Dear Katniss,

I went to check on Haymitch this morning, I brought him bread and some other things from the bakery. When I went in, he was asleep at the table, knife in hand. I decided to let him sleep and left a note on the counter in his kitchen. The whole thing reminded me of the morning we left for our victory tour. When you woke him up and then I walked in. Then I thought about the night after we heard the Quarter Quell announcement, how I came down stairs, and you two were both nursing a hangover.

I remember that day as the day our lives fell apart. This was the day that lead up to the awful memories that we share. The murder. The betrayal. The war. Everything. And standing there in Haymitch's mess of a house, everything came rushing back to me. And that sent me back. Back to when I was recovering in District 13.

I rushed to my own house before reality slipped out from under me. I locked myself away for hours this afternoon. And while this happened, I realized it was the first time that I had an attack in a bit over six months. It's the longest I've gone. I'm starting to think that maybe, one day, they might go away. And if and when they do, you will be the first to know. I promise.

And now that I have made a promise to you, I am going to make a promise to myself. I promise that I, Peeta Mellark, will one day call you my wife. And now that it's on paper, I will not brake either promises.


Peeta Mellark


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