Halfway through the show, we got up and headed backstage to get ready. In the dressing room, I slid on my jeans with the factory rip in the knee, and a wide brown belt. I pulled a cream colored, sleeveless peasant top on and covered it with a light brown colored cardigan that flowed like the softest silk. Light brown boots went on my feet to finish the look.

I took my place with everyone else, smiled and waited. Blake had asked to announce me, so I knew that whatever he was going to say would probably make me cry.

"This next performer had to take an unwanted hiatus last year, fighting not only for her life, but also for her amazing voice. She is an incredible woman and a cancer survivor. Ladies and gentleman, Izzie Swan and guest."

Yep, cue the waterworks. I looked over to Edward. "Are you okay?" he mouthed. I just smiled and nodded.

The curtains opened and Emmett, Alec and Garrett led us in. I stepped up to the mic as the spotlight shone down on me.

Sometimes it feels like, I'm gonna break

Sometimes this world, gives more than I can take

Sometimes, sunshine gets lost in the rain

And it keeps pouring down

It just keeps coming down.

When the lights turned on Edward as he joined me, the fans below us erupted.

This life would kill me if I didn't have you

I couldn't live without you baby

I wouldn't want to

If you didn't love me so much

I'd never make it through

'Cause this life would kill me

This life would kill me if I didn't have you.

I lifted the mic from the stand and began my walk to where Edward was standing. I took my place in front of him and it became just the two of us on stage. Everything else faded away.

You are my heart, every breath I breathe

I'm safe in your arms, you rescue me.

When I'm weak, you're strong

If you were gone I don't know where I'd be

You were made for me

(You were made for me)

This life would kill me if I didn't have you

I couldn't live without you baby

I wouldn't want to

If you didn't love me so much

I'd never make it through

'Cause this life would kill me

This life would kill me if I didn't have you

When the music softened after the guitar solo, I leaned forward and placed my hand on Edward's cheek, allowing the emotions of the song and everything that we had been through to lead me.

If you didn't love me so much

(If you didn't love me so much)

Edward leaned into my touch.

This life would kill me if I didn't have you

(This life would kill me)

Couldn't live without you baby

I wouldn't want to...

The music picked back up and so did my voice. I bent at the waist as I held onto a note.

If you didn't love me so much

I'd never make it through

'Cause this life would kill me

This life would kill me if I didn't have you

The music didn't stop when I thought it was going to, nor did the spotlight move away from us. What did happen was Edward removed his guitar and knelt down on one knee in front of me. The audience went crazy and rose to their feet.

"Bella, I have loved you since I met you. We've had our ups and downs and I'm sure that we will have more. You are the music in my heart and the air that I breathe. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?"

I couldn't breathe. My hand covered my mouth and all I could do was nod as the tears flowed down my cheeks.

Edward picked me up and swung me into his arms. The lights dimmed and the curtain closed as the cheers continued.

"I love you, Bella, so much."

I pulled back and looked in his eyes. "I love you."

Edward fused his mouth to mine and carried me off the stage. We were congratulated by our friends backstage and Edward finally showed me the ring.

It was a beautiful diamond with baguettes wrapped around the sides of the white gold band.

"It's perfect," I whispered as I looked up at him. "I can't believe you proposed to me in front of an audience that size. Is this what you have been so secretive about?"

Edward nodded, grinning. "I had to make sure that they were going to give me enough time. It was all prearranged. I'm just glad that you said yes."

I grinned up at him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Was there really any doubt?"

He smiled at me, and then whispered as he lowered his head to mine, "No." Then he kissed me.

I knew when I felt that kiss that I could face anything, as long as I had Edward by my side. With him, I would be a part of something that matters.

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