Dear Katniss,

We haven't spoken in a while. I mean, with you in 12 and me in 13, I guess that's what happens. I keep thinking about you. I miss you. I would come home, but I think that it would be best for both of us to have some space for now, so you can deal with your losses and I can continue to get better.

Everyone here says hi. Beetee went home to District 3 yesterday, he seems to be doing okay. Johanna is the still the same old Johannah. She seems to have taken in Annie and they plan on going back to District 4 after Annie has the baby. Annie is still a little lost. Losing Finnick was really hard on her.

She didn't talk for days, and barely left her apartment weeks. And I guess Johanna decided it was her duty to take care of her with Finnick gone.

Life's finally starting to go back to normal. People are trying to forget. But that's the thing that I am beginning to realize. That for no matter how long people try to forget and move along, people are still going to have battle scars. Mental and physical. People might stop talking about the war and the Games, but no one's going to stop thinking about them.

And that's a good and bad thing. I mean, we should never forget what happened because it's who we are. It would be forgetting Rue and Prim. It would be forgetting Finnick, Thresh, Foxface, and Wiress. It would be forgetting ourselves. It would be forgetting us. And I don't to forget about any of those people, let alone you. I really don't want to forget about us, but that's up to you. You know where I am if you need me.

Your Fellow Victor,

Peeta Mellark.

_Author's note_

Hey everyone, thanks for reading. I hope you liked it. I got the idea for this a while ago and I'm just now posting it. Again, I hope you liked it. I don't own The Hunger Games or any of the characters that are mentioned in this story. Review? DFTBA ( Don't Forget To Be Awesome) everyone!