Tick,Tock,Tick,Click,Clack,Click. The sound of a giant grandfather clock counted away the seconds, the pendulum counting away the seconds. Eyes wide, a blonde haired girl looked around, confused. 'When had she gotten here?' Her thoughts were jumbled, as she heard shuffling, footsteps echoing in the dark corridor. Unsure of the sounds direction, she ran down it, meeting the hallway's end, the large clock in front of her. The footsteps approached, and Viola let out a startled gasp and turned, looking into the eyes of her mirror image. Looking to her current form, she noticed a familiar red skirt, the pieces fell into place. She was in the body of Ellen, meaning the girl in front of her was her sickly friend.

But something was wrong about the scene. Viola watched as Ellen approached, emerald green eyes manic, lips twisted into an insane grin. Something shone for a moment in the light, a peculiar object clasped in her friend's hand. A knife, it was amazingly sharp, and the young girl's eyes grew wide. "I'm sorry….But I've grown to like this body…." 'Ellen' said, as she walked closer, bringing the knife up above her head, her smile growing wider. Before she could react, the knife was brought down on her, and Viola sunk to the floor, crimson pooling around her. "W-why….?" The single word echoed through the halls as the young blonde girl turned around, walking away happily, bloody knife in hand.

Propelling herself forwards, the young girl panted, eyes adjusting to the odd lighting as she sighed with relief. Looking to her hands, she sighed, still in the body of her friend. "I need to go find her...we need to reverse this." She said, pulling her frail legs off the side of the bed, fighting with the stained sheets. Every part of her ached, and she sighed, taking a moment to get used to the pain. Taking a small glance to the window, she noticed it seemed to be near sunset. Now she knew that she seriously needed to get to her friend, as soon as humanly possible. Standing, she winced, her legs shaking as they got used to her weight. It felt as if she might topple over at any moment, and as she made her way toward the door, she found herself leaning against drawers and furniture occasionally for balance. Making her way into the hallway, the young girl sighed, wondering where her friend, was.

The halls were dark, plain and sullen. Eerie noises often appeared, scuttles, groans, or odd giggles, from no real direction. Candles on the walls that were usually lit to brighten the mood had burnt away, and odd stains and glass littered the stone floors. Her own footsteps echoed on the stone floor, her feet feeling the cold stones under her with each step. She'd forgotten to put on shoes, and she supposed it didn't matter much either way. Soon, she'd be back in her body, just in time for her dad to come pick her up. Speeding up, she looked around, long violet hair trailing behind her as she looked around, considering where to go next. Shadows skittered about in the corners of her vision, and the young girl began to become paranoid, quickly turning whenever she saw one, met by nothing but an empty hall.

Her breathes were quicker than usual, but she managed to carry on, walking through the halls, until she got to a familiar dining hall. As usual, the long table was positioned, in the center of the room, chairs had been tossed messily about the room, only a few left at their places near the table. A fireplace stood in front of the table, two shelves of un-opened liquor on either side of it. Looking toward the entrance to the kitchen, Viola sighed, walking toward it. Passing one of the shelves, a bottle of reddish liquid came crashing to the floor, mere inches away from the young girls head. Surprised, she jumped, already paranoid from the eerie atmosphere. Pace quickening, Viola nearly ran into the kitchen, slamming the door behind her.

Breathing hard, she sighed, looking about the new room. Two doors led to store rooms, and as usual, the kitchen was silent. It was familiar, for she'd always loved exploring Ellen's giant home. But the rooms and halls she'd once loved to investigate had become dark and eerie, as if they were out to get her. Rubbing her arms, she sighed, the constant pain almost un-bearable for the girl, as she wished to be back in her home, in her own body, where she could be with her father and everyone. Sliding down into a sitting position, Viola shut her eyes, forcing away tears as she curled up in a ball, trying to fight away her fears and pains, but to no avail.