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Chapter One

*Harry POV*

Dumbledore had just told me that I had to sacrifice myself to save the people I love and win this war. What he didn't count on was a friend betraying us. The same friend walked out of the tent on us during our hunt for the horcruxes. After he left, the effects of the loved potions he had served Hermione and I were started to disappear. Hermione and I were devastated beyond belief when realized that we had been fed love potions by the Weasley matriarch and two youngest for the past three years.

Hermione soon became depressed. She wouldn't eat or even talk for that matter. I did the only thing that came to mind to get her out of depression. I kissed her. When I kissed her, I felt like nothing could tear us apart, I felt like if I just ran away with her, that would be enough. Later that day, we both confessed that we had loved each other. Over the next couple weeks, we got closer. I realized that I had loved her since fourth year and I told her it. She had blushed and whispered that she felt the same since first year. A week later, after Malfoy Manor, we got caught in the moment and one thing led to another. Hermione found out two weeks later that she had conceived. We couldn't find out the gender because the baby was too young but Hermione said it was a girl. We were going to name the baby Lily Jo after my mother, but Lily Jo would never have a chance to be born.

Hermione and I were now at Voldemort's feet. Our plan had gone wrong. After I uncovered that I was actually alive and told Tom I knew his secret. I could see fear in his eyes as I told him how we destroyed all his horcruxes. The cup, the snake, the diadem, the locket, the diary, the ring...me. I was surprised when Voldemort laughed. There, we discovered a flaw in Dumbledore's plan. Voldemort had not created seven horcruxes but eight.

"Before I kill you and your mudblood bitch Potter, I might as well tell you what my eighth horcrux is. It, you will never find. It, you will never have a chance to destroy. It, the final horcrux that will allow me to live forever. It is in the room that no one would look for. It is my most prized possession. It is a ring of my old beloved, Potter. The ring has a ruby in the middle surrounded by silver. My beloved has a ring just like it although it is an emerald surrounded by gold. Now goodbye Harry Potter. AVADA KEDAVRA!" Voldemort shouted.

I held Hermione close as the killing curse shot towards us.

"I love you Mia," I whispered as the curse hit and the three of us collapsed, knowing no more.


*Third Person POV for the rest of the story*

Harry opened his eyes and saw that he was still holding Hermione.

"Hermione?" Harry whispered.

"Harry!" Hermione said loudly and kissed him passionately.

Someone coughed and got both of their attention. In front of them was a woman that had silky black hair that was in waves down her back. She had bright silver eyes and a button nose. She was dressed in a dark royal blue robe.

Harry pushed Hermione behind him and went for his wand, only to find that it was gone. "No need for a wand you know. I am Fate." The stranger said.

"Didn't we just die?" Hermione asked anxiously, stepping out from behind Harry.

"Rght to the point I see. Yes you both did die." Fate explained. "I am here to offer you both a second chance to fix everything that has happened. To save lives that can be saved."

"Would we have our memories of last time?" Hermione and Harry asked at the same time.

"Of course. You would need to remember this time to fix them on your second try." Fate said calmly. "Now the question is. Do you both want to go back and redo your life? And where would you start? Your options are 1st year or 4th year."

"Can we discuss this?" Harry asked sending as anxious glance at Hermione.

Fate nodded and Harry and Hermione walked over to a bench that appeared and sat down.

"I think-" they said at the same time, both blushed and Hermione said, "You first."

"OK. I think 4th year because we can prevent my name going into the goblet and save Cedric." Harry explained.

"Well I think we should do it before 1st year because: First, we can prevent from becoming friends with Ron all around, second, we can prevent Quirrell from trying to get the stone, third, you can get away from the Dursleys sooner." Harry tried to argue Hermione's points but Hermione wanted to finish her reasoning, "No love listen, when Dumbledore told you about the so called blood wards around number 4 Privet Drive, they only worked if you called the place home. Well I think if you say that you never called the place home inside that house than you can live somewhere else. Finally, the sooner Sirius is out of Azkaban, the more time we get to spend with him." Hermione ranted.

Harry sat there and thought about it. He finally nodded and said "Ok."

Harry led Hermione back to Fate and told them that they would go back to their first year at Hogwarts.

"I will send you both back to July 31st. Is that alright?" Fate asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Both Harry and Hermione nodded.

"Wait Fate. W-What about our Lily Jo?" Hermione asked anxiously, pressing a hand to her now-flat stomach.

"She will be ready to be born when you both are ready for her," Fate explained with a smile. She had started to like this couple after watching them for so many years.

Harry turned to Hermione and kissed her.

"I'll see you soon Mia," Harry said with a final kiss.

"I love you Harry," Harry heard Hermione say right before Fate sent them back to the past to redo their lives.

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