Quick A/N: I'm new to Vampire Diaries, so forgive me for that. I haven't read the books (yet) and have only seen the TV series so my characters are obviously based around those. This is based on the episode 4x04 'The Five'. Pure Damon and Elena.

Damon watched on as Elena fed on yet another girl at the frat party. She swayed their bodies together, their chests pressed against each others. The sight made Damon giddy and horny. It was hot and sexy to watch Elena clamp down on a person's neck and suck the blood from them. Elena's mouth left the girl's neck and she returned her attention back to Damon, blood dripping from the sides of her mouth and down her chin. No one would notice, the music was too loud, the place was too dark and the people were too drunk. The strobe lights didn't help much either. But Damon could see her and the sight of the blood didn't do anything to hinder the feeling of lust towards her. He wrapped his arms around her waist as they danced together, moving as one in time to the steady beat of the treacherous music. Dance music was not his favourite.

The smile on his face said everything. He was completely satisfied and ecstatic at being this close to her, at showing her that being a vampire didn't mean self-loathing like Stefan had shown her. It could be fun and exhilarating, he would teach her self-control and how to feed right. Elena wasn't the same girl she was pre-vampire. Pre-vampire Elena was safe and shy and reserved, while post-vampire she was cunning and dangerous and fun.

Elena's hands wrapped around Damon's neck, even though her body temperature was now much cooler due to being a vampire the slight warmth of her hands made his body feel more alive then it had in a century. She smiled up at him and licked her blood stained lips. Damon was suddenly tempted to kiss her. He didn't want to scare her off, because the other times he had wanted to kiss her he had done just that. But something in that moment felt different, it felt like there was nobody else but him and her. Stefan never existed. He leant down and capture her mouth in his, tasting the blood that was on her lips. Whoever she had been drinking was delicious but there was nothing that tasted better then Elena. She reciprocated the kiss quickly, her tongue meeting his. The kiss sent electricity shooting through her veins, it was passionate and naughty.

As he started to pull away Elena grasped the back of his head and pulled him down to her mouth. She wanted more, she was hungry for more. By now all the blood that had been on her face Damon had licked and sucked off. Elena let him kiss her hard and fast. When she finally let him pull away her tilted his head towards the staircase, that sexy smirk only Damon possessed approaching his mouth. Somewhere inside Elena her body was screaming no. Somewhere inside she knew that Bonnie would come looking for her and that Stefan at home was trusting her. That feeling was shoved down deep and forgotten as Damon grabbed her hand and led her through the crowd to the staircase.

She eagerly followed Damon, keeping up with his quick pace. The ascended the stairs in a rush. When they came to the top Damon quickly searched both sides of the corridor before deciding left. All of a sudden he was pushed against the wall and Elena was kissing his feverishly. He smiled into the kiss after realising it was Elena who had done the pushing. His hands ravished her body, running down her sides and up her legs and eventually sliding over her ass. God her ass was amazing. Perfectly round and firm. He would remember to admire it later. Right now he needed to find a bedroom.

He quickly changed their positions so she was pinned before him. She reached out to kiss him but he stopped her.

"Come." He said.

They used their vampire speed to get to the end of the corridor where they opened the very last door and found and empty room. It was filthy. Their were clothes strewn everywhere and that distinct smell of a sweaty teenage boy. He wished there was a better place for them to do this but right now this was as best as he could find. He closed the door behind them and swiftly clicked the lock. He didn't want anyone disturbing them. As he turned around he found Elena sprawled out on the bed, her head resting atop a couple of pillows. Both fake and real blood had stained her otherwise white blouse and as he drank in the sight of her he couldn't remember seeing anyone as sexy as Elena had been in that moment.

"Well?" She questioned, cocking an eyebrow.

He sped over to her, his body pinning hers beneath his. He wanted to savour the moment, to take a picture and remember her this way. Beautiful, sexy vampire Elena. Undoubtedly Stefan would eventually convince her that animal blood was the only way and she would return to stifling her feelings for Damon. But right now she was here and she was his. Damon kissed her neck, Elena arching her head backwards to give him more access. He kissed his way down to her collar bone and across the tops of her breasts that were showing due to her outfit. He listening carefully to her whimpers and her moans wanting to remember how they fell from her lips for eternity. Damon ripped open her shirt revealing a lacy black bra. He breathed in deep to control the urge to take her right then.

"So sexy." He growled as he ran his fingers down her stomach.

Elena's head was spinning. She was drunk from the alcohol, high from the blood and horny because of Damon. The combination of the three was making her slightly dizzy but in a good way. As Damon reached her bottom half the removed the remaining clothing and there she was, lying beneath him in her black lace lingerie. He had pictured her a thousand times in his head like this, exactly like this. Her panties were tiny and clung to her body deliciously. He almost couldn't believe how beautiful she was.

"Damon…" Elena whimpered as he kissed the inside of her thighs.

He knew he was teasing her. He really wanted to just fuck her. To rid her of every morsel of clothing and enter her and fuck her into she couldn't take anymore. He would fuck her 1000 times over if she could take it.

"Yes, Elena?" He smirked.

"Please." She breathed.

Her willingness only turned him on more. Her flipped her over in vampire swiftness, on her hands and knees. Damon unclasped her bra, her breasts falling from their restraints. He grasped them fiercely loving that she could take the harshness. Elena mewed in pleasure, one of her hands joining Damon's on her right breast. She fondled her self with him, groping and grasping. Every touch made her moan or groan or mew. With Damon's other hand he started to slide her panties off her slowly, he wanted this part to last. Every inch of underwear that he pulled back revealing a little bit more of her bare ass. When he finally slipped them down to her knees he proceeded to rip them off her, discarding them.

There she was. Naked. Completely. But the thing he wanted to see most was out of his view. Damon pulled her up to him, her back against his chest, her has against his still clothed crotch. He gripped her waist with his left hand and slid his right down the side of her breast and her ribcage and over her hip and then cautiously brought her to her pussy. The moment he touched her there he knew if he never got to feel her again he wouldn't be able to take it. He felt her wetness, encouraging him that she was enjoying this just as much as he was. Elena threw her head back against Damon's shoulder, her eyes closed, her mouth pursed.

"Do you want me to…" Damon began.

He didn't get to finish his sentence. "Yes." Elena gasped excitedly.

She turned around so she was facing him and ripped Damon's shirt from his torso. Buttons flew across the room in all different directions. His pants were next, becoming just another piece of clothing on the floor, soon his underwear followed.

Elena licked her lips at the sight of Damon's erection. Damon placed a hand between them and started to stroke his own cock. Elena smirked at him in return. Elena pushed Damon down so he was sitting on the bed and straddled his hips. There they were, both naked. Elena hovered above him, her breasts perky, her eyes full of lust. Damon grabbed her hips and guided her down on to him. The very second he entered her there was no doubt in his mind that no one would ever live up to this experience. Elena was warm and tight and wet. She grasped his shoulders, her nails digging into him. As she slid down on to him she swallowed every inch of him. That was the last tender moment. Neither of them could take the how slow this was all going.

"Fuck." Damon growled after she had taken all of him.

He grabbed her hips and started to roughly move her on top of his cock. She followed eagerly, moving on her own. It was amazing. Her ass bounced on top of him as they fucked, Damon grabbing her cheeks every once in a while in a harsh move. Elena kissed Damon neck feverishly, biting down on his skin every time the pleasure started to get too much. She would puncture his skin each time but he would heal almost instantly and it didn't bother him in the slightest.

Elena moved roughly on top of him. Damon enjoyed every move she made. It was the best sex of his long life. He moved their positions so she was lying down and he was on top of her, still inside her. Damon moved hurriedly and harshly inside her. He knew she could take his roughness. Elena gripped the bed head, her nails making deep imprints. Damon began fucking her harder, pounding into her over and over and over.

"Yes. Yes. Damon." Elena moaned.

Damon could feel his climax coming on fast and strong, he hoped Elena wasn't far off too. He rubbed her breasts and kissed her nipples until she was all but screaming for it. Damon was surprised at the force he was putting into his actions and was surprised also that they hadn't yet broke the bed.

"I'm close. Fuck." Damon groaned.

Elena smirked up at him and brought his face down to her. They kissed passionately, their lips crashing together. Elena began kissing his jaw line and down his neck and then finally bit into his neck, drinking from him. Damon started to lose control at that very moment. The pure pleasure Elena was giving him from slowly sucking on his neck and drinking his blood was indescribable.

"Elena." He growled.

She released his neck from her mouth and licked her hips hungrily. Damon slipped a finger between them and started to manipulate the one spot he knew would bring her over the edge. She gave several moans and raked her nails over his back before her back arched and her climax was finally reaching her. Damon pounded into her a few times over before his own climax reached him. His body quivered with pleasure inside her. After a few intense moments of pure bliss he rolled off her and resided next to her.

"Well…" He said.

"That was…" Elena said.

There weren't words to describe it.

A/N: So I hope that wasn't horrible? I only recently started watching The Vampire Diaries and honestly didn't think I'd like it. But I actually really enjoy watching it. I am a Damon/Elena shipper through and through. There's just something about them. Plus I'm a sucker for a bad boy. I haven't really decided if I'm going to continue this or not. If I get some good reviews I might think about either turning this into a series of one shots or I might even develop a story from this. Like I said, just depends on if anyone really likes it. So I hope you enjoyed and please let me know if you did in fact like it or if you have any constructive criticism for me. Merry Christmas everyone.