Lindsey McDonald was a very hard working young man, he always gave his 100% at every task he had been given and took pride in being the best man for the job. He had been working at Wolfram & Hart now for a couple of years, and although he didn't always agree with some of the things that went on within the law firm he kept his mouth shut and did his job, to do otherwise would be silly.

Wolfram & Hart was a very successful law firm that had different offices all around the world. Unlike most law firms however it had an interest in the most supernatural of things, off the record of course. It was run by the senior partners, like a lot of firms, however the 'Senior Partners' of Wolfram and Hart were not strictly human... or maybe they were, Lindsey didn't exactly know, nor did anyone else. They were not of this world that's for sure. They had the power of gods it seemed, they decided how things ran. They had to power to control time itself.

Lindsey had been working at the firm for a number of years now. He started as a fresh faced lawyer for a small company that dealt with helping the helpless, the pay was low and the majority of time he got nowhere in regards to winning cases. He then went on to a number of different jobs and managed to win himself a job with Wolfram & Hart, he had beaten a number of different people to land the role.

Today started out like any other day. He woke up to his morning coffee. Dressed himself in one of his many expensive suits and set off to work in his flash new car. The weather in LA was hot and the traffic was busy. He had just finished parking his car in the underground car park when he noticed his fellow work colleague Lilah Morgan pull up and park a few spots away from himself.

Lilah was a beautiful woman, perfect skin, nicely cut dark hair and she always smelt so nice. How he hated and loathed her, she was always there watching over his back, trying to see if Lindsey made any mistakes that she could use to her advantage. They were always competing for the spot light.

He was trying to think of something smart and insulting to say to her when his cell phone rang.

He got the phone out of his pocket and answered it. It was his boss, well one of them anyway, Holland Manners.

Holland had asked Lindsey to come straight up to his office as he wanted to talk to him about something urgent. It was almost as if Holland knew he had entered the building, and knowing how things worked at Wolfram & Hart he probably did.

He wasted no time in getting into the elevator and going right to the top floor. He even managed to get the doors closed before Lilah could get in with him, much to her annoyance.

Once in Holland's office he buttoned up his jacket and looked around the room. Holland was not yet there. It was a large office with an amazing view of LA. The desk was very neat and had only a few things placed on there, such as a photo of his wife. Lindsey had picked the small photo frame up when Holland entered the room.

"Lindsey, Please take a seat" Holland pointed towards the seat opposite his desk. "would you like a drink?"

"Ermm, no, thank you sir, i just finished off my 3rd cup of coffee" Lindsey had said, trying not to offend his boss.

"very well" Holland had taken a seat behind his desk and straightened his tie. "what i am about to tell you is strictly off the record, but i have informed the Senior Partners that i have got the best man on the job, the best man being you Lindsey"

"why thank you sir, but i'm not sure what it is you have in mind for me" Lindsey was intrigued.

"Well im going to lay it on you" Holland Manners tone had completely changed from welcoming to serious in a space of a second. "ever heard of a town called Sunnydale?"

Lindsey looked confused at the question, "Sunnydale sir?" he had a small think. "yes i have, its one of two towns laying on top of a hellmouth if i am not mistaken".

"that's correct Lindsey" Holland showed a small smile that didn't last long. "It has come to the Senior Partners attention that a certain situation has become apparent, a situation that the Senior Partners had tried to prevent, but the powers that be as it were have changed things"

Lindsey looked on, still confused as to what Mr Manners was talking about

"Lindsey a very big player that we tried to prevent from ever having an important role in the future apocalypse has now come forth. A vampire, with a soul"

Lindsey was now even more confused. "A vampire sir? with a soul?"

Holland got up from his desk and walked around to where Lindsey was sitting. He sat himself down on the desk itself right in front of Lindsey, with his dark leather shoes still touching the ground.

"This Vampire with a soul, he was meant to stay in Sunnydale and play out a prophecy that was foretold. Now I am not too sure when this happened but the Senior partners thought it better he not be involved with certain future events, and for some reason killing him wasn't possible" Mr Holland then lowered his voice, not that anybody was listening in. "The senior partners used al ot of magic and man power, but they managed to change history. A situation arose itself to get him to leave Sunnydale before he was meant to and they took it, thus preventing him from ever coming to LA"

Lindsey looked up at Mr Holland, "i'm guessing he has returned to Sunnydale?"

Again, Holland showed a little smirk. "that is correct Lindsey, and this is where you come in"

Lindsey nodded his head slightly and then Mr Manners continued.

"The Senior partners have now realised that it is inevitable that Angel, the souled vampire, is going to play a major role in future events. Lindsey we need someone to help things work in our favour"

"and you want me to be that someone, sir?" Lindsey was trying to take in what he had been told.

"bingo!" Holland had said, his serious tone now returning to his warm welcoming tone. "Lindsey we may need you to go to Sunnydale to help nudge things in a certain direction. We will give you all the information and knowledge that we have to help you prepare yourself"

Lindsey had a moment to reflect, he stared out of the large window in Mr Holland's office. "I don't know what to say sir, its an amazing opportunity that you are giving me here, i would be crazy not to say yes"

"that's very good Lindsey, that's what i like to hear, you would be very silly to turn your back on this" Mr Holland almost sounded threatening when he said that, Lindsey thought to himself.

"now we have a lot to talk about before you go, plenty of serious issues involved that you can not take lightly" Mr Holland was now to his feet. He walked over to the window and put his hands in his pockets.

"I'm all ears sir" Lindsey said, now upright in his chair

"Ok Lindsey, lets start with the slayer"