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It had been almost a month since I had gone back to Handlebar J's. I was knee-deep in finals and trying to get my last projects turned in. I was starting to feel like I couldn't breathe. Was all of this school really worth it?

The ringing of my phone interrupted my thought process, so I was less than pleasant when I answered. "What?"

"Damn, Bella. Is that anyway to talk to your favorite sister?"

I sighed and leaned my head on my hand. "Sorry, Kate, I'm studying. What's up?"

"Take a break and meet us at J's."

I sighed again before answering her. "I can't, Kate. I have to get this project done. If I can do that, then I am done with school until January."

"Dammit, Bella, all you do is study. You haven't been out with us in a month," Kate complained.

"Well, I'm sorry that I value my education, Kate. I only have one semester left before I get my Masters. Do you have any idea the endless possibilities that I will have with a Masters in Education?"

"I get it, Bells, really I do, but it's Saturday night. Can't you put the books down for one evening and come out with me and the girls? Please, Bella?"

"Ugh! Fine, Kate!" I had to pull the phone from my ear at Kate's squeal. "Kate?" I got no response because she was yelling at someone in the background. "Kate!" Again, nothing. "Kathryn Renee Swan!"


"Don't yell at me, Kate; I've been trying to get your attention. Who were you talking to?"

"Sorry, Bella, I was talking to Garrett."

Great! That meant that Edward would soon know that I would be there tonight. It wasn't that I didn't want to see him, but they had been begging me to sing with them again for the last two weeks.

Edward and I had been talking or texting almost every night for a month. I had finally told him everything about Jake and the fallout of that relationship, and we had agreed to take whatever this was between us slow so that we didn't suffer from the curse of the rebound.

"Listen, Kate, I'll meet you there, okay?"

"Don't get lost in your books again, Bells," Kate demanded.

"I won't…" I left it at that and hung up the phone, turning back to my studies.


I walked into the crowded bar only an hour past the time I was expected. I walked around looking for my sister, Rose and Alice before I finally found them at a table directly in the line of sight of the stage. Perfect.

I walked to the table and was pulling out a chair when they finally noticed me. "Hey…"

"Where the fuck have you been?" Kate snapped.

Instead of sitting, I turned and made my way back through the bar and toward the door. I wasn't about to sit down and make nice when my sister was being a bitch.

"Bella! Wait, please?"

I stopped in my tracks and turned around. The person who came after me was not the one that I expected. "Garrett?"

"Please, don't leave. Kate has been worried about you and thought that you needed a study break. She was worried when you didn't show when you told her that you would."

"That's not an excuse for her to be a bitch, Garrett. And if she was that concerned, why didn't she call? I haven't missed a single call or text tonight."

"I don't know what to tell you, Bella. Just please don't leave." Garrett looked at his watch and then back at me. "Look, we're gonna take the stage in fifteen. Come back and talk to Edward; chill for a bit to calm down, and then go back out to join the girls."

I sighed and then nodded my head before following him to the back area of the bar where the dressing rooms were.


I paced the floor, waiting for her arrival. In all the talks that we'd had over the last month, I hadn't once mentioned that someone was coming to hear us. Kate came up with the brilliant idea that getting Bella to sing with us the night that the scout came would make us sound all the better. I hadn't wanted to distract Bella from her finals, but I had been out-voted, so I reluctantly agreed

The opening of the door brought an end to my pacing, and as I turned, I came face to face with the woman I had been dreaming about for weeks. I couldn't help the sigh of relief that slipped out.

"About fucking time!" Emmett laughed loudly. "I think Ed, here, was gonna wear a hole in the floor waiting for you."

I shook my head and glared at my brother. "Shut it, Emmett." I turned and looked at my brown-eyed girl. "Hi…I'm glad you're here."

Bella smiled at me and walked closer. "Why? What's going on that makes it so important for me to be here? My sister is being a class-A bitch and Emmett is telling me that you're pacing. Would someone like to tell me what the hell is going on? The truth this time."

I watched as Bella turned and glared at Garrett, who ducked his head and took a seat next to Emmett. Jasper came around the corner just as I was about to explain.

"She's here. James sat her over by the girls, close to the stage."

I turned to look at Bella to gauge her reaction, but I was not prepared for the shock. "You guys have a scout here tonight?"

I nodded slowly. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I wanted to be sure that she would show first, and then Garrett and Emmett thought it would be a good idea for you to sing with us. Kate said it would be better to not say anything…"

"Edward, stop!" Bella held up a hand to cut me off.

I stopped my rant and looked in to her eyes. They were dancing with amusement. She placed the hand that stopped me to my cheek and then spoke again.

"Sweetie, all you had to do was ask me. If I can help you further your career, then I'm in."

The guys whooped behind us while I swept Bella up in my arms and swung her around the room. When I finally set her back on her feet, I thanked her.

"Thank you, Baby. This means...so much." I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers.

"Aww!" Jasper chuckled.

Bella giggled against my lips and then pulled away. "What song are you gonna do?"

I smiled crookedly but didn't say a word.


We took the stage and tried to expel our nervous energy by jumping into our first number. The crowd was great, and danced and sang along with us. We had been playing for an hour when we decided to take a ten minute break before coming back to do the duet.

"We'll be back in ten, when we will have a lucky person join us up here," I announced in the mic before leaving the stage.

I followed my brothers and Garrett backstage and into our dressing room. Once the door was closed, I plopped down onto the couch and took a deep breath.

"Relax, bro. Things are gonna be great, and then we'll get out of this town and to Nashville where we belong," Emmett said as he sat beside me.

"I hope so, Em."

"Mom and Dad are out there." Jasper announced when he came out of the bathroom. "They're sitting with the girls."

"Great," I grumbled.

"Oh, come on, Edward. They just want to be a part of this," Jasper growled at me.

"I know, but I am nervous enough as it is."

"Stop it, man. We'll be fine and then leave this place behind," Garrett encouraged.

A knock on our door told us that our ten minutes were up. We all stood up, took deep breaths, and then walked back out to the stage.

While Emmett got comfortable behind the drums and Garrett and Jasper strapped on their guitars, I stepped up to the mic.

"About six weeks ago, we had the pleasure of having an amazing voice join us on stage. Tonight, we would like to ask her to join us once again," I invited.

I watched as Bella stood up from the table she was at with my parents and began her walk to the stage. Once she reached the edge, I reached down and pulled her up, much like I had six weeks ago. However, tonight, I pressed a gentle kiss to her lips while the audience cheered and cat-calls rang out.

I stepped back from her and back up to my mic. "Let's do this."

Emmett counted it off and Jasper and Garrett joined in. I saw the smile break across Bella's face when she recognized the song.

Maybe life has got you rundown
I think it's time, Girl, that we slow down
So take a look, it's almost sundown

I nodded at her as she stepped up to the mic.

So why don't you lay right here
Let me just ease your mind
I'm givin' you all my time
I'm gonna keep on, keep on loving you
Strong and slow, the way that you want me to
Maybe my whole life through
I'm gonna keep on, keep on loving you

Bella smiled at me as she got sang the next lines.

When that morning sun is dawning
Baby both of us should call in
'Cause we've got too much love to fall in

We kept right on track, mixing our vocals and harmonies. I loved singing with her. I would love nothing more than for our bodies to sing, but I thought it was too soon for that still.

So why don't you lay right here
Let me just ease your mind
I'm givin' you all my time
I'm gonna keep on, keep on loving you
Strong and slow, the way that you want me to
Maybe my whole life through
I'm gonna keep on, keep on loving you

I was able to glance out and see the scout, and could tell by the way her head was bobbing that she was into our sound.

Why don't you lay right here
Let me just ease your mind
Give you all my time
I'm gonna keep on, keep on
Strong and slow, the way that you want me to
Baby my whole life through
I'm gonna keep on, keep on,
Strong and slow, the way that you want me to
Maybe my whole life through
I'm gonna keep on, keep on loving you
Soft and slow, the way you want me to
Maybe my whole life through
I'm gonna keep on, keep on, keep on loving you

I'm gonna keep on, keep on loving you.

When the song came to a close, we had hope that our careers were just beginning.

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