Dear Katniss,

You should really call Dr. Aurelius. Waking up three or four times a night isn't good. That's why I came over today, to tell you that. But I didn't. No, instead we started talking about what happened in District 13. And then we kissed.

I didn't plan on kissing you, though. I promise. You didn't seem to mind too much. I surprised you. I surprised myself. And I thought that you were going to make me go home, but you didn't. You just pretended it didn't happen. And I guess I can't blame you. After everything you have been through, I don't expect you to be ready for a relationship just yet.

Maybe you never will. Maybe I should just give up on us. If I can't be with you Katniss, I don't want to be with anyone else. Maybe I'll end up like Haymitch raising geese and what not. Oh, that would be the life (I hope you know I'm joking about that last part) . Well, Katniss, I have to go now. I will talk to you soon.

Your Fellow Victor,

Peeta Mellark


Hey everyone. This was a somewhat depressing chapter, in my opinion. Poor Peeta. I'm trying to move the story along so next letter will be set farther ahead than all the rest. All the others have been set about a week or two apart. The next one will be set about six months after this one. So bear with me!

I want as many reviews as possible this time around! Last chapter I got one. There are too many people reading this story to just get one review! I LIKE REVIEWS! THEY MAKE ME HAPPY! Anyway, I hope you all liked this chapter. See you next time!