Chapter 10: Recovery

"Borring..." Officer Jenny threw down her hand of cards. "I'm tired of solitaire. Not too busy of a night," she yawned, then looked up out of her window as a long gray pokemon with a purple tail passed by. "Hey...was it carrying something?" she jumped over her desk and opened the door. It was most certainly a Pokemon of some kind run/hopping up the street. She could still make out its vague silhouette in the early morning light. "What is that?" she started her motorcycle and followed closely behind.

Mewtwo slammed in to the hospital doors. They gave way under his pressure and opened smoothly. The receptionist behind the counter covered her mouth, and reached for her phone. Mewtwo slid Jesse off his back and propped her up against the counter. "Are you alive?" he asked her.

"Unfortunately, Yes." her voice sounded scratchy. "You're leaving?"

"I need to," Mewtwo glanced up as a few orderlies came running up the hall.

"I'm never going to see you again am I?" her bruised eyes looked up at him.

Mewtwo knelt so he was on her level. "Maybe you will, but it depends on how strong you are," he rubbed his thumb over her swollen lip. The scooted a little closer.

"Don't leave me...You've-"

"Shhhh..." He leaned in and kissed her forehead gently. "Thank you for everything."

Jesse felt her strength leave as he pulled away. A little trail of blood followed him as he went out the door. How much blood can he afford to lose? A stretcher pulled up in front of her.

"You'll be alright Ma'am. Just relax."

"Hey, where did that Pokemon go?"

Jesse closed her eyes, finally allowing herself a moment to relax and let the events of the night fade into distant memories.

"Miss. You're gonna be okay, there's no need to cry."

Yes there is...

Almost there..If I can just...Almost there. Mewtwo ran despite the burn in his legs and lungs. His feet had given up on being numb and were now causing pain every time they hit the ground. He was too afraid to sleep or even stop for fear that he wouldn't get back up again.

He tackled through an iron gate and muttered an apology, then ran up the long gravel driveway. The front door was just ahead. He was almost there. He was almost home.

Mewtwo's face hit the brass door knocker just as his legs gave out. His full weight slammed into the door. The frame threatened to give, but thankfully stayed up. He looked up at the night stars and closed his eyes. I'm home.

Sabrina and Bill sat up simultaneously when a loud crash echoed down stairs.

"Bill?" Sabrina grabbed his arm.

"I'll go, stay up here," Bill climbed out of bed and pulled on a pair of sweatpants then opened the bedroom door and crept down stairs. "Who's there?" he said aloud.


"I know that wasn't you," Bill turned on a light and looked at the front door. It looked like someone tried to beat it off the hinges. He grabbed a heavy cane and advanced slowly. "I'm going to open it, and Haunter, you Night-Shade any bad guys got it?"

"Haunt!" The ghost saluted.

Bill swung the door open then shouted in surprise when a body fell inside.

Sabrina heard the scream. "Bill? What's wrong? What is it?"

"Stay up there!" he turned on the porch light then feel to his knees. "Arceus, please no..." he ran his fingers down the bloody face. His voice slowly came back. When it did he took a deep lungful of air and shouted. "Sabrina, call an ambulance, its Two!"

"Two?" Sabrina ran down the stairs then covered her mouth when she reached the bottom. "Is he..."

"I don't know," Bill wiped away his tears. "Call an ambulance. We'll get him to the Center."

Sabrina ran into the kitchen. "Don't move him!"

"I'm not," Bill waited next to the body until an ambulance arrived escorted by Officer Jenny.

"Man this looks bad..." Jenny looked down. "Okay, we gotta work quickly! Hurry!"

The paramedics jumped out of the ambulance and carefully rolled Mewtwo onto a stretcher.

"Sabrina, you go with Two. I'll lock up and follow in the car." Bill started wiping the blood off his hands.

"Okay." Sabrina kissed him, then climbed into the ambulance. "Two..."

Bill watched the ambulance pull away, and went back inside the house. He noticed a small white tied up bloody bundle on the grass outside. "Now what is that?" He walked over and picked it up, then tried the knots. They were stuck. "hmmmm" A moment later Bill arrived in the kitchen and began attacking the knots with scissors. He cut away one end, and a thin white tail feebly twitched. "Oh...Two..." he opened it a little more, then grabbed the bundle and ran for the car.

"Joy!" Bill ran into the Pokemon Center. "Joy!"

"Quiet down. She's in the back with Two," Sabrina said from the corner. "They're not sure he'll make it. They said that..." she wiped her eyes. "They said that he's lost too much blood. They have no idea how long it will take him to heal. If he makes it. They can't even stabilize his condition."

"Sabrina, he won't die." Bill said with confidence.

"You're always such an optimist Bill," she said bitterly.

Bill had learned his lesson to not challenge Sabrina when she was in one of her moods. "Love, he has this to live for," he handed her a bundle of blankets.

Sabrina moved aside a corner. "Oh my..."

"Two had it with him. We didn't see it. The little thing was wrapped in a lab coat under one of the bushes outside."

Sabrina looked down at the little kitten. "I think he's crying..."

"He? Crying? How can you tell love?"

"Tears...and I just guess its a boy," she wiped a few off the little white face. "I wonder if..." she stood up and went into the back room carrying the baby. "Joy."

"Oh Mrs. Sabrina, I told you to wait out there," Joy sighed.

"Bill just brought this. He said Two had been carrying it," she opened the blanket.
Joy gasped, her entire demeanor changed. "Well, it my expert opinion I say it looks like a baby mewtwo!"

Sabrina groaned. "Gee? Ya think?"

Joy took the bundle from her. "Come on, I'll do a check-up," she led her to into a small room. Bill poked his head around the corner and watched.

Joy laid the baby down on a padded table. "I suppose this is what a newborn mewtwo kitten would look like," she unwrapped the blanket. "Solid white. I wonder why he doesn't open his eyes?"

"Maybe mewtwo's don't open their eyes until a certain age." Bill theorized. "You know, like baby Meowths."

Sabrina folded the blankets. "He looks like he's crying."

"Yes," Joy checked his pulse. "He isn't making any noise...I wonder why?"

"Man I'm starving," Sabrina mumbled.

"But you just...Hey! That's it! He's hungry!" Joy tickled the tiny stomach. "I'm not sure...given Two's eating habits..." she started mumbling to herself. "I'll be back," she left Bill and Sabrina alone in the room.

"So you're Two's kid..." Sabrina leaned over him. "How did he get you? What happened to him out there? What about Jesse?" she smiled and giggled when the kitten yawned and curled his tiny fingers around her own.

"Hmmm...I wonder why he has four fingers..." Bill came over. "Two only has three."

"Does it matter?" Sabrina scratched the kittens chin. "Welcome to the family little guy."

Bill walked slowly into Mewtwo's recovery room. "Hey there," he sat down and placed his hand on Mewtwo's head. "You really did go and do it this time," Bill spoke to the still and quiet form of his best friend. He tried to survey the damage now that all the blood had been wiped away. There were butterfly stitches above one ear, a few IV's running into one arm the other was too sprained or something. Joy had to put the rest in his one "good" leg and his tail. A broken collar bone caused by god-knew-what, pulled muscles all over his body, and one long gash down his leg and across his ankle. All those in addition to the fading scars from the league games. "Oh Two, what happened?" Bill ran his hand down the grey/purple arm. "I suppose it's for the best that you're asleep."

Mewtwo's hand slowly closed around Bills. I'm so sorry for all the trouble I've caused.

Bill's spirits lifted. "Two?" a drop of blood ran from Mewtwos nose. "Don't do that anymore. Save your strength."

I'm not pulling out of this one.

"Yes you are!" Bill insisted. "Don't tell me you've fought this long just to give up now?"

I wanted to save the kitten.

"And he still needs you. Please! Don't give up."

There was silence for a moment, then Bill heard very weakly. Is he okay?

"Sabrina just fed him. He's sleeping. Don't give up."

Time will tell. he slowly opened his eyes. I need a cigarette.

"A cigarette? Pardon?"

Mewtwo smiled, then stretched out fully again. Goodnight.

"Night." Bill remained at his side even as sleep claimed them both.

The world felt warm and soft. Jesse hadn't felt like this for so long. Somehow her soul was at rest. A part of her had returned.


Something was calling her out of sleep. Memories of the journey from Woodland Labs were still fresh in her mind. Distantly, Jesse could feel sensation come back into her hands and feet. "Two? Is that you?"


Jesse opened her eyes, then felt a tug at her heart. "James...?" she felt excitement and happiness build in her heart.

"Its good to see you," he put his hand on her cheek. "Something told me to drop by today."

"What?" Jesse leaned into his hand. "Who?"

"Believe it or not, a Mew," he smiled.

"A Mew?" Jesse tried to sit up and winced. "Ahh!"

"Don't move, don't move..." James propped up a few more pillows. "You're in bad shape. I'll take care of you."

Jesse found herself on the verge of tears. " all I did to you...why?"

"Jesse. You're my best friend. I can forgive anything you've done. It doesn't matter now anyway, I'm here."

It was another long night. Nurse Joy had her hands full. Not only with her normal duties, but also with caring for Mewtwo and the kitten. Their condition seemed linked to each other. If Two was feeling very bad, the baby did poorly as well. Everyone had become accustomed to calling the baby "Little Two."

Joy yawned and made her usual rounds in the center. First stop was Mewtwo's room. She opened the door and stepped back. Mewtwo wasn't in his bed. "Oh great, now where-" she walked up the hall and looked in the baby's room. There he was. IV's dangling from every part of his body and bandages lose and about to fall off. He leaned over the small crib. Joy folded her arms and watched.

Mewtwos tail twitched in thought, then stopped and rested on the ground. "You really are a little thing," he picked the small form up. "Easy now."

Joy smiled when "Little Two" yawned and curled up in Mewtwo's arms. She let them share a moment of silence, then stepped into the room. "Everyone calls him Little Two. And he has certainly has been winning hears since he arrived here."

"Little Two...fits him. He is tiny." Mewtwo put the kitten back in the crib. "Little Two." he smiled. "And when you get older, your name will be Eltwo."


"Short for Little Two," Mewtwo smiled and went back to his room.

"Eltwo, that's cute..." Joy smiled. "I'll put that down on the papers. Eltwo."

Mewtwo looked up from his book as Sabrina and Bill came in the room. "Sabrina, Bill..."
"Hey!" Sabrina ran forward and hugged him fiercely. "You're awake! I thought you'd never pull out of it!"

"Me either," he gratefully hugged her back. For a moment he wondered where the other mewtwos had gotten to, if they needed medical help as well.

"Something on your mind?" Bill said, putting an arm around Sabrina's shoulders.

"Nothing that can't wait," Mewtwo set his book down.

Sabrina knew that it wouldn't do any good to press the issue, so she let it go. "We received a letter from Jesse in the mail yesterday. She wanted us to tell you that she was okay. She's met up with an old friend and is staying with him for the time."

"That's good news," Mewtwo was relieved that Jesse had survived her ordeal, and so far there had been no evidence of Team Rocket making a retaliatory strike against either of them. "I can't wait to go back home."

"Think you can make it Two? I don't want you straining too much." Sabrina looked over her shoulder, and Jamie, her and Bills newborn daughter, did likewise while riding in a small harness on Sabrina's back.

"I'm fine," Mewtwo carefully pulled himself up the trail. "This trip gets shorter every time."

"The kids enjoy it, and that's all that counts," Sabrina giggled when Little Two popped out of Mewtwo's backpack and rested his head on his fathers shoulder. Little Two hadn't spoken yet or even opened his eyes, but he was already showing extreme intelligence. "That kittens going to take after his daddy!" Sabrina laughed.

"Speaking of dads, is Bill okay with all the stuff?"

"Yeah, he's made the trip before," Sabrina looked ahead. "And we're here!"

Mewtwo smiled as they arrived at the hot spring, things were getting back to normal. They were a family again. Bill and Sabrina had Jamie, and Mewtwo had Eltwo to care for and raise. In the month since the ordeal, he hadn't heard from the other mewtwos, in some ways it was almost as if he had dreamed them all up. But he had faith that they would surface again. After all he himself remained in hiding for many years before moving in Sabrina. Only time would tell.

Later that night, Mewtwo sat on a outcropping of rock looking at the stars. Little Two was sleeping in his backpack that was hanging on a tree branch. Bill and Sabrina put the finishing touches on dinner by the campfire.

"Mew mew!" Mewtwo!

"Hello Mew."

"Finally caught-up with ya!" the pink Pokemon settled down a bubble. "Aside from how to change diapers, did this little adventure teach you anything new?"

Mewtwo thought about it for a moment, and decided to answer from his heart. "I learned to laugh, I learned to cry," he said thoughtfully. "I learned to love, what it's like to be loved. I learned what true friendship is, I've learned so many things that tell me what an asshole I've been," he looked over at Little Two sleeping soundly. "And I know I've got so much more to learn. And that it won't be easy."

End Part 1

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