Note: When I started writing this, I thought it would be a one shot to setup the story I wanted to tell, but in the end it ran into the story I wanted to tell and so I am going with it. The chapters that follow will most likely he shorter. I hope you enjoy and such. review please if you can.

Melody Pine was born into an odd family. Her mother loved to flip houses and only lived in ones were people died. It didn't matter how old the house was or how those inside died. It only matter that someone had indeed past a way inside. Mr. Pine didn't much care for houses, as he did for the stories of the dead. He loved to write true crime novels and had done well on them. It was from those two people that Melody was born.

Melody never had any friends in school, but she never thought herself lonely. The homes her parents moved in were always filled with one or two beings willing to spend time with her. It had horrified her mother when she found out and made her father proud. After all, a daughter who could see and talk to the dead was an amazing gift to a true crime writer.

Hope Pine didn't understand her husband. She was even more at a loss as what to do with her child. The girl was talking to people that weren't there. It was all well and good to have imagined friends, but it was wrong when they were all dead. Hope's husband, Ben, said that they should move into a house untouched by death. Hope would not have it. She needed a home well lived in.

Melody Pine was born into an odd family and because of that her life was filled with nightmares.


"Aaaaaa." A six year old Melody screamed out as she shut her eyes as tight as she could. She was pushed up against the wall in horror. She didn't want to die. She didn't want to die. "Please... don't hurt me." She screamed in the middle of the night.

"I want to eat you." The being in front of her laughed out as his claws reached out for her leg. It pulled her closer to it and she cried harder. Her legs started bleeding.

"Daddy!" She yelled out. "Save me!"

The monster laughed as it pulled Melody closer to its mouth. The teeth were nasty, shape looking things. It's face had all kinds of cuts and weird shapes. Melody couldn't help it. She knew her mother had told her to stop screaming in the middle of the night, but the child needed help.

Melody rolled over onto her stomach and dug her nails into the floorboards. As the monster pulled her closer to its mouth, Melody left marks in the floor, breaking her nails. She screamed in fear and pain. Her finger tips were bleeding.

"Melody! Melody!" Ben yelled as he broke down the door to her room. He rushed towards his child and picked her up. The monster faded a way with a dark chuckle. He promised to come back for her. It missed the taste of children and wanted so much to eat her.

"Daddy!" She sobbed as he cruddled her in his arms. Her mother came rushing in and stared at her daughter in horror.

"What did you do to yourself?" Hope asked her child as she ripped the girl out of Ben's arms.

"Nothing! It was the monster!" Melody explained in panic. "He's trying to eat me!"

"Enough lies!" Hope screamed.

"Hope! Leave her alone!" Ben yelled as he reached for his child.

"We can't have her lying all the time."

"But I'm not. The red faced monster wants to eat me." Melody cried as she looked to her mother. She wanted her mother to believe her. She need her mother to believe her. Why didn't her mother believe her? It was clear that her daddy believed her.


Melody was eight when her mother finally had enough. Her father had just past a way and her mother couldn't take Melody's screams of terror. Melody didn't understand why her mother was taking her to a hospital. She didn't feel sick and she hadn't hurt herself. Hope Pine told the doctors that her daughter was crazy. That Melody was hurting herself and that she kept saying she saw things that weren't there. Melody tried to explain that she wasn't crazy, but no one listened. No one believed the little girl. No one believed her, but the ghosts that haunted the old asylum.


Melody was locked in a padded room with her arms tied up. The doctors had said that she was a high risk patient. They claimed that the deep cuts on her arms and legs were self inflected. She had tried to tell them that she didn't do it. The ghost of long dead patients had done them. She yelled and screamed it, but no one believed her. No one ever believed her. In the end, they drugged her and left her to the monsters.


Melody was ten years old when she was able to go home. She was a cold and distance child. She didn't want to play with other children or speak to her mother. She had learned to keep to herself. It was in keeping to herself that she was able to be free. Melody Pine watched the world pass her by and promised herself that she would only trust her books. Books were the only thing she was sure were real. She couldn't trust her ears or eyes.

"Melody?" Her mother asked as she stepped into her daughter's room.

"Yes," Melody said in a dead tone. She glanced at her mother from her book and saw a spirit of a burned woman. She snapped her eyes back to her book. If she acted like she didn't it, than it didn't happen.

"Why don't you go out and play?" Hope tried to smile, but couldn't keep it on her face.

"I'd rather read." Melody stated. "It's better this way." She grabbed her headphones when the burned woman started to talk to her. "I'm going to listen to music now." She didn't wait to hear her mother. She needed to drown the dead out.


Two years later, Melody is in a new house and locked in the bathroom. She's rocking back and forth as she chants 'It's not real. It's not real.' because ghosts aren't real. She knows that by now. She's just delusional and crazy. The drugs aren't working. She's tried a number of different pills, but nothing has been working. She's so screamed of going back to the hospital that she's crying.

"Honey." Hope whispered as she tried to open the door. "Baby, what's wrong?"

"Go away!" Melody screamed in a rage. "Go A WAY! YOU'RE NOT REAL!" She screamed out without thinking. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Melody yelled out as she starts to hit her head against the wall. She slammed it harder and harder. If she passes out, she won't be able to hear the voices. She won't be able to see the bloody women who died in the house. She hated when they lived in the former homes of serial killers. They had the worst ghosts... no delusions. She corrected herself, because ghosts weren't real and this was all in her head.

Melody doesn't know how long she was in the bathroom before two officers break down the door, but she knew from the look on her mother's face that she would be going back to an asylum. Melody didn't want to go back. She didn't want to go back to the padded rooms and being tied to a bed. She won't let the officers take her. She screamed and yelled at them to leave her alone.

"NO! DON'T! NOOOOO! PLEASE! DON"T!" Melody screamed as she fought hard to stay in the bathroom. She fought hard, but they were stronger than her. She recalls her mother sobbing. "PLEASE! MOMMY!" She wanted her mother to tell them to leave her alone, but Hope does nothing. She's so sick and tired of everything. She can't stand to take another moment of her child. Hope cursed herself for being glad that her daughter would be taken from her. She shouldn't want her little girl to be locked a way so much.


Melody confused her doctors at the hospital. They all saw her as a person who understood her problems and was fighting to get better. But she cut herself and did other things to herself every other day. Melody wouldn't answer them when they asked her why. She would meekly whisper that she let the delusions win for the moment and that she would fight harder.

One of her doctors placed cameras in her room. He wanted to see how Melody behaved during her fits of self harm. Whatever he saw horrified him. He wouldn't look her in the eyes when he said he was leaving. He kept saying sorry though, which confused her greatly. Melody never saw him again, but she heard from one of the nurses that he went crazy. The poor doctor was in a hospital screaming that ghosts were real. Melody felt badly about this and told one of the other doctors about how she felt. That doctor too soon left. The doctor become a priest and thanked Hope for the gift that was her daughter.

"You're daughter showed me the truth." The former doctor stated with a smile. "I now see that I was wrong about everything. Good luck to you and her."

Hope didn't understand what was going on, but she changed her daughter's hospital the next morning. Melody felt glad about the change. She hoped that a new hospital would mean a break from the delusions she had been having.


Melody Pine was fourteen and in middle school, like a normal child. She had a breakthrough her newest doctor had stated. Melody didn't think so, but she had learned to hide her feelings. She had also learned to lie well. She was working well in the classroom her teachers remarked and Hope thought that maybe things were getting better. He daughter still didn't have any friends, but Melody at least wasn't seeing things.

Melody had made a slip up though. It was close to the end of the school year when in passing she told another student that there were bodies buried in the playground. Melody hadn't meant to let the delusions win. She hadn't meant to listen to the so called spirits. It had just happened. The teachers asked her why she had said such a thing and she was honest about the issue. She didn't know why she had let it slip. She had just felt the need to tell someone.

The police didn't think Melody was joking and dug up the playground. To the shock and horror of everyone, there were bodies buried there. Melody was asked how she knew by an officer. She answered simply that she had saw the little girl in the blue dress with golden hair play near there often enough to know that she either died there or was buried there. The officer didn't seem to believe her and thought that she may have had something to do with the deaths. He had changed his mind when he found out that the bodies were twenty years old.

Hope took her daughter out of that school as soon as the police were done questioning her. It was for the best. Melody was being bullied because of the event. But to be honest, Melody thought the change was more for her mother than herself. It was with great fear that Hope wondered if in fact her daughter could see the dead.


"Do you have anything to say Melody?" A Dr. Clark asked as she studied a now fifteen year old girl. Melody was in no mood to talk. She wanted to go home, but was stuck in yet another asylum. It hadn't been her fault this time. She hadn't been to blame. She hadn't had an episode or any delusional attacks.

"My mother hates me." Melody stated out loud for the first time in her life. "I don't belong least not now. I didn't do anything to get in here." Melody felt betrayed by being locked up. She couldn't believe what her mother had done to her.

"Your mother says that you tried to burn your home down. That you said that you were releasing the spirits inside of it." Dr. Clark stated with a sigh. "That sounds like an delusional episode to me."

"That didn't happen." Melody shouted. It was the truth, but her doctor didn't believe her. No one did. It was too hard to take her word on the matter. To them it didn't make sense. Why would a mother lie about this?

"Melody, you have to be honest with me." Dr. Clark was almost to the point of rage.

"I'm trying to be." Melody hissed out. "But you won't listen."

"You think that your mother made up the whole thing because she believes that you can talk to the dead." Dr. Clark stated with a frown.

"Yes! She can't explain everything a way. That freaks her out and so she put me in here."

"That is not the case." Dr. Clark stood up. Her long hair covered her face so Melody wasn't sure how made the good doctor was. "I think we should end our time now. We can talk again when you are ready to be honest with me."

"Whatever." Melody said as she rushed out of the room. Melody often forgot that she was insane and no one believed crazy people.


"Dr. Clark." Melody whispered as she waited for the woman to finish writing her notes. Melody was getting that feeling again. The need to tell someone about a spirit that she kept seeing. It was wrong of her, but Melody couldn't help feel sick from keeping it in.

"Yes, Melody." The doctor sighed out.

"I am sorry for your sister." Melody whispered as she stared out the window. "She was far too young to die."

"That's disgusting!" Dr. Clark yelled out. "How dare you bring her up and say she's dead." The woman felt outraged.

"Her head was smashed in by her boyfriend. She hasn't been dead long, but she wants to say that she's sorry that she didn't listen to you." Melody stated as she stood up and walked to the door. "Tattoo boy and her could be nothing more than chaos. He didn't know how to love her in any way that wouldn't hurt her. She should have listened. That's what she said to me." Melody left the room after that. Dr. Clark was going to report the child, but was stopped by a phone call.

"Hello! Dr. Clark speaking!" She tried to relax. "What is the subject of this call?"

"I'm sorry Miss. Clark." The man on the phone stated. He sounded sad. "I have something to say about your sister."

"Kathy?" Dr. Clark questioned in panic. "What happened? Is she in jail again?"

"I'm sorry." The man restated. "Miss Kathy Clark past a way last night."

"What do you mean? Past away? She's died?"

"Yes," The man answered.

"How?" Dr. Clark choked out.

"Her boyfriend killed her by mistake. They were fighting and his rage get the best of him."

"Oh." Dr. Clark thought about what Melody had just said. "He slammed her head in?"

"Why yes." The man sounded shocked that she knew that. "How did you know?"

"My sister said she feared he would do that one day." She lied. "I'm sorry. Can you call me back. I can't..."

"Yes, of course." The man stated. "I'll call you tomorrow."

"Thank you please." Dr. Clark wasn't sure what to think.


"How did you know?" Dr. Clark asked as she pulled Melody out of the pill line.

"Know what?" Melody asked. She didn't know what was going on.

"About my sister."

"I most have heard it from the nurses." Melody replied. "One of them most have brought her up and the abuse." It sounded reasonable enough. Dr. Clark wanted to correct the child and tell her that was not what she was asking, but changed her mind. It was best not to bring the matter up. After all it could be nothing more than a joke.

"Well, as long as we're clear that what you saw or heard wasn't real."

"Trust me." Melody promised. "I know that they are never real."


Melody screamed as loud as her lungs would let her. She was in so much pain. She felt like someone was cutting her apart. She fought to pull herself out of bed, but she couldn't Because She kept hurting herself, she was tied into bed every night. Something felt warm and sticky around her belly

"Aaaaaa!" One of the nurses screamed after opening the door. "Aaaaaa!"

"Aaaa!" Melody screamed. "Make it stop! It hurts!"

The sight was too much for the young nurse. Melody was covered in deep cuts. There was blood everywhere. The nurse could only scream in horror. Her body frozen in shock. The other members of the staff rushed to help Melody. Many of them had seen such attacks before. They didn't care much for Melody. They knew what the doctors, her mother and Melody did not. The girl was not as crazy as she appeared.

It would have been nice for Melody if one of the staff told her that she wasn't crazy, that her injuries weren't self done. The staff feared the girl too much to bring the matter up. They rather ignore the child than let out the nightmare that was the truth.


"Why did you do it?" Dr. Clark asked as she watched Melody.

"I didn't even know that I was." Melody cried. "I thought I was getting better. I wanted to get better."

"I know." Dr. Clark stated with a frown.

"Is there anything you can give me? Something new?" Melody really wanted to be free of her delusions. She wanted to live a normal life. Maybe her mother was right to lock her away.

"Melody, drugs are not the only answer." Dr. Clark stated. She was worried for the young girl. After a long pause, the doctor did something that shock her."Melody, have you had any... of your ghosts haunting you?"

"My ghosts?" The teenager was surprised by the question. "I have had issues with a boy named Sam. He is mad at me because I can see him and I ignore him."

"Would he hurt you?"

"I don't see why that matters." The girl replied.

"Would he hurt you?"

"Yes, if he were real he would hurt me." Melody stated. "But he isn't real and can't hurt me."

"Yes, of course he can't." Dr. Clark agreed, though a part of her wasn't sure.


"Happy Birthday Melody Pine." One of the nurses said as she untied the girl.

"Thank you." The girl replied as she sat up. "Did my mother call? Will she be coming?"

"I don't know." The nurse said. "But I think she will."


"Happy sixteenth birthday." The nurse said before leaving.

"Yea, whatever." Melody stated as she moved to look out the window. She felt eyes watching her. She turned to see the Mother Ghost, a term Melody used when she talked about this ghost. Mother Ghost was a woman that looked like a mom and she treated all the ghosts, even the worst ones, as though they were her children. Mother Ghost never talked to Melody. Mother Ghost never bothered with the living.

"Hello, Melody Pine." Mother Ghost smiled out.

"Have I past away in my sleep?" Melody asked as she watched Mother Ghost.

"No child. I promise you are living."

"Why come talk to me?" Melody laughed. "You never gave me notice before."

"I don't try to talk to the living because I know they don't listen."

"I'm living and I don't really listen to ghosts."

"But your worth the try." Mother Ghost said as she closed the door behind her. She moved to the bed and sat down. "Come sit with me. I have not talked to someone of your kind in many years."

"My kind?" Melody didn't understand. She took a seat next to the ghost and wanted for her to explain.

"You are special. Not for seeing ghosts, but for the strength to stay sane when everyone crushes you down. But that does not mark you as a different kind of person. You are marked by the birthmark on your hip area. I saw it during your shower, while I was speaking to one of my children." She meant ghost.

"Why do you call them your children?"

"Because I lost all mine when my husband put me here and my follow ghosts need a mother as much as I need someone to care for."

"I guess that since this is a place for the insane it is too much to ask that you see how mad that idea is." Melody chuckled.

"Now, ask me about the mark." Mother Ghost stated. "It's important."

"What was this mark you saw?" Melody laughed as she straightened up and moved put her legs on the bed.

"It is the mark of the Willow Witch."

"The what?" Melody asked in confusion.

"It is a story that I once heard as a child and about the time of my death." Mother Ghost smiled softly and patted her hand onto the living girl. "It is why ghosts attack you."

"I thought the ghosts attack me because they don't like me or are killers." Melody stated. "They would attack anyone if they could."

"But you are special." Mother Ghost stated. "You walk the line between the worlds."

"I do not understand." Melody explained with a sigh. "You confuse me."

"Listen and understand."

Long ago, in the days long past, there was a small village. The times were hard and the land unforgiving to those from foreign lands. It was the time of Puritan and their hardship made them fearful of all things different and strange.

It was during this time that a young man was to marry a woman of his village. It is not sure how he felt about this female, but they made the promise to wed in one months time. This young man, by the name of John Hawk, was a merchant by trade and often left the village to do business and trade. He felt his bride to be in order to win a new area to trade in. It was in this new town that he meant a woman the locals called the Willow Witch.

The Willow Witch was a woman who lived under a large willow tree. Under the branches of this willow tree nothing grow, but the woman. She had lived there since girlhood and it was said that the tree held unnatural powers that it blessed the child that lived with it. The Willow Witch was respect by the towns people, even though she was a witch. She spent all her days helping the towns people and always gave them kindness even when they cursed her. It was her good heart and the fact that the town always did well that made see her goodness. They loved her and she loved them.

Now, John did not know that the town had a witch. It was a secret that they kept in order to keep her safe. When John met the Willow Witch, he was amazed by her beauty and kindness. He watched in wonder as she healed, blessed, and took care of anyone that she past. He asked the towns people about her and of her state of marriage. The towns people were displeased by the questions.

John was informed that the woman was called Willow and that she never gave them a name. That she lived outside of town and that the people believed her to be a witch. They warned John that she had remarked that she was cursed to be with no man or face sorrow. John did not believe in curses or witches and went to find the witch.

The Willow Witch was with her tree and was upset at the sight of the man. He asked for her hand and she turned him a way. She told him that if she holds the heart of a man great harm would come her way. Her tree had showed her that future when she was a child. She told when that she would have no part of him in her life and sent him a way.

John left the witch with a broken heart. The Willow Witch felt that she was safe now that the man had left the town. She had thought she changed her fate, but that was far from the case.

John had gone home and called off the wedding. He declared he could not marry someone that he did not love. He was questioned endlessly as to why he had ended the up coming marriage. It was not long before he told the reason why and his form bride to planned revenge on the woman who took her groom to be. She told all that would hear about the witch that stole his heart. She used the word witch as often as she could and said that even her own people called her that. It did not take long before people started to cry out for the Willow Witch to burn.

They came for her in the night and forced her back to their village. They tied her to a pole in the center of town and, with a hot iron, burned the image of the willow tree onto her hip. The Willow Witch cried out to all that could hear her for help. She begged the spirits to bring her death and end her pain as the villagers made her suffer. The spirits did not seem to be listening. The Willow Witch cried harder and used her powers to make the spirits listen to her. She made her soul seem like a treat for them to eat. She hoped that it would make them take her life. The spirits at last seemed to wish to help her.

John, who did not know of that the Willow Witch was taken, watched in horror as the people he knew started to burn her alive at the stake. He watched her cry and beg for a fast and swift death. She begged for mercy. At the moment when the spirits were about to end her life, John stab her through the heart. He killed her out of love and to end her pain. He did not know that by killing her before the spirits could he had cursed her soul. She would be reborn with a soul that many spirits would want to eat.

"Is there no way to save her? To end her curse?" Melody asked.

"There is a way. John Hawk found about the curse and the way to fix it from the great willow tree when he returned to it. He could not face his family and friends after the death of the Willow Witch and moved to live under her tree. The tree showed him that his love was not in peace and how to help her."

"How can he help her?" Melody asked in awe.

"I do not know. He took that answer to his grave and into all the lives he lived through after that. He has the answers to how to break that curse." Mother Ghost replied.

"You think that I am this Willow Witch?" The teenager asked.

"I know that you are this witch. You have her mark on you and the ghosts seek your blood."

"That doesn't mean that I am her." Melody stated.

"I tell you this to warn you. If you believe or not, I do not care. Just know this tale." With that said Mother Ghost left the girl alone.


"I want to leave." Melody stated with a sigh. "There have been no attacks and you said I'm doing well. I want to get out of here."

"I understand." Dr. Clark stated. "I will see what I can do."

Melody turned to watch Mother Ghost talk to a child ghost. Melody had ignored all ghosts and made them seem that she had lost the ability to hear or see them. It had been a hard task, but she had done it. The fact that they believed that she could no longer see them made them leave her alone. The teenager was worried that she would be unable to hide her powers any longer. She need to leave before she slipped.


Hope looked at her daughter shocked to see how much she had grown during her stay. Melody walked to the car holding her bag close to her body. All she owned fit into her small bag. All the clothes she had brought with her no longer fit and all that she grew up with she couldn't take. Melody thought about what it would feel like to own things and be able to sleep in an unlocked room. She wasn't sure how she would feel or think on the outside. Hope smiled at Melody. The smile was not returned.

"Where are we living now?" Melody asked as she got into the car. She belted in and waited for her mother to enter.

"A place called Blithe Hollow. It's in Massachusetts." Hope said with a smile. "The house is going to need a lot of work."

"A lot of deaths there?" Melody knew her mother loved a house were people died.

"Not many. The last person to die was a heart attack." Hope sounded sad. "But it's close to the graveyard."

"Oh, how nice." Melody said with a sigh. "Wake me when he get there."


"Hey, Norman." Neil called out as he rushed to his friend. Norman smiled as he waited for Neil to join him. Although they were both sixteen, Norman knew that they both hadn't changed that much. Neil was still Neil and Norman was still the crazy kid that talked to ghosts. The only thing that changed since the witch was that they looked a little different. Norman a bit more than Neil.

"Hey Neil." Norman waved as he waited for his friend to regain his breath.

"We have a new classmate coming!" Neil yelled out with a smile.

"Really, that sounds great." Norman lied. He didn't really care.

"Yea, she's moving into your uncle's old house." Neil went on. "I heard from my mom that the girls crazy and stuff. That she spent a number of years locked in the nut house."

"How'd she hear that?" Norman asked. It was mostly a lie.

"From the girls mom." Neil stated. "She told my mom that her daughter was in the asylum for trying to hurt herself."

"Oh...well..." Norman couldn't seem to think of something to say.

"Yea," A female voice agreed behind them. "I heard that she was screaming about how the ghosts were trying to kill her or talk her into killing herself. They had to break down the bathroom door to stop her from slamming her head against the wall." The woman said as she walked to the two.

"I'm sorry. Do I know you?" Norman asked as he eyed her. She seemed like someone he knew, but he didn't know from where.

"I know you don't." She said as she stopped in front of them. "I'm Melody Pine." The female stated as Norman looked her over. She had long legs that were cut off by a tight black skirt. She wore an equally tight red top that matched her red high heels. Her hair was pulled up showing off her earrings and neckline. Her earrings were small skulls and her necklace was a simple locket. Norman thought the teenager in front of her was beautiful.

"Your the new girl." Neil stated with wide eyes. He than recalled that he had been talking about her and flushed red.

"Whatever you said, I don't care." Melody stated. "I've heard worse."

"So can you?" Norman asked as he eyed her.

"Can I what?" Melody asked eying him right back.

"Can you talk to ghosts?" Neil asked. "Norman can. He talks to them all the time."

"Do you now?" Melody smirked. "Well, I guess I'll have to see if that's true." The girl started walking a way.

"Hey, you never answered the question." Neil yelled.

"You'll have to see for yourself if I can or not." Melody called back as she kept walking forward. "See you at school." Melody said as she walked on. She didn't care what they thought of her. She had two more years to live with her mother and than she would be free. The girl paused and turned to glance at Norman. She wondered if they had met in the asylum. He looked like someone that she knew. She shook her head at the thought. That was silly. She had never met anyone that shared her delusions and so reasoned that this was her first meeting with Norman.

He was kinda cute Melody thought to herself as she smiled. She thought of all the things they could do together, but first she needed to get that book Mother Ghost told her about. That was the important thing.