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Hell. That was truly the only way to describe the pain Supergirl felt. Everything was aching; everything was broken. She couldn't move much either, but then again she had no doubt in her mind that would only cause more pain, although she was having trouble imagining anything worse than this.

She could however, move her eyes and gaze around her. In all honesty there wasn't much to look at. Well there was, but nothing she cared to see. After all who would want to stare at the ravaged battlefield between worlds and the suffering of friends. In fact no sight at all was better than this. She might as well just close her eyes and…

"KARA!" she could hear Clark shriek her name. That wasn't normal for him; the great Superman never shrieked. This wouldn't do, Superman was supposed to be strong like he showed her how to be. She even told him so, after all what villain would fear a shrieking Superman?

Still he continued to try to keep her talking; to try to keep her conscious. They both knew what would happen if she fell asleep.

Still, he tried, "C'mon, Kara… Don't give up. You'll make it."

"I…I can't," didn't he realize how hard it was to talk right now? How could she stay anywhere if she couldn't even form speech?

"Pl.. please… please stay with us." He continued to beg as if she had some form of control over her body's failing systems. Like she could stop her internal and external bleeding, like she could mend those pesky mangled limbs. However she simply continued as if he hadn't just asked for the impossible. She had to at least get this much out.

"B…but it's okay… I knew what I was doing…" she couldn't stop now. After all, how much time did she have left? Minutes? Seconds? "I wanted… wanted you to be safe…" god why was this so difficult. She was Supergirl for crying out loud! She could swat away boulders like flies but now just speaking audible sentences made her body tremble with the sheer effort (and agony) to expel a few syllables. "You mean so much to me… so much to the world."

"Y-you succeeded in destroying the machines." He congratulated Kara. Relief washed over her instantly. Yes, she was broken beyond repair, but at least she had saved some of her precious people, her precious cousin from her horrid fate.

"Thank heaven." Kara forced out a shaky smile. There wasn't much time left she could feel it. "…The worlds… have a chance to live." She croaked out. Superman had apparently noticed the weaker quality in her voice because the tears he once held at bay were now flowing freely down his cheeks. There really was no use trying to hide something like that from someone gifted with super-hearing anyway, so she hadn't bothered trying, but the tears running down his face still troubled her.

"Y-you're crying… please don't." her voice was getting weaker still, along with everything else about her. "You taught me to be brave …and I was… I-I love you so much for what you are… for how good you are." It was then that her nearly gone voice had finally gave out and the rest of her body followed. She fell limp into Superman's arms and just like that, Kara Zor-el was no more.

The fist thing Kara noticed was the distinct lack of pain anywhere on her person. The bruises, sprains, gashes, and broken bones no longer registered anymore. Even more amazing, they were gone altogether, or at least it felt like it. The former Supergirl reveled in the relief she now experienced. She hadn't felt this way since the beginning of that mess back home.

Later it would be called the crisis, but she would always fondly remember it as hell.

So with the wounds gone Kara could relax freely on… wait, where was she!?

This was definitely not hell. Hell had a crying Kal and all sorts of uncomfortable debris digging into her once beaten flesh. To the absolute contrary this place felt soft. Was that grass caressing her back? Since when had there been grass?

She tried to survey her surroundings until she realized her eyes were closed and shortly after realized that she was very reluctant to open them. It was so peaceful after all. For once curiosity was being beat back by the overwhelming comfort of wherever she was and even more strangely was the fact that she was okay with it. She couldn't hear much of anything around her for the first time in a long time. It was as if her super hearing had shut off, but she could still hear the mellow sound of the breeze rustling the grass that continued to sway against her soft body. It was almost like she was an average human if she didn't know any better.

In fact it was almost like she had died and gone to-


The realization felt crushing, but not as horrible as she would like it to have been. She would never see her cousin again, never see her friends again, never team up with the JLA again and never be Supergirl again. It was over.

But she had no regrets, none at all.

She had saved her cousin one last time, not to mention everyone else from every world. No, that was not a bad way to go at all. A smile tugged at Kara's face, and at last she felt true peace wash over her.

And so Supergirl rested; there was no spring into action, Kara simply spread her limbs out around her, released what little muscle tension she had left and absorbed what she felt could be the yellow sun's rays.

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