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What if...

This is taken from the anime ver. ep #25 Motoko's choice, love or the sword the scene is after Keitaro found Motoko and was in his room.

"Sorry... I've been calling you an incredible idiot, a weakling, a fake Toudai student..." Motoko leaned forward putting her head down "But I'm the idiot.... I'm the weak one."

"That's not true!" he said

"Am I? Incapable of being a girl?"

He put his hand on the top of her head and lifted her face "Don't overdo it, Motoko-chan"

When hearing this she got a sad but yearning look "Don't... don't treat me so kindly..." tears started to form and flow down her face. Keitaro was surprised by this and was really surprised when she lunged forward to hug him crying. "What should I do, Urashima?!"

He was about to hold her back but he remembered that she might kill or hurt him if he did. He began to look around for something to help out. (AN: this is where in the anime he found the clothes pins but not this time)

"Urashima...." she looked up with a passionate look "I'm..." then it happen. That look + fine looking girl + said girl only in button up shirt and panties + one sexually deprived young man = one very bad situation. She moved forward and he bent down and they met in what started out in a calm one time mistake of a kiss became a passion, lustful, and animalistic kiss. They were having a battle of submission with their tongues. While moaning and growling they began to caress each other. Being stronger and more aggressive Motoko forced Keitaro to the ground and straddled him Motoko held him down struggling with his clothes while he tries at the same time to discard the dress shirt and her panties. By the time they were done undressing the weather had turned worse. *In the middle of one of their passionate kisses, lightning stuck a tree near the Inn the effect of the thunder and the noise of the explosion of the tree startled Motoko out of her lustful haze * "Oh, my god! What is happening to me, what am I doing? How can he do this to Naru? I thought he loved her? I am going... to kill.... him for being.... unfaithful to.... Naru. * Motoko was losing the battle with her emotions *He... he belongs to... N... Naru I'm... her... friend I can't... do this... t... to her but...* she lost her train of thought and surcomed to her feminine side she has suppressed for so long. The whole time Keitaro was caressing her legs, sides and breast. What cause Motoko's train of thought to derail was one Keitaro sitting up and taking her left breast in his mouth. At the same time he was reaching around and under her with his right hand and lightly touching her sensitive areas. Motoko fell into a trance of lust and passion used her left hand to pull his head closer so she could fill more and reached with her other hand between her legs to take a hold of him. She raised herself up off his lap just far enough to reposition him to inter her.

Releasing her breast "We shouldn't... do this.... without a..." Motoko impaled herself on him. Being her first time, the ripping of her hymen, and all the other fillings she screamed and moaned at the same time. Nobody heard this because at the same time thunder had gone off masking it. Keitaro went back to work on her breast while she began to ride him slowly. It wasn't long before she was moaning. She was starting to get loud so she grabbed the TV remote and turned it on. She lucked out cause there just happen to be a women's tennis match on. (Hengius v V. Williams need I say more) This went on for hours, amazingly each time they had a orgasm it would thunder or the crowd would cheer super loud covering it.


Aoyama Motoko woke up and looked around. *Hmm, I'm in my room. How did I get here? I swore I was with Keitaro. Must have been a dream. Yeah it must have been some sick nightmare. * She sat up and noticed that she was still in the shirt that Keitaro had given her. Not thinking anything of it she removed her covers.

"NAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed she wasn't warring her panties like she was last night no she just happened to be in Keitaro's boxers.

Urashima Keitaro woke up in his room having had a great dream. *That was strange most of my dreams are about Naru why was it about Motoko? * He then removed his covers and to his horror he didn't see his boxers he saw cotton panties. "AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
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