A police officer arrives at the back of the ambulance first. He rips open the door and stares inside. The sounds of medical equipment alarms fill the night as the siren dies. He crosses himself.

"Oh, God," he whispers.

From the back the front cab is non-existent, replaced instead by a hanging sheet of metal that had been the floorboard. Morgan is still strapped to his gurney but it has become dislodged from its anchors on the floor and lies on top of the EMT who had been treating him.

Emily is crumpled unmoving half on Morgan's gurney at his feet and half on the side of the ambulance. Blood is splattered on all the walls but it's impossible to tell whose it is. As JJ arrives she has to fight the instinct to grab her wife and pulls her from the wreckage.

"Emily! Emily, baby, can you hear me? Morgan? Derek?"

No one is answering, no one is moving. JJ looks down at her wife and sees the pool of blood spreading out under her head. She lies facing the front of the ambulance so JJ can only see the left side of her face. It is smeared with blood.


Hotch and Rossi drag JJ away from the doors as the third ambulance crew races forward to help secure and extract the injured parties in the destroyed rig.

It takes 20 minutes, assistance from 2 more ambulance rigs and a life flight helicopter to get the injured to the hospital. JJ paces in the waiting room. She hadn't even been able to ride with Emily in the helicopter; hadn't been able to offer words of comfort and love before the brunette had been whisked away.

Her pacing stops as a hand with a cup of coffee appears in front of her. "Spence. Thanks."

Reid nods. "No problem. I'm trying to convince myself that no news is good news."

JJ manages a smile. "Let me know if that works."

He just nods. He glances at his watch. "It's 10 a.m. Hotch and Rossi should be back soon to let us know how the interrogation went."

JJ shrugs. "I don't care. He's in custody. He'll stay in custody. No judge in his right mind will give him bail. Not after they found the detonator in his watch. He can't feign innocence."

Reid nods. "True."

Before he can say anymore the surgical doors open and a tired looking doctor walks out. "Morgan?"

JJ waves. "That's us. How is he?"

"Severe dehydration. Some clotting issues due to the bruises and the fact that he was sitting so long. Concussion probably from the ambulance accident. Well, not exactly an accident but you know what I mean." JJ and Reid nod. "Even though his gurney was dislodged it actually prevented him from being seriously injured. All in all he's pretty damn lucky. I'd say he should be okay to leave in a couple of days if no complications arise."

"Oh, thank God. Any word on Agent Prentiss or the EMT?" Reid asks as JJ seems too in shock to speak.

"Nothing that I know of. Let me go check for you."

Reid nods. "Thank you, Doctor." As he leaves, Reid looks at JJ. "I'm going to call Morgan's mother. She's been waiting on word before flying down here. I think she'll want to come since he'll be here a few days."

JJ just nods, knowing he won't go far. It is twenty more minutes before the doctor returns.

"The EMT has a broken back. It's too soon to tell if the paralysis will be permanent or temporary." He takes a deep breath. "Agent Prentiss is in a coma."

JJ's knees go out and Reid catches her, half-carrying, half-dragging her to a chair. The doctor kneels down in front of her.

"I understand you're her wife?" JJ nods. "Okay. Look, I'm not going to lie. She's in bad shape. Her right arm is broken and that is her most minor injury. There are three significant points of impact on her skull. Additionally, it looks like the gurney came down at least once on her abdomen leading to some internal injures. If she wakes up- -"

"IF?!" JJ screams. Reid wraps his arms around her.

The doctor takes a deep breath. "If she wakes up she will have a long road to recovery. Unfortunately, there isa chance she won't wake up."

"The odds?" Reid asks.

"At best, 50-50. At worst 30-70. As soon as she gets out of surgery we'll be able to reassess her status. Once she's stable we'll be flying her to Phoenix where they have better facilities to care for her."

JJ is no longer able to speak. Reid just nods his thanks to the doctor. He holds JJ close, rocking her as they wait for more word on their friends. When Hotch and Rossi arrive later Reid tells them everything. Hotch kneels down in front of JJ.

"JJ, have you called Elizabeth and Gerald?"

Reid answers for her. "No. She wanted to wait until Emily is out of surgery."

Hotch nods. "I'm going to go ahead and call them. They need to know. And they may know a specialist that can be more help."

JJ just nods, still not speaking to anyone. As Hotch walks away he nods to Rossi.

"While I call them you call Garcia. I want her to meet us in Phoenix. JJ needs her."

Rossi nods. "Got it. Should we tell them about Morgan's phone?"

The two agents had found the package waiting for them in the conference room. They had watched the video, anger and sadness washing over them as they watched Morgan get beaten by the mentally disturbed woman. Even worse than her face were the giggles coming from Mitchell Reese as he taped the abuse.

Hotch shakes his head. "No. We can tell them about it when we debrief…whenever the hell that is."

At 4 p.m. that afternoon JJ is pacing outside the room that Emily is being settled into at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix. She watches through the window as the various machines helping her wife are situated, attached, checked. As she watches a reflection appears in the window beside her. She turns.

"Pen," she says, bursting into another round of tears.

Garcia races forward and pulls her close. "She'll be okay, JJ. She will fight with everything she has to get back to you and Rocky and Henry. She'll be okay."

"I'm so scared, Pen. So fucking scared."

"I know, Jayje. I'm here for you. We all are." Well, Morgan's not, the analyst says to herself. But he would be okay, since he was strapped to the gurney. "Why don't we sit down and- -"

"No. As soon as they are done I can go sit with her. I haven't been able to talk to her since before we entered the warehouse. And we were…we'd had…there was anger. I mean, we said we loved each other and we shared a kiss but the anger was still there. Oh, God, Pen, what if she doesn't remember I love her? What if she just remembers the anger?"

"She won't. She knows you love her. She'll remember the love. You'll see, JJ. You'll see."

Just then the myriad of nurses and doctors walk out of Emily's room. One doctor stops to speak with JJ.

"Mrs. Prentiss?" JJ nods. "Your wife is settled now. You can sit with her for 15 minutes each hour. Talk to her, touch her, let her know you're there. She can hear you."

"Why…why just 15 minutes?" JJ asks.

"With her head injury we can't risk over-stimulation. After the first 24 hours we can reevaluate her status for visitors."

"Okay. Right. Okay. Will she…is she going to wake up soon?" JJ asks hopefully.

He sighs. "We'll know more in 24 hours. That's…that's the best I can tell you."

Garcia grips her friend tighter as she feels JJ weaken. As the doctor walks away, Garcia spins JJ and looks into her eyes.

"Go in there and tell your Princess Charming you're here and ready to ravage her awake. That should get her to respond."

JJ forces a smile to her face. "Thanks, Pen."

JJ takes a steadying breath and walks into her wife's room. She studies the myriad of machines around her, remembering the last time she had seen her wife this way. JJ lifts Emily's hand and gives it a kiss.

"Hi, baby. You know, I thought when you gave birth to Rocky it would be the only time I saw you around all this equipment. But you just had to prove me wrong, right?" she says with forced cheerfulness.

Emily is so pale. Her right arm is in a cast and propped up on a pillow. JJ fingers the wedding ring hanging on her necklace.

"I guess I should tell you I have your wedding ring. It's on Amy's necklace. I'll be keeping it for you until…until…" finally her tears burst out. "Oh, God, Emily, please wake up, baby. Please. I can't raise the kids without you. We all need you. Please, please wake up."

From the window, Garcia cries as she watches JJ breakdown. She says a prayer that these will be the last tears shed by her best friend.