After an exhausting four rounds of sex Damon and Elena were finally done. By the end the sheets were no longer on the bed, one of the lamps had been broken and the shower curtain had been ripped off it's rod. Both of them lay breathless on the floor, naked and blood staining parts of their skin. Neither of them knew exactly how long they had been engaged in their sexual activities for.

"I'd say let's go again but I don't know that I can." Damon said, smirking.

Elena sat up, her chest heaving and her hair a complete mess. Even in this state, sweat and blood and all she was undeniably the best looking woman he had ever seen. She smile down at him, still sprawled across the floor.

"Shower time?" She asked.

Damon laughed. "Really Elena, I don't know that I can."

She swatted his arm and stood up. "I meant alone. I can't exactly leave this room like this, I look like I've been involved in a murder."

He nodded as she walked away into the bathroom. It took a lot of will power for him not to follow her in and ravage her again but he had other plans. It was late afternoon and they hadn't even begun the drive into the next town where they would make their next hunt.

The car ride to the next town was a much more pleasant one. It was an hour or so from the motel to the closest little town but instead of silence the air was filled with witty, sexy banter and warm, friendly smiles. Damon could picture himself doing this with Elena for the rest of their lives. Travelling the world going from one town to the next, feeding and fucking and enjoying themselves. He smiled to himself at the thought.

"We're here." Damon said.

Elena fixed her gaze on the small town. It was a little like Mystic Falls, small and quaint and in a world of it's own. She wondered quietly to herself where they would be making their next hunt.

Damon pulled into a car park outside a bar and turned off the car.

"What's the plan?" Elena asked.

Damon smirked. "We're not hunting just yet. Tomorrow. I had plans to hunt today but we got…distracted. So we'll stay here tonight, there's a couple rooms out the back of the bar. Then tomorrow I'll teach you."

"So this is my fault?" Elena smiled playfully.

Damon stared at her smile. That smile to him said everything he ever needed to know. It told him how much she loved being with him and how happy she was and in reality that was all Damon needed.

"Damon?" She asked.

"Hmm? Oh right. Yes, it's your fault." He smiled back.

They entered the bar which in actual fact looked much like the Grill in Mystic Falls. Everything was wood. This was slightly more 'country' but still nice enough. They made their way to the bar and slid into seats beside each other. The bar was half full, a couple of cowboy hat wearing men drinking beers down one end, two scantily clad teens playing pool and a family eating dinner at one of the tables. The bar tender served them immediately.

"What'll it be?" He questioned.

"Two bourbons." Damon ordered.

Elena raised an eyebrow at him. She didn't tend to like bourbon, Stefan had told her it would curb her thirst but it didn't really. Damon's bourbon tasted slightly better but did nothing for her blood thirst.

"What? You want a beer instead?" He asked feeling stupid that he hadn't asked her first.

"No, no. It's fine." She smiled.

It was a couple of hours and 4 bourbons (each) later that they finally decided it was time to sleep. Damon asked the bartender for a room and he quickly obliged. The room was a move up from the motel. It was small and sparsely decorated but it would do for tonight.

"I'm thirsty." Elena complained as she slumped on the bed.

"You just had four bourbons!" Damon replied, starting to unbutton his black shirt.

"I mean for blood." She said.

Damon stopped mid-button and a smirk crept onto his face.

"Were those two girls still in the bar when we left?" Damon asked.

"I think so." Elena quickly replied.

"Let's eat then." Damon said, licking his lips.

Both of them sped out of the room and found the girls easily who were just leaving the bar. They swept them into the ally and compelled them not to scream before feeding on them. As Damon sucked blood from his dinner he looked over at Elena. Her eyes were closed and her face at the intense concentration look on it as she sucked the blood from her victim. Blood trickled down Elena's mouth and her chin and down her neck. It made Damon so horny.

He pulled his mouth from the girl and compelled her to forget everything and leave. Elena did the same to her girl. They raced each other back to the room, the door slamming behind them.

"That's better." Elena breathed, feeling more satisfied.

"I'm still thirsty." Damon smirked.

"Really? I found that quite filling." Elena replied.

As Elena turned around to face Damon he sped over to her and captured her mouth in his own. She immediately reciprocated the kiss, intertwining her hands in his hair. Damon left her mouth and began an excruciatingly slow descent down her jaw and her neck. Elena moaned with each sensual kiss, pawing at Damon's shirt desperately trying to remove it. He bit down on her neck suddenly and began to suckle on the blood.

Just as Elena had managed to free the buttons of Damon's shirt her cell phone started to ring.

"Leave it." Damon ordered harshly knowing very well it would be his brother.

"It's probably Stefan…" Elena responded pulling away from Damon.

Elena grabbed her phone from her bag and answered the call, much to Damon's dismay.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hey. How's it going?" Stefan replied.

His deep, calm voice was soothing and gentle and instantly Elena felt guilty. There she had been just about to cheat on Stefan again with his brother and he was calling her to see how the hunting was going.

"Uhm. Yeah, it's good. Damon and I…we've been really busy hunting and stuff." Elena told Stefan.

Across the room Damon's fists were tightly clenched. Of course Stefan would call at a time like this. He looked over to Elena all flushed and beautiful sitting on the bed. Stefan didn't deserve her. He didn't know what to do with a girl like Elena. He thought she needed kind and caring and sweet but what she wanted was someone like Damon, someone who knew how to challenge her.

"That's good. So Damon's behaving himself then?" Stefan questioned. His voice was light but Elena could tell he was hiding how serious he wanted to be.

"Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Nothing unusual." Elena responded.

Damon walked over to Elena his shirt now gone. Elena's eyebrows furrowed. He smirked down at her as she sat on the bed and he knelt down to the side of the bed. Damon started to caress her legs and kiss them softly. Elena's body started to tingle and react even though she didn't want it to.

"So, did you learn anything new?" Stefan said

Elena's concentration was elsewhere. Damon kissed up her legs, starting at her knees and working his way slowly up to her inner thighs. If Elena hadn't been on the phone with Stefan she would have ripped off his clothes but she was on the phone.

"Elena?" Stefan questioned.

"Huh? What? Sorry. I'm…uh…just a little tired." She said.

Damon smirked into her skin as he started to pull her shorts down her legs. Did it bother him that he was seducing his brother's girlfriend while she was on the phone to him? Not really. Damon had loved Katherine. He would have done anything to be by her side for all of eternity. Did Stefan care way back when? Not at all. When Katherine had returned all Damon wanted was to be with her but she wanted Stefan and that really pissed Damon off. So was this revenge? Possibly. He really did care about Elena though. But this right now, this was revenge.

"Oh. Do you want me to go?" Stefan said, his voice soft.

Damon shook his head no vigorously.

"No." Elena replied. "How are things back in Mystic Falls?"

Damon smiled as he began to remove her panties. He breathed her in and licked his lips. He was going to ravish her and make her scream.

"Normal." Stefan laughed. "Caroline keeps telling me I'm an idiot for letting you leave with Damon. She thinks he's going to corrupt you or something."

"Corrupt me?" Elena forced a laugh.

His tongue was on her. She choked back a moan and shut her eyes tightly trying to concentrate on anything but what Damon was doing to her.

"Yeah. She's crazy, I know. But I trust you." Stefan spoke.

I trust you. The words repeated themselves in Elena's head. Stefan trusted her. Here she was on her back with Damon's mouth on her and Stefan was trusting her. Elena forced a small laugh to hide the horrible guilt she was feeling.

As Stefan continued to fill Elena in or anything she had missed in the past 24 hours Damon continued to devour her. He licked her up and down and sucked on her, dipping his tongue inside her warm, wet hold and loving every bit of it. Elena fisted the sheets and pursed her lips fiercely trying to stifle any signs she was being pleasured right now. She looked down at Damon, her eyes full of lust and that fuck me glint in her eyes. Damon smirked back at her, delving a finger inside her.

"Oh!" She exclaimed.

"Elena?" Stefan questioned.

"Oh…Ouch…I stubbed my toe." Elena lied, which wasn't an easy thing for her to do.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah…fine." Elena said through gritted teeth.

Damon plunged another finger inside her, working her in the way she loved. His thumb brushed her sensitive nub sending her body into over drive.

"Stefan I have to go." Elena breathed.

"Oh. Okay. I'll call you tomorrow. I love you." Stefan said.

"You too. Bye."

The moment Elena ended the call she grabbed fistfuls of Damon's shaggy black hair and let a cat like mew leave her mouth.

"Don't stop. Never stop." Elena gasped.

Damon smirked. He pulled his fingers from her and Elena shot up with a displeasing look on her face. Damon removed his remaining clothes and sat on the bed. He grabbed Elena's waist and pulled her onto his lap, his dick rubbing against her wet slit. Elena grinded on top of him as Damon massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. He hadn't even entered her yet but she already felt like she could cum.

"Ride me." Damon said.

The words hit Elena hard. It was erotic and hot and exactly what she wanted to do. She lifted herself up slightly and watched as Damon guided himself inside her. Even though they had fucked several times over now the feeling never got old. The exact moment he entered her it was complete bliss and an overwhelming sense of pleasure would rush through her like a tidal wave. Elena placed her hands on Damon's chest and slowly began to move atop him. Her eyes were closed intently but she could picture the look on her lover's face, pure satisfaction.

Damon grabbed Elena's hips and helped her move on top of him, willing her to make her moves faster and harder. Her clit rubbed against his body only adding to the pleasure she was experiencing. Every inch of him was inside her, she consumed him and he was more then happy about it. As she began to ride him more intensely Damon grasped the back of her neck with one hand and started meeting her movements with his own thrusts.

"Look at me." He said.

Elena opened her eyes and met his perfect blue eyes. The intense stare between them only made their intimacy better. Elena's torso was stained with a long drip of blood that had somehow managed to slide down into her top. He traced the line of blood with his fingers, smirking at the image of her feeding on that poor girl. This was the life. The life Damon could imagine himself living for eternity. They would go from bed to bed, motel to hotel fucking and licking and kissing and feeding all over the world. Maybe they'd even get their own place or two, just somewhere they could call home when they wanted to be in one place for long enough.

His thoughts were interrupted as Elena dug her nails into his chest, Damon winced at the slight pain she had caused him but quickly erased it from his mind. She was staring down at him, her bottom lip plump and red was between her teeth.

"Damon." She moaned. "Damon. Damon."

He was close. So close. That edge that people spoke of, that holy grail was in his sights. He fondled Elena's breasts and grasped a fistful of an ass cheek helping her to ride him into his release.

"Shit. I'm-I'm…fuck! Elena!" Damon growled loudly feeling his body reach it's peak.

Elena continue to ride him into her own release which sent waves of pleasure and pain through Damon's body as his manhood was very sensitive. But he didn't stop her. He watched on as she ran her hands through her mess of brown hair and her mouth slightly parted. Damon placed a thumb gently against her clit and started to rub, Elena was shocked back to the situation and not a moment later her high came crashing through her more powerful then it had ever been.

"Damon!" She screamed.

She slumped against his body lazily afterwards. Damon couldn't wipe the smirk off his face. He was sure if there was anyone else within 3 miles of this place they would have heard Elena's screams. It brought him mass pride to know that was all him. Could Stefan make her scream that like? Did Stefan please her the way he did? Did Stefan rub her just at the time right time? Damon sincerely doubted it. He had never heard a single girl scream Stefan's name during their trysts in all the years he had been unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. Yes, Damon was sure this was a new experience for Elena.

The moment ended when Elena slid beside him. Damon felt at a loss when their bodies were no longer in contact but it was just for a few seconds as soon after Elena cuddle into his side, her head resting on his chest. Damon wasn't much of a cuddler. But that was probably because there weren't many girls he had been with that he felt like cuddling. Of course, this was different. Damon slung his arm around her and pulled her in tight. The curve of her naked body rested comfortably against his. He looked down at Elena, her eyes already closed. She had a cute little smile on her face that Damon knew was for him.

Damon finally closed his eyes too. Words didn't need to be shared between them. Tomorrow they would hunt.

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