Chapter Six

Sunnydale, 2002; "A soul?" Buffy asked, "How?

"Listen Luv." Spike said.

"Just tell me!" Buffy said raising her voice as Drusilla began to giggle uncontrollably.

"Buffy - there was this demon," Spike said. "He gave me my destiny, decades, or even centuries before it was supposes to happen." Spike hung his head unable to make eye contact with the woman he loved.

"So, what are you telling me Spike? You're the new Angel?" Buffy asked doing her best attempt to bring some humour to the situation.

"I'm serious Buffy," Spike stated sternly.

"Why?" Buffy asked.

Laughing out loud Drusilla sing-songed, "I know why."

"Dru!" Spike quickly scolded as she continued to laugh.

"Tell me Spike!" Buffy said loosing patience.

Very calmly Spike slowly said, "For you Buffy. It's what you deserve."

"What?" Buffy asked in somewhat shock.

"He loves you." Drusilla continued to sing. "Spike. loves you."

Repeating what Drusilla said only saner this time. "It's because I love you pet. I needed you to be with me. Like with Angel."

Sunnydale, 2000;

Spike wakes up when he hears Buffy slams open the door to his crypt and stomps in. "Should have known it was you. Been nearly six hours," Spike said.

"Well, it would've been less if I wasn't busy cleaning up your mess," Buffy quickly shot at him.

"My mess?" Spike asked confused, "I just borrowed the doc. The mess is yours, Slayer. Yours and the boy's."

As Buffy removes a stake from her back pocket and walks toward Spike, he gives her a look of utter shock. "Spike, you're a killer. And I shoulda done this years ago."

Staring her straight in the eyes, without any shed of fear he says, "You know what? Do it. Bloody just do it."

"What?" she asks confused at his response.

Repeating himself, he says, "End. my. torment. Seeing you, everywhere I go every time I turn around. Take me. out of a world. that has you in it!" Removing his shirt and throwing it violently to the floor he yelled, "Just kill me!"

Buffy looks at him dumbfounded for a moment when she raises the stake and lunges toward his chest as he closes his eyes in a hard wince. When he opens his eyes seconds later he realizes that, not only did Buffy not kill him, but appears to be staring straight into his eyes. Than without any warning Spike grabs Buffy by the upper arms as they begin to kiss passionately. After several minutes Buffy pulls back with a little noise of dismay, Buffy brings her hand up to cover her mouth. Both panting, they now just stare into each other's eyes. After a few moments, Buffy drops her hand from her mouth as she reaches to pull Spike's lips down to her's. As they engage in a second kiss, more passionate this time, Spike brings his hands up to clutch her back as he kisses all over her cheek and side of her neck.

As they stand with lips not inches apart Buffy pants, "Spike. I want you."

Muffled against her neck he responds, "Buffy I love you." Pulling back, realizing what he just all he can do is repeat himself, "I love you so much."

Spike quickly shoot up in a bed shared with Harmony as he screams, "Oh, no. Please, no."

Notes: I want to apologize to everyone for how long this took me. With school and everything going on, it's hard to actually get some time to write. I would also like to know if anyone (not marys-a-thinker, not that I have anything against you) wants me to continue writing. With the new season started, my Spike is obviously not how he turned out. But if people want me to continue, I'll go right ahead. And also, sorry for such a short chapter.