Chapter 4: Training

"Mewtwo still isn't awake yet?" Bill asked around his mug of morning coffee.

"He battled a lot yesterday. Usually when a Pokemon is that beat up, I take it to a Center." Sabrina set her plate of eggs down then sat down herself. "But since Two has been in every Center between here and Pallet, he'll panic if I take him to another. Besides, he has a knack for sleeping off anything."

"He really likes to fight eh?"

"Well, it's what he was made for."

"Made? Thats a bit harsh." Bill used the side of his fork to cut into his pancakes.

"Its true, Two or Joy never told you?"

"Told me what?" Bill took a bite. "Two or Joy never told me anything, all I know are the attacks he's capable of, and the little bit of information from the file Joy had given me that she gleaned from Team Rocket. But that didn't cover where he came from."

Sabrina spread her napkin. "Mewtwo is a clone of Mew."

"He looks nothing like the little thing."

"That's because Team Rocket not only to cloned Mew, but tried to improve upon him. Mewtwo is a combination of several different Pokemon and because of it he's constantly trying to find somewhere to fit in." she sipped her coffee. "Two's always worked to excel at everything. Kind of a built in fail safe I guess. If he keeps going, almost to the point of death until does succeed."

"He really is needlessly hard on himself."

"Just be careful around him, Two is a walking talking weapon. He just doesn't know it. Or if he does, he doesn't want to be. Either way, he gets really unpredictable when he's upset." Sabrina stood and opened the fridge, and proceeded to take out a huge jug of orange juice then a few pieces of fruit. "He should be up soon."

Bill sat quietly for a moment, digesting both his breakfast and the new information, then he spoke up. "What else does he eat? I knew his eating habits when he lived with me, but what is he like with you?" he picked up his coffee again. "Why salads?"

"It's not just salads, it's any kind of fruit or bread. I can't keep enough snap peas around here, those are his favorite snack food." Sabrina was glad for the change of subject.

"Hmmm…All veggies, sounds interesting." Came a new voice from the doorway. Both Sabrina and Bill turned to find a man with spiky black hair walking sheepishly into the kitchen. "Sorry to intrude, but this Haunter let me in…Hey! Is this that same Haunter Ash brought here?" Brock asked, relaxing a little.

"Yep, and he's still keeping me company." Sabrina gestured to an empty place at the table. "Don't worry Brock, I knew you were here. Kadabra told me."

Bill stood and went to the counter top to refill his mug, and pulled one down for Brock as well. "I remember you! Maker of those fabulous double cheeseburgers! Coffee?"

"Sure." Brock sat down. Accepting a stack of pancakes and already getting down to business. "You said it was a rare psychic Pokemon, usually psychic types crave a lot of protein and skimp on the veggies. Strange. What else does he eat?"

"Anything with sugar." Sabrina answered as Bill set Brocks mug down, then sat down himself. "About a week ago he made of with a platter of candied yams, and every time we go out, he asks for slushies. That's Bill's fault."

"Now love, he wanted to try one." Bill tore into his food once more.

"Yeah, sure, after how much convincing from you?" she shot back.

"I merely suggested."

"Whatever." Sabrina smiled at Bill. "He also likes vegetarian pizza to an extent. He doesn't like dairy products, and only takes cheese in small doses."

"You let him eat human food?" Brock asked.

"He refuses to eat the pellets." Bill then told Brock about one night Sabrina had been trying to get Mewtwo to eat the pellets just for his own sake, and the three of them ended up throwing the little rock-hard things at each other. "Two doesn't like the way they taste."

"That's strange. That's my most popular recipe for psychic types." Brock took a sip of his coffee. "When can I see him?"

"He should be awake in a few." Sabrina set the bowl of fruit at another empty place at the table.

"I can't wait to meet him."

Mewtwo lay in his hammock with a pillow over his face. My head hurts, my body is sore from fighting. He rolled over and looked down at Sabrina's ancient Bulbasaur who was walking around and watering the plants. "Missed one."


Cute little thing, I wonder how my Venosaur that I had cloned is making out? He reached a foot out and touched the platform, then gained his balance on the spiral staircase. It was so much easier when I just floated down. He groaned as his weight settled on his sore legs and back. Gripping the guard rail and central column, he traveled down the steps until his feet touched the grass in the greenhouse. The Bulbasaur was still watering plants.

Mewtwo passed by Sabrina's prized rosebushes on his way to the screen door leading into the house. He could hear voices in the kitchen. Sabrina was talking at the moment, her voice clear and excited.

"-Well then Bill asked to give it a try, and I guessed it was okay since there's nothing in the league rules against tag-team training. Lo and behold Two wins the match."

"Awesome." Brock finished off his coffee. "For a Pokemon that loves to battle this much, it must have killed him to lose his powers."

"Oh it did." Mewtwo spoke up.

Brock spun around in his seat. How had something that big get into the kitchen unnoticed? His gaze settled on Mewtwo's face. "Wait a minute, I've seen you before…"

He's…oh great. Mewtwo hung back in the doorway. Crap, it's another one of the trainers from the island. He stood still, the thin fur on his hackles rising as Brock studied him, the breeders expression growing more stoic by the moment. And he remembers me.

"Mewtwo. I knew that name sounded familiar." Brocks voice was suddenly cold. "So you've lost all your psychic powers huh? Maybe that's for the best."

I don't have to take this. Mewtwo grabbed his bowl of fruit from the table and then went to retreat back to the greenhouse.

"Mewtwo…hey…Listen to me!" Brock grabbed Mewtwo's arm.

Mewtwo glared at Brock. "Listen to what? Listen to you throw the past in my face?" Just that one little grab had been enough to confirm what Mewtwo had been afraid of all along. That even though he lived with humans, he would never be considered their equal.

"Two," Bill stood up from the table. When Mewtwo was this angry usually something got hurt…badly.

"Let go of me human!" Mewtwo reared back on his tail and kicked. His feet connected with Brock's chest and sent him back into the kitchen and into a shelf full of books. Bill scrambled to Brock who had the wind knocked out of him. Sabrina stood up and chased Mewtwo down the hall.

"Two, get back here!" She scurried up the hall after him. "I asked you to behave, Brock could be hurt!"

"Then he shouldn't have touched me!" Mewtwo slid into the green house, then turned and faced Sabrina when she came through the double doors. "And now what will you do? Put me in a ball?"

"Of course not!" She folded her arms. He's scared, really scared…Why? Sabrina unfolded her arms and forced herself to relax. After all the time he's lived here, Brock coming here invaded his space. How could a Pokemon this powerful still live in fear of every one he sees? I knew he was skittish, but to go and attack a human flat out like that?-And why not, he's done it to Bill.

Mewtwo swallowed. He didn't need to read her mind to know she was analyzing him. He tried to calm his temper, become rational once more, but his fur wouldn't smooth, his chest still tight and his fists remained balled.

Sabrina closed the door behind her, trusting that Bill would take care of their guest. "No Two. I don't view you as just a Pokemon. Don't look so shocked, I was trying to read your mind and that thought was on the surface." She reached up and took his paw, then carefully uncurled his fingers. "I know that you were scared. Hell, I'd probably do the same thing if I saw someone from the past that held something over my head."

"Bill doesn't know about New Island." Mewtwo finally calmed, feeling his fur settle and his muscles loosen.

Sabrina then reached up and began scratching behind his ear. She felt the tension leave the air as Mewtwo leaned into her scratches. "Just like an over grown bi-pedal kitty."

"Oh stop it…"

"Not when you enjoy it this much." Sabrina smiled, trying to make light of the moment. "Now can you at least go back and apologize to Brock?"

"If he's not unconscious." Mewtwo felt her hand leave.

"I care about you Two. So does Bill, and even though he just walked in, so does Brock." Sabrina turned and opened the double doors once more. "Just come on out when you're ready."

Why does she have that effect on me? What is it that she and Bill have that makes me do their bidding? Is it friend ship or something more? Last time I was that angry and scared it took me three days to calm down. How did she manage it in a few moments? Mewtwo looked down at his hands. Why am I so different? Why do they accept me? Why?

"It's not the kick that hurt, it was the little brass statue of a Kadabra that fell on him from the book shelf." Bill looked up as Sabrina came in to the kitchen. "How's Two?"

"I managed to calm him down." Sabrina sat down and started cleaning up the kitchen. "It took almost all I had, but I did it."

"Oh…" Brock moaned. "I think I need a new ice-pack."

Sabrina smirked. "Did we mention that he was edgy?"

"It was my fault anyway. I should have remembered how he was. I need to apologize to him." Brock sat up.

Mewtwo slowly came into the kitchen with his fruit. He sat down at the table and took a bite of an apple. Brocks gaze rested on him. "Sorry." Mewtwo said in monotone.

"Nah, like I was telling Sabrina and Bill, it was my fault. I shouldn't have grabbed you. Besides, I wanted to thank you anyway." Brock stepped out of the way as Sabrina and Bill picked up the books and set them back on the shelf. Mewtwo was beginning to wonder if his kick had shaken something loose in the Pokemon Breeders head.

Brock took in the blank expression on Mewtwo's face, and tried speak without getting kicked again. "It's really hard to say, but, Thank you, for all you did on New Island...I guess, what I mean is, you showed me how to be a better trainer and breeder, by showing me what not to do. It really is sad how no one trained you or even gave you the love that came with training…Or something like that…Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Somewhat." Mewtwo took another bite of his apple. Although he normally enjoyed watching confused humans, he had to respect that Brock was making an honest attempt at an apology.

Brock tried to read Mewtwo's features but nothing gave any hint as to what the Pokemon could be thinking. "Sorry I wasted your time."

Well, that's a first. My time? Valuable? Mewtwo looked back at Sabrina and Bill, they had just about as much shock on their faces as Brock had when he had kicked him.

"Sorry, I can't really explain it." Brock looked away, then sat down at the table.

"No, I think I understand what you're trying to say. Its not an easy thing to put into words." Mewtwo set his bowl on the table. "Sabrina, is there still coffee left?"

"I was wondering when you'd want some." She poured some coffee in his favorite black mug. "Here ya go."

With the air between them now clear, they sat sat down to finish breakfast and discuss plans for the remainder of Brocks stay.

"Brock! Get out of the kitchen and in here! The game is starting!" Sabrina called. The "game" in question was the Kanto Pokemon League Semi Finals. Every Friday night, all of the humans and Pokemon in Sabrina's household would gather in the living room around the TV and watch the games. Bill and Sabrina were sharing the couch and Mewtwo had claimed one of large reclining chairs.

"Just one more minute!" Brock called back. There was the sound of a huge pot crashing to the floor followed by cursing.

"Why did you let him cook?" Mewtwo asked Sabrina.

"He wanted to. Said he wanted to make up for this morning. Besides, I'm tired."

"It was my night to cook." Bill glanced over the back of the couch and toward the kitchen.

"You can cook tomorrow night then." Sabrina snuggled up against Bills side with Kadabra sitting up at her feet.

"I just hope he..." Mewtwo sniffed the air. "Mmm…"

Sabrina looked toward the kitchen this time. "That does smell good."

"Almost done, just need to plate up." Brock called out. "Here, Bulbasaur, can you take this out to Bill and Sabrina?"


Aww, now ain't that cute? Mewtwo watched Bulbasaur come out carrying two drinks in his vines. I never really approved of slave labor but he seems to be enjoying it.

"Thank you Bulbasaur." Bill took his drink.


"The games starting." Mewtwo turned up the volume on the TV. Evenings with friends watching a favorite show were one of lifes guilty pleasures, it was an activity that both unified and spurred discussion among them.

Brock came from the kitchen, and set down a finger food feast on the coffee table. "It feels good to be cooking for so many people again. Tell me if you like it."

"We will," Sabrina and Bill pulled away from each other long enough to grab some small plates and load up on the bite-sized snacks. There was everything from tiny hamburgers to sliced fruit and other savory dishes.

Brock went back to the kitchen and returned with three bowls. "Here's Haunter's Kadabra's, And Bulbasaur's."

"Need any help?" Sabrina asked around a mouthful of some kind of mini egg roll.

"Naw, I got it." Brock came out again with a large wooden bowl and set it down in front of Mewtwo. It looked like a normal enough salad, with chunks of pumpernickel croutons and a light dressing. Brock noticed Mewtwo's puzzled expression. "It's my world famous garden salad. With a few things extra." Brock sat down and took his own place.

I guess I'll try it. How does that old saying go? For every new food you try it adds seventy-five days on to your life? Mewtwo picked up his fork, then noticed that everyone in the room was looking at him." I can't eat with everyone staring at me."

Sabrina chuckled then turned around, and Bill became interested in the TV again.

Mewtwo was pleasantly surprised at the fresh crisp taste with just enough oil in the dressing to provide flavor and texture. The little balls that he thought were pumpernickel were something else he couldn't quite put his finger on, but they were sweet and chewy, like little balls of molasses rolled in nuts.

"Do you like it?" Brock asked. His food remained untouched as he scrutinized Mewtwos reaction.

Mewtwo simply smirked and took another bite. "It's okay."

Sabrina snorted. "He means yes...don't you?" she asked in a warning tone.

Mewtwo took the hint and nodded, then turned his attention to the TV. Through the fights Bill kept his eyes focused on Mewtwos thin neck. During the heat of battle, The Pokemon's pulse would quicken and his general expression changed. He was no longer a creature with extreme intelligence, but an animal, longing for battle. Mewtwo had tasted the thrill of combat the other day and wanted more. After the food had been eaten, Bill started collecting plates during a commercial break. "Brock, Sabrina and I will take the dishes out. You deserve a break after that marvelous dinner." Bill picked up Mewtwo's bowl. "Sabrina?"

"Uh, yeah." She rounded up the rest of the plates, then followed Bill into the kitchen. Once there she placed the dishes in the sink and whispered. "You noticed it too?"

"Mewtwo wants to fight, he loves to fight. I think we should train him."

"But how? It's been so long since I've done any kind of training, and I don't have the skill to train a Pokemon like him. Besides, I have nothing on his power or skill level."

"We invite other trainers for that. And you are talking to one of the world's foremost authorities on all things Pokemon. I'm sure that together, we can figure it out." Bill walked over and hugged Sabrina. "He'll be fine. We'll be there every step of the way, he may not obey us like other Pokemon, but at least he does listen. Come now Sabrina, for Two?"

Sabrina gave in. "I'll see what I can do."

"Wonderful Love! Now come, the shows on again!"

Huh? Mewtwo was suddenly ripped out of sleep and into a headache. His last memory had been going to bed after the Pokemon Semi-Finals. What time is it?

"Wake up sleepy head!" Sabrina chirped, climbing up the staircase toward Mewtwo's platform.

What in Arceus' name could she possibly want?

"Wake up!" Sabrina rocked the hammock back and forth a couple of times. "Wakie wakie!" she said, knowing how annoying it sounded.

"I'm up! I'm up!" Mewtwo rolled over and bent his pillow over his ears. "What is this all about?" he opened his eyes and peeked through the skylights above his hammock and noted it was still dark outside. The house better be on fire...

"Come on sleepy head, today begins your training!" Sabrina persisted.

Training? Day? The damned sun isn't out yet! He rolled over, pulling the blankets over his head.

"Get up!" Sabrina said impatiently. She growled then flipped the hammock over. Mewtwo let out a small surprised "Mew!" then fell past the platform and landed in the grass on all fours, claws in his hands and feet digging into the sod.

"Are you trying to kill me?" he shouted. But he was awake. The sudden adrenaline rush was enough to keep him on edge for a few hours.

"Not yet." She slowly descended the stairs. "Lets go."

"I could've broken a leg!"

"You seem to have landed just fine, as I predicted you would." She smirked. "Now get ready, we're heading out in an hour."

Mewtwo watched her leave the greenhouse, then took a few deep breaths to calm himself. He hadn't agreed to any training and wondered what it was they had in store for him. He thought about turning around and heading back up to his hammock, but knew that it would be useless to defy Sabrina. Grudgingly, he followed her to the kitchen.

"I can't believe you actually managed to get him up." Bill said to Sabrina with a touch of admiration in his voice as Mewtwo entered the room.

"You just have to know the right buttons to push." Sabrina said smugly then picked her favorite mug from its hook. "Coffee Two?"

"Black." Mewtwo looked over at Bill who seemed a bit more cheerful than yesterday. I think they had a pleasant encounter last night.

Sabrina saw the smirk on Mewtwo's face. "Don't you even think about saying anything."

"Say what?" Mewtwo couldn't resist a smile.

Sabrina put the coffee down in front of him. Haunter floated into the room and looked at Mewtwo, then at the others around the table. "Haunt?"

Mewtwo leaned over to the side. "Mewtwo mew two two mew."

Haunter looked between Sabrina and Bill then started laughing.

"I have half a mind to dump this whole pot of scalding hot coffee right in your lap." Sabrina blushed then she sat down.

Bill looked up from his paper. The silent exchange of the past few minutes hadn't reached him. "What's wrong Love? Why are you blushing so?"

Mewtwo chuckled under his breath and Haunter faded through the floor.

"And why do we have two giggling Pokemon?"

"It's nothing hon." Sabrina took a huge gulp of her coffee. "Lets just get going."

It took an hour by bus to reach the outskirts of Saffron City, then another two hours of hiking through the wilderness following trails through the marshlands and foothills before reaching their destination. Along the way Bill and Sabrina chatted with Brock and caught up on news from other areas of the Pokemon world.

"What are we doing way out here?" Mewtwo asked when Bill and Sabrina stopped in the middle of an open field with tall waving grasses. He knew they had mentioned something about training, but Sabrina was being purposely vague in the details, which meant he probably wasn't going to like what she had come up with.

Sabrina and Bill set down their back packs and stretched. "Now," Sabrina spoke up. "We start training!" She waved her arms and gestured to the huge open field around them.

This place is like that dream, so empty… Mewtwo looked around. The sun was low on the horizon, casting a rose-colored glow over softly waving grasses and the few bushes scattered here and there. They had left early enough to still have the bulk of the day to themselves.

"Two, Put this on." Sabrina took a strange nylon harness from her backpack.

"You're joking right?" Mewtwo studied the mass of buckles and padding. "What purpose will that serve?"

Sabrina had been expecting his inquiries. "As long as I've known you, I still haven't gotten a good bead on your skill set. This harness has sensors built into it that will send information to the computer in my backpack as we train. With that information, we can further refine your abilities."

That at least sounded reasonable, and the the harness didn't look as strange as it did before. He did note a few handholds and loops that didn't seem in keeping with her claim however. Mewtwo looked around at of the soft grass and sniffed the air. The wild scent of it seemed to ignite all of his senses. I want to run. He had missed the large fields around Bills lighthouse.

Sabrina and Bill helped to fit the harness on Mewtwo while Brock set up the computer and a small base camp for the days work. Once all the equipment had been calibrated Mewtwo and Bill worked out a path to take around the field, complete with a few jumps and minor obstacles. The harness was activated and the testing began.

A few hours later Bill and Brock counted off the fiftieth revolution around the huge field. Mewtwo wasn't getting tired in the least, his heart rate was stable as was his breathing rate.

"Hey Bill," Brock came up behind Bill carrying a small basket packed with the days lunch. He peeked over Bills shoulder at the readout. "Wow, his body is really efficient at using every scrap of energy to its fullest. I wonder if his physical abilities are separate nervous system from his psychic abilities."

"I had been wondering the same thing myself." Bill took out a pair of binoculars from his backpack. Two was following the tree line, and was scaring up all sorts of wild life. "He's been doing great. Sabrina's been trying to find a way to give him a more effective workout."

"Adding some weight to him might work. Like carrying rocks or something." Brock offered.

"Huh, good idea. I'll get him to come back." Bill picked up a blue flag and waved it. Mewtwo saw it and followed the trail back around. Once he reached the camp, he skid to a halt. Sabrina came in from her lookout in the middle of the field. Mewtwo stretched, then leaned over to look at the readouts.

"Break time already?" Sabrina asked Bill as she sat down on the grass. "Find out anything useful?"

Bill turned the laptop around so everyone could review the data. "Everything is checking out perfectly. Two is quite an athlete, I have no doubt that he would do well in more serious battles. Even so, the data lacks any kind of stress testing. Brock suggested adding some weight to see how Two reacts."

Mewtwo could see where this was going.

Sabrina smiled. "Alright then, Brock, want to go for a ride?"

"You mean it?" Brock looked Mewtwo over. "I mean, uh..."

Sabrina chuckled. "Come on Two, we're out in the middle of nowhere, no one is going to see you. You've given me plenty of piggyback rides before. Just a couple of times around the field just get the data."

"I wonder how much of my pride you're going to make me swallow for the sake of 'data'," Mewtwo reluctantly knelt so Brock could get on.

Brock took hold of the harness and sat down as neatly as he could. "For the record this wasn't my idea." Mewtwo felt the stress in his legs already as Brocks weight settled on his frame.

"Will you be okay Two?" Bill asked when he saw the reading spike on the screen.

"I'm fine." Mewtwo played it off. "Next time I'll take you and Sabrina both."

"Brock you okay?" Sabrina smiled.

"Just peachy." Brock wrapped his hands around the straps. "Ready when you are!"

I'm never giving piggy-back rides again…What does this guy eat?

Bill watched through the binoculars then checked the screen. "He's slowing down now...ah these are better readings."

"I'm not surprised." Sabrina took a sip of the tea Brock had brought. "I guess I should have told Two that Brock is about two hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle."

"You devilish creature!" Bill laughed.

"Eh, he can handle it." Sabrina laid back in the grass. "It's such a nice day."

"Two! Wakie wakie!"

No! Not again!

"Come on!" Sabrina sang.

Wasn't yesterday enough? Sadistic wench!

"Don't make me flip you again." She teased. One big purple eye shot open and glared at her. "You can't quit training now, we only just started." Sabrina started shaking the hammock and stopped her torture when he rolled over.

"Even Arceus rested on the seventh day Sabrina." Mewtwo's hand searched the side table for his glass of water. "Is there coffee on?"

"Yep! And I already have one cup, lots of sugar ready for you." Sabrina knew she wasn't making it any easier for him to climb out of bed when she started scratching behind his ears. She listened for his dull purr then kissed his cheek and ran down the stairs.

Mewtwo climbed out of his hammock again, the aches and pains of the previous days exercise already beginning to fade. Even his headache wasn't as bad this morning. Like every other morning he climbed down the staircase and through the house to the kitchen.

This can't be good. They're getting the hiking equipment together. Mewtwo sat down at the kitchen table trying to remain perfectly still as Bill and Sabrina went about their work. I wonder what they have planned today. That's not good…Backpacks, sleeping bags, food, my Poke-pellets.

Brock had gone home the week before, and after a few battles with him and a few other victims-er-trainers, he had left the Pokemon food as promised. And Mewtwo actually liked it. It was fresher tasting, sort of like candy, but with a softer flavor.

"Where are we going?" Mewtwo asked very Bill-like around the lip of his mug.

"Out." Sabrina said enigmatically.

"Can't we just stay home today?"

"Nope, better start packing! Tonight we're sleeping under the stars." She said in an almost too-chipper tone.

Mewtwo gulped down the rest of his coffee. "Great."

An hour and a bus ride later found the three friends on another trail out in middle of nowhere. Sabrina had happily led them through the training field, over a few fences and onto a well-worn trail through the woods. Mewtwo found it especially troublesome because he could run much faster than the humans walked. It hurt his legs to walk slowly behind them. Despite the aches and pains, Mewtwo was happy to have a chance to get out of the house and for a nice long walk in the woods. In the distance he could see Mt Moon.

"The woods are so quiet." Bill said after a long comfortable silence.

"It's because almost all of the Pokemon have been captured by either trainers or Team Rocket. The rest are in hiding." Sabrina said softly. "That's how Two got hurt. We tried to stop him. And I failed miserably."

Mewtwo took two hops from the back of the line and stopped when he pulled even with her. "Stop blaming your self."

Sabrina sighed. "I can't help but feel it was my fault. I convinced you to go."

"Sabrina, I didn't need any convincing. I was going to go back to face him with or without you."

Bill stopped and watched in curiosity. He had watched these little blame-game battles between them for some time, even though from an outside point of view he felt like he was only getting half the conversation.

Mewtwo put his hands on Sabrina's shoulders. "It's because of you I'm not dead, and it's because of you I'm not in that restraining armor."

"But you still got hurt, badly."

"Look, not too many humans would do that for a psychotic Pokemon like me." Mewtwo let go and turned, heading up the trail once more, then stopped. His tail thrashed back and forth indecisively.

"Two?" Bill walked up behind Sabrina and put a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her, but at the same time unsure of what he could do for Mewtwo.

"I know what humans say." Mewtwo mumbled under his breath. "I've been listening to it since I was created. I'm chaotic, out of control, and hard to deal with. And before you, I'm not okay, I'm not fine or anything! A third of my brain is missing. My entire life has been turned around, I had independence once, and now I've been reduced to a pet. An uncomfortable one with a short temper." He turned around. "I'm only here because-" He stopped himself.

Sabrina gently pushed Bills hand off her shoulder, and closed the distance between herself and Two. Mewtwo met her eyes. I'm here because I love you.

Sabrina's eyes widened. She had heard him in her mind, not like a thin memory whisper, but a true voice and presence that she had been missing. It was an indescribable comfort to her, like a hug from her father or visit from a old friend.

Mewtwo wiped a bit of blood away from his nose. There was an awkward moment of silence, then Mewtwo resumed walking up the path.

Bill approached Sabrina. "What was that all about? What did he tell you?"

"Nothing Bill." Sabrina smiled.

Mewtwo listened to their chattering, even though he knew that Bill and Sabrina would never intentionally ignore him, he couldn't help but feel a little out of place and alone. So you told her. She didn't scream, she didn't do anything. The whole situation is complicated. I would have to go off and get attached to a human. He looked up, watching the sun filter through the leaves in the forest canopy. But I don't love her like Bill loves her, yet I can't see myself without her. Sometimes I wish I didn't have any emotions…

"That would really suck. Trust me, you're better off with them, the extreme ones and all."

"Mew?" Mewtwo stopped and looked around. "Where are you?"

"Did you say something Two?" Bill called.

"Must have been the wind…" Mewtwo kept walking, but kept checking over his shoulder.

"Here we are!" Sabrina said after cresting the last foothill and dropping her backpack on a convenient log.

"A hotspring?" Bill set his down as well. "This is where you were taking us?"

"Yep, been in the family for generations." Sabrina began to rummage around in her pack looking for her towel.

"And I hope it stays that way." Bill set his own pack down. "Where's Two? His pack is right here, but I don't see him?"

A loud splash echoed through the woods, followed by a long low contented sigh. Bill and Sabrina peeked around a rock wall and saw Mewtwo was already in the water, leaning back against the side of the steaming pool. "Bill, Sabrina, I take back everything mean I've ever said to either of you."

The hotspring was little more than a deep steaming pool with a rough wall made of rock to hide it from prying eyes. A small wooden shack had been constructed off to one side with fold down beds and a small kitchen. Bill went to put the packs in the cabin while Sabrina slipped into the water of the spring. He noted a sign on the door that read, Property of Saffron City Pokemon Gym, please take only what you need, and need what you take. Leave the cabin and the spring as you found it, clean and ready for the next visitor. The kitchen was stocked with some canned goods, dinnerware, pots and pans for cooking, and there was bedding in one of the cabinets. All in all it was a cozy little spot. Bill spent a moment reading through the guest book, amused by the stories the trainers told and pictures they had left. However he was saddened to see that there had only been two recorded entries in the past year, and each one read the same.

No Pokemon here.

Saddened, Bill put the guestbook away, then went to join Sabrina and Two. It had been a long time since he had been in a hotspring, and after the long walk he knew it would feel wonderful.

This feels so much better… Mewtwo leaned back looked at the sky. Night is coming on. I didn't know we had been gone for so long already. This water, it feels…so familiar… He began to drift off to sleep, one last content sigh escaping his throat.

Sabrina sat up in the water. "He's out."

"Shouldn't we wake him?"

"Nah. He's fine as long as he doesn't drown." She leaned back and let the water close around her.

"Won't he cook?" Bill teased.

"Bill, the water isn't that hot." Sabrina giggled.

"I've heard a couple of horror stories about egg-type Pokemon being left too long in hotsprings."

Sabrina laughed, then snuggled up closer to Bill. "I wonder what Two's dreaming about."

"Don't really care at the moment." He smiled fiendishly.

"Bill! Bill!" Sabrina yelled, splashing water at him.. "Not here! Bill!" She started laughing. "Alright, you win!"

Mewtwo was dreaming. He knew he was dreaming because he could always fly in his dreams. He flew over barren forests, gray and decayed. Where were all of the Pokemon? The wind was cold and stale, the balance of energies that the legendary Pokemon would keep in check were now out of control. He flew faster, toward a mountain in the distance, surrounded by the stench of pain and death.

Where were all of the Pokemon?

The rivers were dry, the sky dark and dusty. Why? Who could upset the balance of power on the planets surface, and to what end?

There came a rumble from the east, and below him he saw a stampede. So many different kinds of Pokemon, even ones that would normally be enemies, all running from one foe. Behind the Pokemon he heard car engines. Headlights stabbed through the dark dismal air as several vehicles, loaded to almost overflowing with Team Rocket agents, broke from the ash-like trees and into the open.

At the head of the mass of Pokemon flew Mew. Mewtwo had never seen him so upset. The Team Rocket agents fired ice guns to slow the escaping Pokemon. Mew spun in air and unleashed the most devastating psybeam Mewtwo had ever witnessed. Two of the Team Rocket trucks simply ceased to exist, only vague ashes remained that were soon scattered by the other trucks in the column.

Other passengers in and on the vehicles began to throw various kinds of Pokeballs, capturing the stragglers or the ones too frozen to move. Mewtwo watched in horror as Mew took the full brunt of an ice beam and faltered. Several masterballs flew through the air, but it only took one to capture him.

Enraged, Mewtwo roared and flew at the masses, searching for the one Pokeball that held Mew. The Team Rocket agents all turned on him collectively. In the shadow of the mountain.

"Ah!" Mewtwo sat up in the water.

"Two, are you finally awake?" Sabrina came out of the cabin then leaned over the side of the pool.

Mewtwo pulled himself out of the water, his legs and arms weak from the hotspring. Bill and Sabrina had set up his hammock between a couple of trees nearby. Mew…it was just a dream…A stupid dream…

"Your towel is on the log over there." Sabrina pointed to where Bill sat with a notebook.

Mewtwo found the towel and began to dry his short thin fur. I look like a prune…

Bill glanced up from his notebook. "You were mumbling a bit in your sleep," he picked up a mug of coffee and sipped it. "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to fall asleep in hotsprings?"

"I'll keep it in mind." Mewtwo answered, attempting to restore his good humor.

They enjoyed dinner in each others company, laughing about old times and telling stories, sharing hopes and aspirations for the future. Bill had built a fire in a circular pit outside the cabin. Eventually as the night wore on, Bill and Sabrina retired to the cabin. Mewtwo was content to spend his night in the hammock under the dark moonless sky.

I wish I could sleep, but some thing is telling me not to. What? What could be wrong? He turned away form the dieing embers of the fire and looked at the night sky. The stars. Mew told me that if I ever get lonely, then just look at the stars. It does help a little, but I miss seeing the clouds form the other side.

A pink bolt suddenly darted overhead.

Is it?…It is! Mew! Can you hear me? Mew!

"Mew!" Came high a pitched squeal.

Mew! What's wrong?

"Mew mew!"

What? Mewtwo rolled out of his hammock. His feet hit the ground heavily.

"Mew Mew!" A red bolt suddenly shot after the pink ball. "Meeeewww!"

Who would be dumb enough to try to attack Mew? Mewtwo looked in the direction of the red blasts. How dare they?! He started hopping, not caring about how far or fast he went. His dream was coming two. Odd since he had never been able to predict the future before.


"I'm coming!" he ran through the trees, jumping fallen logs easily thanks to all of the training he had in the past week. Mewtwo scaled a small steep hill, then paused at the top, looking down on a narrow gully. To his surprise he saw a few wild Pokemon hiding there. Is Mew protecting them?

"Mew mew!"

Teleport! Now! Mewtwo looked up.

The pink ball vanished.

Good… Mewtwo started hopping away, hoping to lead their pursuers in another direction. And just like in his dream, he saw headlights from a truck of some kind stab through the gloom, accompanied by the shouts and smells of humans and their likewise corrupted Pokemon.

Team Rocket…Mewtwo's eyes started glowing blue. His instinct drawing on his psychic abilities before his rational mind could react. He was enraged, and this time he wouldn't fail. No more! No more! I won't let you take any more!

Mewtwo settled into his fighting stance, feet shoulder width apart, one arm relaxed, the other outstretched before him. The headlights of the truck washed over his form, and much to his satisfaction, the humans inside seemed to be quite aware that they had bitten off more than they could chew.

It only took one small psychic spark, in just the right place.

The trucks gas tank exploded, flipping the truck and spilling the humans out onto the forest floor. Before any of them could gain their feet, Mewtwo was already off and running.

Mew descended through the trees and appeared in the gully. The Pokemon, pitiful and common to this area, were all huddled in a little group.

"You guys okay?" Mew asked. He had been working with a few other legendaries to help move and resettle various Pokemon populations for the past year. Team Rocket had always hunted the higher level and more rare Pokemon before. Now it seemed they were after just anything. All Pokemon, even those as commonplace as Pidgey and Rattatas were now in danger. Celibi had been keeping an eye on this bunch, but had to go to ground after a long hard battle. Mew hoped that his friend was okay, he hadn't heard from him in some time.

"Gold duck!" The water Pokemon called out a warning to the others who took up the call.




"He's over here! I saw him!"

"We need to go!" Mew looked for an escape his charges could use.



Mew turned and saw a few humans with red "R"s on their chests come crashing through the underbrush. This particular kind never learned. "I didn't want to to this…" Mew prepared to fight.

"Ice gun the whole lot!"

"Mew!" Mew put up a barrier, and braced himself for the blast he knew was coming. The ice gun sparked, filling the world with blue light that engulfed the Pokemon.

But the hit never came. Stunned, Mew cracked an eye open to find Mewtwo blocking the blast himself, his barrier full and sparking blue and purple.

"Get them out of here!" Mewtwo shouted with both his physical and psychic voice

"Right!" Mew turned and faced the Pokemon refugees, then looked back at Mewtwo. "What about you?"

Mewtwo grit his teeth against the coming headache. Don't worry about me. Mewtwo dropped his barrier and looked up at the wall of solid ice in front of him. The Team Rocket agents began to argue amongst themselves now that their prey was cut off from them by their own doing. Mewtwo knew that he couldn't keep this up for long, but he had to do what he could to buy them time.

Mew ushered the Pokemon away, Mewtwo stood up proudly and made an energy ball, ready for the coming assault A warm trickle started down his arm. I need to think past the pain, I can't let Giovanni win…this madness stops now!

The Team Rocket agents broke through the ice and balked, not expecting to find a Pokemon standing ready to challenge them. Some gained their heads and leveled their ice guns at him. Mewtwo let lose with a volley of the black energy spheres, some finding their targets, most not. But he managed to keep their heads down for the moment that he needed.

This is really going to hurt.

"How did that one escape?" an agent toward the rear of the formation called.

I'm sorry Sabrina, Bill, Nurse Joy, I know all of you tried to help me.

Mewtwo dropped to the ground and rested his palms on the smooth stone. His own psychic aura flared and reached out to touch and manipulate the energy inherent in the mountains and ground around him. "Fissure," he whispered.

The ground started to glow blue from somewhere below the surface, and an ear-splitting crack sounded. Long white cracks appeared in the ground, like a spider web stretching away from his palms to ensnare Team Rocket. The ground itself then began to lift into the air, at first subtly, then explosively as it threw Team Rocket agents hither and yon. A low rumbling started, gradually getting louder. That minor earthquake was only the beginning.

My head, it feels like its burning,

The ground split open, opening gaps in the stone that went down for hundreds of feet.

The pain...

Mewtwo pulled his palms off the rock. The attack was out of his hands now, and if he didn't make a speedy retreat he would be caught up in it as well.

My head… He brought a paw-like hand up to his head, dizziness and nausea overcoming him. The forest around him erupted in blue light. All gone…Slipping… Mewtwo barely felt himself falling. The next sensation was the ground biting into his cheek. Can't think…Need to stand…Need to…

In the distance, Mew had teleported the Pokemon refugees to safety, but hesitated to go any further. He couldn't leave Mewtwo in that position all alone, not in the condition he was in. But the area was also crawling with Team Rocket agents, and Mew couldn't afford to get captured himself. He suddenly had an idea, and after giving instructions to the Pokemon in his care, he sped off through the trees.

In the cabin, Sabrina sat up and managed to open her eyes. "Need to…Need to…To…Two?" Confused she rolled out of bed and opened the door to the outside. "Bill! Two's gone!"

"Hon…" Bill rolled over. "He probably just went for a walk."

"No…That's not it….Something's wrong," she could sense a charge in the air, it was making the hairs on her arms stand up.

"Sabrina," Bill sat up. "It's all right, lay back down. You worry so much over him."

Sabrina was about to argue when she caught the scent of soot and ash. She looked up over the tree line and saw flames rise over the tree tops. "Bill! There's a forest fire out here!" She darted back inside the cabin and put her shoes on.

"Upwind or downwind?" Bill snapped awake quickly and nearly fell out of bed himself.

"Upwind I think..." Sabrina scanned the ground and saw foot prints that could only belong to Mewtwo leading away into the forest, in the direction of the flames. "Oh no...what ever happened, he was in a hurry." Patches of dark earth were torn up and tossed. "He went this way." She started running, dodging pine trees that loomed over and threatened her.

"Sabrina!" Bill took off after her, forgetting his shoes and a coat. "Sabrina! Wait up!" He launched down the trail she had followed, but she had vanished from his sight.


"What?" Bill spun around. He stopped, shocked and amazed at seeing one of the rarest Pokemon in the world looking back at him. "A Mew?"

"Mew!" Mew started flying in the direction he had last seen Sabrina.

"Wait! Where are we going?" Bill followed.


"I'm coming!" Bill tried his best to keep up.

Sabrina slowed when she came to a section of uneven ground that she didn't remember. Huge pieces of rock had been torn up and were carelessly thrown around the forest. A truck that was in flames drew her curiosity for a moment, and the fire seemed to be contained well enough there. A few trees were over turned exposing massive roots. More disturbingly, she could feel a strong psychic residue in the air. "Oh no…No no no no…" Sabrina broke into a full run and followed the path of destruction. "Oh no…"

Bill froze midstep when he heard Sabrina's sudden scream.


"Sabrina! I'm coming!" he tripped and almost fell on a rock, but was stopped by a light pink bubble. "Thank you Mew." He ran by the small pokemon, vaulting over overturned trees and boulders, past the flaming truck and even a few groaning bodies of Team Rocket agents. After what felt like an eternity he came to an area where the ground was torn, but not as much as the surrounding area. Sabrina was sitting in the center, crying. "Oh my sweet…"

Mewtwo's head rested in her lap, bleeding from his ears, nose and small trickles that looked almost black seeped from his eyes. Sabrina lovingly stroked his head and gently shook him. "Come on Two…wake up…wake up…"

"Is he?" Bill slowly came forward.

"Why would he do this Bill? What was so important that he ignored all our warnings?" Sabrina wiped her eyes.

Bill was tempted to go back the way he came and peel one of the agents out of tree for questioning.

"I can barely feel his pulse, but its there." She went back to gently trying to shake him awake.


Bill and Sabrina turned toward the source of the sound.

"Mew mew." Mew floated over to Mewtwo. He looked sad. "Man you really went and did it this time." With a little sigh, he touched Mewtwo's forehead with his tiny hand. Sabrina felt his body vanish from her arms.

"Where did he-"

Mew then touched her forehead, and Sabrina suddenly found herself outside a Pokemon center. If that was a teleport, it was the smoothest transition she had ever made. "Mew?" She looked to her side, Mewtwo was laying on the concrete, still bleeding. "Two." Sabrina scrambled toward the Center's doors. "Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy!"