Title: Il Dragon Master (The Dragon Master)

Pairing: HP/DM/SS/BZ/?

Warnings: slash, m/m, mpreg, rape, grey!Slytherin!Creature!Harry, Dumbles/Ron/Ginny bashing!

Summary: After being the butt of many Gryffindor and Slytherin jokes, Harry goes back to the Dursleys' for a horrible summer. He faints out in the garden one day, not knowing that Severus was watching the house that day. Severus takes Harry, and his things, to Prince Manor. On Harry's 16th birthday, he receives a powerful -but painless- inheritance and he finds out that he is the dragon master, and that he must have mates to bring balance to the world.

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Chapter 4:

The intruder snuck farther into the room. Lightning flashed, and the intruder ran and jumped on the bed. As soon as the small figure hit the bed, the boy in the bed woke up with a yell.

"What the heck?!" Elrin yelled, sitting up fast. A veela and a vampire ran into the room, and turned on the lights. Elrin blinked quickly for a few seconds, and then looked at the person on his bed. "May? What's wrong, sweety?" Lightning flashed again, and May flung herself into her brother's arms. She buried her face against his bare chest just seconds before more kids ran in. Elrin looked over at the kids in the doorway. All of his brothers and sisters, except for the youngest two who slept in their mom's room, were now in his room. Elrin sighed, "Come on, all of you."

Draco and Severus were watching the kids climb in around Elrin. Elrin looked up and waved them over as well. Draco and Severus looked at each other before Draco said, "Why not?" They got on either side of the bed, with children between each of them and Elrin. Draco smiled at Elrin, and they all fell asleep in the double King-size bed.


Selestia and the other moms went searching for their children. Laura walked behind the other three with her two girls in her arms. Whoever stole the other children wouldn't steal her two! Selestia opened Elrin's door, and all four women smiled at the scene. Eve, the six-year-old, was sprawled on top of Elrin, chest to chest. May was next to them on one side, and Martha was on their other side. The other kids were jumbled together, and Draco and Severus each had a kid lying on them.

The four women quietly gathered the children and led them out of the room. Turning back to look at her eldest, Selestia smiled. Severus and Draco had unconsciously shifted towards Elrin, and Elrin had turned to face Draco. The three of them looked so comfortable cuddled up that she had to take a picture.


Elrin shifted in his sleep. He felt something hard poking him in the hip. Another hard 'something' was pressed against his arse. There was a hand on his lower back, and another on his stomach. He felt the two bodies stiffen slightly, and he slowly blinked until his eyes could stay open. Elrin's green eyes met Draco's grey ones. Elrin smiled sleepily. "Hey," he said, his voice husky from sleep.

Draco swallowed thickly. "Morning."

Elrin turned his head to look over his shoulder at Severus. "Hey, Sev," he whispered softly.

Severus looked at him. "Good morning, Elrin." He nuzzled Elrin's cheek, making the younger man purr in contentment. Severus groaned softly, pressing his hips forward against Elrin's arse subconsciously.

Draco got a wicked look on his face, and he started nibbling on Elrin's neck. Elrin moaned, and turned to lay on his back. Draco smirked against Elrin's neck, and he noticed that Severus leaned over Elrin to kiss the dark-haired teen on the lips. As Draco lavished Elrin's neck with love, he ran his hand down Elrin's bare chest to his stomach.

Elrin shivered, and moaned into Severus's mouth. He arched his back into Draco's touch. His tongue slid along Severus's. Severus deepened the kiss again as Elrin felt his boxers being pulled down. Elrin jerked and made a startled sound when a warm, wet mouth engulfed his prick. He relaxed when Severus stroked the scales on his hips.

Draco licked and sucked on Elrin's cock. Then he started slowly moving his mouth up and down, swallowing around the cock every now and then. The reached down and fondled Elrin's balls.

Elrin gasped, and pulled his mouth away from Severus'. He arched his back again, moaning loudly. He kept murmuring Draco's name.

Not to be outdone by a young veela, Severus moved to lick at one of Elrin's nipples. He tugged and rolled the other nipple between his thumb and index finger. Severus smirked when Elrin exclaimed sharply. After lavishing the one nipple with his mouth, Severus did the same to the other nipple. Draco and Severus shared a look, and Severus nodded before saying to Elrin, "Elrin, I want you to relax. We're not going to do anything you aren't ready for, but we want to show you something."

Elrin nodded, and pulled Severus down for a kiss. He felt a slight burn at his entrance, and he winced slightly. Then a second later, he felt something cold inside of him and he shivered.

Draco slicked his fingers in lube. He never took his mouth from Elrin's cock as he ran a finger around Elrin's puckered entrance. He gently slipped his finger in, and began moving it back and forth. He resumed his ministrations to Elrin's cock. When Elrin was loosened up a bit, he slowly added another finger and added pressure with his mouth. He scissored his fingers, stretching Elrin even more, then he started thrusting his fingers deeper into Elrin. His fingers brushed the bundle of nerves, and Elrin nearly came just from that. Draco added a third finger, and started thrusting deeper and faster into Elrin. The constant stimulation to his prostrate caused Elrin to come with a shout, deep inside Draco's mouth. Draco swallowed the slight bitterness, and cleaned Elrin's cock thoroughly. He pulled off with a soft pop, and gently pulled his fingers out of Elrin's arse.

Elrin was practically boneless when Draco came to lay beside him. "Wow," he said, breathlessly. Draco and Severus chuckled softly. Elrin looked at them. "Do you want me to... um," he started to say.

Severus shook his head, smiling. "We took care of ourselves." He performed a wandless and wordless cleaning charm on all of them.

Elrin stared. "You smiled!"

"I might do more if you like it that much." Severus kissed Elrin's nose.

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