Author's Note: Thank you for taking the time to look at my story. This is based around the True/Main ending of the game, but from (The real) Viola's POV. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my story, and please feel free to give me an honest critique on my writing! Thank you!

A young blonde looked to her sickly friend, pity and empathy painted clearly on her pale features. The girl lying on the bed next to her forced a small smile, coughing. "V-viola…..It's getting worse…I'm sorry that we can't play…" she mumbled, before entering into another fit of coughing, a pale hand covering them. Viola handed a handkerchief to the purple haired girl, smiling at her comment. "Ellen, don't worry about it, you'll get better soon. It's just a matter of time before you're back to normal." Despite knowing it was unlikely, Viola still tried to, still hoped to believe it was true. But no matter how one looked at it, her friend's days were numbered. Dabbing at her mouth, Ellen sighed, wiping her hands, dying the crimson a dark red.

With each passing day, she lost astounding amounts of blood, and Viola wished that somehow, there was a way to save her friend. Almost as if she sensed this, the violet haired girl took a deep breath, and then spoke once again. "Viola…if there was a way I could get better for a day, would you do it? No matter what?" her tone was weak, and quite a bit shaky, emphasizing how sick she was. "Of course, I'd do anything for you to feel better." The blonde replied, her braids swaying as she adjusted herself on the wooden stool, not entirely thinking of how big the meaning of the word 'anything' was.

Ellen's eyes lit up at her friend's words, quickly sitting up. "Then how about we switch places? I know of a magic spell that'll switch us, and it'll just be for a day, we'll swap back tomorrow morning!" her tone was hopeful, and Viola was very happy for it, but swapping bodies was a big deal. What if something bad happened? The blonde began to ponder whether or not all of this was a good idea. "I don't know….it sounds risky, besides, it might not work." She said, uncertain of the entire situation. "It'll be fine! I promise, by morning, everything will be normal!" Ellen said, before going back to coughing. After a moment, Viola sighed, deciding to give her the girl a chance. "Okay."

Smiling, Ellen muttered something, a hymn or something. It was hard to tell because it was muffled, and as soon as she finished, everything disappeared into black.

Pain. It came from everywhere, and the young girl had trouble just opening her eyelids, which felt heavy. Blinking, her eyes adjusted to the odd lighting, and she looked around, frantic. She was laying in Ellen's bed, the girl in question nowhere to be found. Her eyes fell on a small mirror, and her eyes widened. The face that looked back at her was not her own, but that of her friend, and she couldn't help letting out a small squeak in surprise, which led to a series of painful coughs, blood spilling out onto the sheets. 'Viola' suspected that the body swap had worked, and her friend was playing or something of the sort.

Weakly, the girl slid off of the bed, barely managing to stand, sharp pain shot through her legs, protesting her movement. Grabbing onto a dresser for support, she struggled to keep her balance, thin legs shaking. She needed to find her friend, to make sure she didn't run off and get hurt in her body. How Ellen managed all of this pain, she didn't know, for it bore into her, increasing with each wobbly step she took. Taking deep breaths, she managed to approach a tiny window. Viewing the courtyard, she watched a familiar blonde taking a stroll outside, and by the sky, she suspected it was almost night.

Letting out a sigh, she watched for a moment as her body walked amongst the trees, moving by someone else's will. It was odd, doing so, and after a few minutes, she began to feel weird. Returning to the bed, she slipped under the covers, deciding rest might ease a bit of the pain. Resting, she awaited morning, when she'd regain her body. Slowly, her thoughts became muddled, and her eyes closed, the pain subsiding as she fell into a deep and peaceful slumber, oblivious to the silhouette that crept toward her sleeping form.