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Okay, let us begin!

Harry POV

Okay, the 'Nico' kid was really weird. He had a reading disorder ("Dyslexia," chided Hermione) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ("Or ADHD," said Hermione).He burned food (Ron was appalled) saying something like hay deez. He had no friends, and he'd disappear from the Maurader's Map for whole weekends.

Hermione was determined to find out who he was. "We can use the invisibility cloak, and follow him, Harry."

Ron, on the other hand, was happy to let him do what he wanted. "Come on, Hermione, he's just a fifteen year old, like us."

A voice behind us, that sounded scarily like the topic of our discussion, seemed to whisper, "Well, I'm actually in my 80s..."

We whirled around, but nobody was behind us. I mean, how could they be? We were in the RoaR, as Ron had taken to calling the room of requirement. He'd say, "We have DA in RoaR tonight."

Okay, back on subject. "What was that?" asked Ron fearfully. A voice seemed to mutter, "Here, there, everywhere. Here, there, everywhere. In your boots, or in your hair. Still can't find me... Do you dare..."

We whirled, but then the voice was from the darkened shadows in the corners. "Here, there, everywhere... Here, there, everywhere... A dangerous game of hide and seek... Do the trio dare to peek?"

Hermione screamed as the room became black. Then, a boy stood in front of us, grinning lopsidedly. It was Nico di Angelo.

"Don't mess with me again, you three... The shadows are correct, you see... I am here, there," he pointed at a corner, then spread his arms out wide, like an angel, "Everywhere."

And with that, the lighting was normal, and nothing was wrong. But the Golden Trio, us, we, ourselves, didn't care.

We ran out of the room, slamming the door, intent on finding Dumbledore. We didn't notice the pale face grinning at us from the shadows.

The game had begun.