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Petunia looked up in fear at her soon to be ex-husband. Vernon bared his teeth and Harry was left wondering how the hell Vernon and woken up so fast. He had cast a very very very powerful stunner at Vernon. Harry glared at Vernon, making said whale shrink back.

"We are leaving," Harry said in a quiet threatening whisper as he helped Petunia stand up.

"No I don't think so," Vernon said going red.

"Well I think we are," Petunia said, gaining her confidence. Petunia pulled her wand out too and raised it against Vernon.

Vernon stared in horror at Petunia.

"YOU'RE A FREAK TOO!" Vernon yelled , having forgotten the previous conversation. He raised his fist.

Harry quickly sent a stupefy again at Vernon, making sure it was more powerful.

Vernon flew across the hallway, hitting the wall before falling into a heap on the floor.

"C'mon Aunt Petunia! We need to get out of here before he wakes up again." Harry said pulling his Aunt behind him as they ran down the stairs.

"Wait. What about Dudley?" Petunia said worriedly.

"Do you want to bring him along Aunt Petunia? You know he might react just like Unc- Vernon did." Harry said seriously.

"Harry. He is my son. If he doesn't like the fact that I am a witch...well we will deal with him if it comes to it." Petunia said stubbornly.

"You're a what- mum?"

Petunia and Harry whirled around to see Dudley standing in the living room, staring his mouth agape at his mother.

"I am a witch." Petunia said quietly, staring back at her son.

"You- You- You're a f-freak too!?" Dudley sputtered horrified and stepped back.

"What did you do to my mother Potter!" Dudley screamed as he rounded on Harry as Petunia jerked back like she had been slapped across the face.

Harry stared at Dudley, wondering how the simplest way to tell Dudley how his mother became a witch.

"Well Duddikins, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they do a dance and that's how you were made and I was made. Now Aunt Petunia was born with magic Duddikins, I didn't do anything to her," Harry explained with his wand pointed at Dudley in case he tried anything.

Dudley stared at Harry dumbly for a whole minute which was all the time Petunia needed to snap out of the trance she was in.

"Honey," Petunia started softly as she reached for Dudley. "Your cousin and I are leaving and I want you to come with us because I don't want Vernon taking his anger out on you."

Dudley stared at his mum and then nodded slowly.

"Good. Now Dudley, we need to go up to your room real quick and get your clothes and necessary belongings. We will not be returning." Harry said quickly as he grabbed his cousin's hand and pulled him back up the stairs and into Dudley's room.

Dudley moved in a daze as he grabbed a random backpack he had, he didn't even notice Harry apply the bottomless and weightless charms of his bag. Harry helped Dudley by grabbing all of his clothes and putting them into the charmed backpack. Dudley snapped out of his daze and grabbed PsP, only for Harry to stop his hand.

"Electronics don't work well in the wizarding world Dudley. They malfunction, trust me." Harry said softly.

Dudley nodded. After a moment he said," Do you think that I might have magic Harry?"

"It's possible that you are a late bloomer like Aunt Petunia but it's hard to tell until you get older..." Harry trailed off.

They gathered all of Dudley's belongings that weren't electronic (which was not much) and put them in the bag.

"Ready?" Harry asked.

"Y-yes...Harry. I'm... sorry for bullying you. Could you ever forgive me?" Dudley asked.

"In time Dudley. In time." Harry said as he led his cousin downstairs. He nodded to Petunia and the trio left the house.

They made it outside and Harry was just about to call for the Knight Bus when...

"Dumbledore." Harry said coldly.


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