Ch. 19

As they charged in, Gregor's life flashed by his eyes. He knew now that he was going to live or die.

When the Bane tried to claw Gregor, Ares swiftly dodged it. Gregor felt his rager sense kicking in. He tried to cut the Bane, put he actually hit Gregor's sword out of his hand. Ares flew to it and Gregor caught it right on the hilt.

"I have to get in closer if I want to take him out!" Gregor wanted to say those words aloud, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. It seemed like Ares read his mind though. He charged in at the Bane. He tried to rip Ares's wing, but Ares evaded that and only got a cut.

Then, he managed to claw Gregor across the face. He was alright though.

It seemed like they had done countless hours of fighting. They had gotten many minor and major injuries. They felt like they were going to die.

The Bane staggered into another room. Gregor and Ares followed him. It looked like they went into a boiler room. Before they knew it, something horrible happened. The Bane staggered into a gas tank. Under his weight, it crushed. It blew up.

The Bane was dead, Gregor was almost dead, and Ares received third degree burns. He flew over to Gregor. He was crying. "It's okay," said Ares soothingly. "It's okay."

He knew it wasn't. Gregor was almost dead. "Ares," Gregor groaned. "My family. Tell… them… it's okay… and I'm sorry. And… thank you… for… everything… You… were… like… the brother… I never." The pause went on for a while until Gregor choked out: "Had."

Ares watched as Gregor's eyes became lifeless. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he yelled.

He didn't even check for a heartbeat because he was certain he was dead.

He wasn't strong enough to load Gregor on his back. He figured they would come back for him so he could be buried properly. He felt hot tears running down his cheeks.

He started his long and painful flight home.

Luxa watched the battle, knowing that Ares had done the right thing. But what if they hadn't survived? So many questions went through her head and she almost didn't see Ares. She was suddenly filled with joy. If Ares was there than Gregor had to be there!

The entire battle stopped as Ares flew over the battle field. Luxa noticed Gregor wasn't on his back. She was suddenly filled with worry. Ares landed on the wall. Luxa rushed over to him. "Gregor?" she asked hopefully. He shook his head.

Luxa felt like a bunch of glass just shattered. "The Bane?" she asked.

"Dead," replied Ares. "They were killed in an explosion at the ruins of Merleous."

Everyone just stared when Vikus announced: "Gregor the Overlander and the Bane are dead."

The cutters just left like their battle was over. Aurora realized Ares's injuries. He was rushed to the hospital.

A week later, they held Gregor's funeral. They didn't have the body because nobody wanted to risk going to Merleous. About everyone living in the Underland showed up. Also, Gregor's mom, dad, and sisters were there.

"We have gathered here today," started Vikus who was the priest, "to celebrate the passing of a most famous, amazing, generous, and courageous person. But I must say his most amazing quality was his never dying love (quoted right out of Harry Potter)."

Vikus went on for a while until the speech was over. Everyone clapped. Then, Vikus said: I would like a moment of silence to dedicate to this most courageous hero."

Everyone was silent for a very long time. There were a few sniffles, but other than that, silence. That was why they heard footsteps in the hall. It sounded like one person that moved very, very slowly. Everyone looked up. They all looked around at each other to see who was walking. That was when the door opened.

There was Gregor. His face stained red with blood, with many claw scrapes going across it. One of his legs was almost falling off of his body. His was using a long piece of concrete to support himself (there isn't much wood in the Underland). Finally, all of his shirt was ripped off so you could see that he had third degree burns going all around his body. He also had a couple new scars on his chest and back with small cuts on his arms and legs.

He was about to faint when Ares flew over to him and caught him. Luxa, Aurora, Vikus, and Hazard were there next. Finally, his family reached him.

Since they weren't in the palace, Ares flew him back there ASAP.