Epilogues : The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe

Amy watched as Rory and River sat on another couch. Everyone was thrilled when River randomly teleported in. Rory had his arms around River's shoulders and both were entranced by the film they were all watching, though Rory was nevertheless struggling to stay awake. The Doctor was on another couch, pretending he was interested in the movie.

For all the pain that she and Rory endured since Amy met the Doctor, she couldn't imagine a better life. She couldn't imagine better people to pass the time with than her family.

Yes, a sentimental ending, but I wanted to conclude this set of drabbles on a nice warm note. And that is the end. I thought about continuing with series 7, but I haven't fully gotten over losing Rory yet, so I don't feel like writing those epilogues. Plus, talewind wrote a fantastic story called Again? (/s/8593863/1/ after the site's website if you're interested) with a poignant ending that could serve as an epilogue for The Power of Three and I don't think I would have an idea for The Angels Take Manhattan that others haven't already written. This just seemed like a good place to finish. Anyone who wants to write the epilogues for series 7 and beyond certainly has my blessing.

Sincere thanks again to everyone who encouraged me by reviewing, favoriting, following, or reading (or all four, in beautifully-rational's case). Thank you!