Henry's excited yell washes over Emily and JJ like a warm breeze. Emily drops to her knees, engulfing him in a big hug.

"Hey, Champ. I've missed your hugs so much," she tells him. She stands with him in her arms so JJ can join in on the hug. "Mommy missed them, too."

"I sure did," JJ agrees.

Henry throws himself at his Mommy, giving her a big hug and kiss. He then turns to look at Emily. His little brow furrows as he stares at her. He slowly lifts a hand and strokes her cheek below her right eye.

"Boo bad again, Mama."

Emily smiles, amazed that he can register that it had swollen up again. "Yeah, it is. But I'll be okay, Champ. Batman is always okay."

Henry nods happily. "Mama Ba'man!"

JJ smiles and kisses his cheek. "Yes, she is. Driving skills and all," she adds, winking at her wife.

Emily looks down the hall to see Francesca standing there. "Hi, Francesca. Rocky is napping?"

"Si, cara. She is here in the playpen. How about I get you an icepack while you all go see her and play some with Henry?"

Emily smiles. "Sounds perfect."

JJ and Emily both give the nanny a kiss on the cheek as they head into the playroom. JJ kneels down with Henry, who wants to build blocks. Emily walks over to the playpen and stares down at the sleeping girl inside.

"Sara Wilder left home because she felt no one understood her. Don't ever let me get that way with Rocky. Please, God, don't let me lose my son or daughter," she thinks to herself. She strokes a hand over the little girl's soft hair. "I love you, Rocky," she whispers.

Turning to her wife and son she sees her wife looking at her questioningly. Emily smiles, letting JJ know she's okay. She then tosses her blazer onto the window seat and drops down beside the pile of blocks. Francesca walks in and hands Emily an icepack before slipping back out of the room.

"Okay, Builder Henry, what are we making today?" Emily asks their son.

Henry smiles and three of them start to build a big city that they then crash his cars into destroying it. Once it is done…they do it all over again. All in all they play "Destroy the City" 4 times before Rocky starts to stir. JJ hops up to go get her.

"Hey, Rock Star."

Rocky gives an excited squeal that is reserved just for JJ. The blonde's heart melts at the excitement in her daughter's eyes as she lifts her up.

"You are getting so big! Yes, you are! I can't believe you are 7 months old already. Before we know it you'll be crawling after your brother. Then the fun really begins."

Emily chuckles. "Think Francesca will need an assistant?"

JJ laughs. "Something tells me she'll handle it better than us."

Emily grins and nods. "True." She reaches for her daughter. "Hi, Rocky. I've missed you just as much as I missed your big brother."

Rocky gives her "Mama" squeal", giving Emily the same thrill it had given JJ. Emily sits her in her lap and together they help Henry build yet another city to destroy. Henry even hands a few blocks to Rocky so she can "help", which just means she throws the blocks at the buildings instead of driving a car into them. This time with their kids truly is just what the Prentiss women needed to clear their heads and hearts after the nasty missive Emily had received at the office.