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Chapter 2

Here's the Suit but where's the Tie?

The engineer was having a tough time figuring out a good way to exploit the psionics of the purple creature without causing problems with the suit.

If he allowed the electricity to have an effective discharge it would hurt the creature.

If he made it safe for the creature then the most the electricity could do is power a light bulb.

The fire was simple enough just make a standard flame thrower and he figured that if the dragon shot fire he'd be more or less immune to it, though Tosh didn't want any chances taken so he made it unable to backfire no pun intended.

The ice was quite puzzling since he had no idea how it would work so he just made a wind tunnel hoping it would be good enough, and judging by the amount of power it had he made it unable to freeze and durable enough so non piercing shots would just bounce of the walls.

Earth was just so odd that he almost couldn't make a psionic manipulator for it. Thankfully the egghead Tosh left him with figured out that the creature releases vibrations that caused the earth to surround the center of the blast. So what he did was he took his knowledge of Spectre psionic manipulation and made it so he could charge bombs that would release the rock in an explosion of shrapnel fury.

The black creature's psionic capabilities were a lot easier than the purple one's suit.

All he had to do was make a wind enhancing tunnel which was child's play, put a filter in there, and include auto-rock sharpening shrapnel dispenser that could make 'ammo' for it and he was done with one.

The poison was simpler still all he had to do was make sure the poison wouldn't flow backwards and add a modified flame thrower that could now shoot liquid in a massive spray.

The 'fear' was actually depressing since he had to sacrifice his Vulture Bike's sub-woofer to make the sound audible above battle.

The 'shadow fire' was confusing and he had no idea what that was so he just made a standard flame thrower and made it so the fire couldn't fire back into the creature.

However it was almost the end of the deadline Tosh had given them and all he had were the manipulators and the Predator cats that Tosh 'ordered' for them.

The egghead figured that the giant metallic panther-robot thing would actually be optima-something for the creatures since they were naturally bipeds.

Time to get started, and he only had a week and four days till the deadline.

By the end of the week he got the new and improved suit that allowed all of the creature's psionics to be used without harm to efficiency or saftey. The outside was about twice as big (the wings were folded) and about twice as tough since the suit was now going to have living beings inside of it.

The outside was made of vehicle plating and the standard paintjob, that was currently clear but if someone fed them a certain frequency it'd change color.

The suits both had wings that were aided by some Protoss 'flight' crystals that Tosh had apparently acquired through 'completely legitimate' trading with some faction of the protoss called the Tal something.

The 'cockpit' if you could call it that was buried underneath a solid foot of reinforced vehicle plating with a wireless camera that Tosh claimed was next to unbreakable.

The camera would connect to the screen on a short range frequency that could only be jammed if someone stuck a jammer right onto the back of the screen.

Since the psionics came from their bodies he had to attach special bits and bobs into their cockpits that would allow them to do whatever it is they do.

Special add-ons since they apparently couldn't leave the suit were; inflatable mattresses that would automatically open when they got onto all fours crouched and they pressed a button. Air conditioning (with filter) since they probably wouldn't get much fresh air. A radio with a monitor that was connected to the two suits which Tosh insisted on. As the last 'luxury' he included four motion sensors so the suit could read his movements.

The battle armaments included; for the purple creature; Shoulder Mounted Gatling Guns, Specially Modified Dual Grenade Launchers, Laser Cut Claws, since it looked like he was a battler he also outfitted him with blast resistant plating, and finally his wings were specially reinforced with 'legally' obtained protoss shielding so he could use those as a moveable defense. You guessed it the shielding was courtesy of Gabriel Tosh.

For the black creature; Tosh had a special interest in her, apparently, because Tosh himself brought some Spectre gear to be used for her suit: a Nyx-Class cloaking system, a right shouldered Sniper Rifle that was more fit to be called a ship cannon than a personal weapon, Laser Cut Claws, Taser Tail with a launching and retracting mechanism to help her deal with zergs that came too close.

Now the additional stuff that was still vital to both of the suits but weren't used in combat were: The Wings, High Tension Capable Leg Springs, Combat Harnesses to keep them from touching the ground in their cockpit, Interchangeable Camera Modes, and finally The special plating in the black creatures made it so no one could access her mind because of the metals used. Why it worked the engineer didn't have a damn clue but it worked.

Now the engineer could actually LEAVE THIS GOD FORSAKEN BUILDING! He'd been trapped in here for little less than a month to work on this. He swore the next job he was going to take would be something actually civilian-like.

The biologist however had a tougher time because he was the one that fed the information to the engineer after translating it from Tosh's data pad.

The data pad was so vague that he essentially only knew the names of the special psionics could use. Not to mention about once every day he would have to sedate the poor things.

The biologist figured they could speak Terran based on the fact that every now and then even when unconscious they would call out for each other.

The purple one was Spyro and the black one was Cynder.

This actually made the biologist feel quite bad because they were keeping two beings that quite obviously loved each other apart even though they're right next to each other.

The engineer didn't feel shit since he was too busy working on loud stuff with louder music.

However even without taking samples the biologist could forward psionic science by at least thirty years.

These creatures were possibly even more psionically capable than the Protoss and from what he could tell these creatures were just hatchlings.

Although the one time he was allowed to take a genetic sample via mouth swabbing he found that the Spyro and the Cynder's DNA were actually very distant with only a couple of things in common.

The Cynder seemed to have been tested on because its DNA was actually a smidge away from unstable, however it would take more DNA modification to actually unstabilize it.

The Spyro appeared to be a 'mutation' from what he could tell all these creatures could use one 'element' and he was the exception.

Something that he noticed though was that when in Spyro's presence Protoss technology seemed to be magnetically drawn to him.

Something a bit more disturbing was a zerg bio-sample actually tried to crawl towards Cynder. If Cynder wasn't present the bio-sample would normally try to crawl away.

Now with only a week and a half away from the deadline, the biologist managed to get Tosh to capture an overlord so he could see why the zerg sample was attracted to her.

Needless to say the moment the Overlord saw Cynder he just went ape shit crazy trying to get to Cynder.

The now restrained Overlord when forced to be translated by routing through Tosh, mostly said incomprehensible things.

But the things that were comprehinsible were things like: "it's the dark one!" and "Release the princess!"

The creepiest one was when both creatures were present. "Light and Dark right next to each other, had I not been restrained I might've brought them to my hive together, though the Light would resist our ways we would've kept the Light around for the princess."

Needless to say the Overlord rather 'suddenly and mysteriously' died from a psionic mind blast.

Nevertheless Tosh insisted on both of them being alive.

During the last three days before the deadline, the biologist had finished his actual work but had to keep them sedated which meant he had to stay.

The engineer actually flipped out yesterday because Tosh needed him to take all the parts to the Construction Bay. Needless to say it was funny as all hell to see the engineer mutter to himself.

Although from Tosh's reports the suits needed to be in their respective places by tomorrow because the zerg were going to overrun the place. From Tosh's sightings it's going to be ground attacking zerg only but it was still a large army.

This lead the biologist to believe that Tosh was going to have the building suspended in mid-air via the thrusters that are placed regularly on almost every Terran Military Building.

The creatures were going to be left behind in that building to be picked up by from what he heard, Raynor's Raiders. All the biologist could hope for was that they were treated properly.

Spyro was having a hard unknown amount of time. The reason why was he was having nightmares.

Normal nightmares like Malefor returning were easily dispelled without much thought.

However these nightmares were about Cynder getting killed or slowly dying with nothing he could do about it, and every time he tried to wake up from the dream he would make things vanish into mist and he could vaguely make out voices and noise but then something would bring him back into the nightmare.

Cynder was having a similar event happening except whenever she had a nightmare; it was always her turning back into The Terror of the Skies and then attacking Spyro who wouldn't fight back, and every time she tried to revert back to herself her vision would go all misty and then she would be almost restrained to the back of her mind.

Spyro was the first to wake up, his eyesight was horrible and all he could hear was the muffled sound of some kind of roaring. Though whatever could roar for that long he didn't want to meet.

He tried to get up but his legs had failed him and his underbelly yet again met the cold floor.

This time he decided to focus on getting his eyes working. He let all of his muscles relax and focused on trying to keep his eyes from fluttering.

His eyes stayed closed, then opened and bright light assaulted his eyes. He almost immediately shut them but he forced them open.

From what he could tell from the blurriness that he called 'vision' was a bright yellowish room with silvery streaks running up and down the sides. The yellow and the silvery stuff were worn but still had a sort of metallic sheen to it.

He closed and rubbed his eyes with one paw then opened his eyes again. This time he could make out the room clearly. He looked around and saw that the walls were actually made out of metal! This surprised him since the Moles and Dragons only used stone for their buildings.

Heck the only time he'd seen metal to be used for a building was when he was at a… a… an ape fortress.

He was immediately on guard but that brave position was quickly broken when his atrophied muscles collapsed on him again. This time he was expecting a hard impact due to his experience with hitting metal.

However this time he landed on something a bit softer. This softer thing was black and was snoring. This was his thought process the moment his mind processed the information; OH ANCESTORS I ACCIDENTALLY FELL ON CYNDER!

He backed up with his newly found strength *cough* embarrassment *cough*.

Once he felt he was at a more comfortable distance he realized he was back on all fours again. He then proceeded to wobble then fall on his face, with no Cynder to catch his fall.

He managed to get back up without his legs wobbling and for the first time noticed how sore he was. He also noticed that Cynder's snoring had stopped and the expression on her face made her look like she was in pain.

He immediately started walking (stumbling) to get there even though every muscle he moved caused burning pain. His legs were giving out regularly but that wouldn't stop him from moving five feet to get to the dragon he loved.

Spyro reached Cynder about thirty seconds later and she still looked like she was in pain.

Spyro nuzzled her trying to get her to wake up, after that didn't work he tried calling out to her but due to his desperation Cynder just thought that her mind had tried to make it more realistic causing her more pain.

Spyro not being able to think of anything else that wouldn't cause pain went to the extremes; he got close to her face and kissed her. Just on the lips but it was still too much for him as the moment her pain vanished she started to wake up and he very quickly disengaged and backed up.

Cynder was surprised that her 'dream' Spyro had done something like that. She felt her darker side seeping back underneath her mind.

That's when she woke up and found she couldn't see much but what she could see was Spyro acting very skittish, which could only mean… Spyro kissed her.

That wasn't her dream that was the actual Spyro… kissing her.

Needless to say the two just stared at each other for a good minute before Cynder broke the silence.

"Did you just ki-"she was about to ask but Spyro interrupted "yes."

The two of them were blushing and just staying there. It was so awkward that if any crickets were on this planet there would've been an entire orchestra of them.

"Good ta see you've woken up." a voice came out of nowhere scaring the two of them out of their trance.

"Sorry ta intarrupt your little scene there but right now there are about a small army's worth of monsters beneath this building just waiting to rip your flesh apart." The accented voice said. If there were any Old Earth humans around they would've said his accent was Jamaican.

Spyro recovered his wits first and said

"Yeah well why should we believe you?"

"Because the building you're in right now is flying right above them, the muffled sound you're hearing that's the engines keeping the Zerg from killing you."

This made the two of them pause for a moment. They were flying in the air and that roaring wasn't an animal it was a machine?

"Prove it and we just might listen to you."

"Fine by me, here take a look out this here window ta see for yourself."

Spyro watched as one of the metal doors opened and sure enough the sight that he saw was horrible.

There were monsters everywhere. Each and every one of them armed to the teeth, with teeth. Not to mention spines too.

He stumbled back wondering whether or not he was still dreaming.

"If this building stops flying then you dragons will probably be eaten by the Zerg outside."

Cynder having spent this time trying to get up was finally standing without shaking. She decided that she would actually enter this conversation.

"Alright then if this thing can fly than why not fly us out of here?" she stated this as it was obvious. She was surprised when the voice called back as soon as she finished the question

"Because this building can only stay up for five days straight, you have been in here for four days, and it loses the ability to change its location after three days."

Spyro was pondering while the dragoness and the voice argued. That's when he remembered something that startled him when he woke up.

"The last time I saw a building made of metal, the building was made by the apes, the problem being that apes hate dragons. So are you an ape, if so then how do we not know you're just leading us to our deaths."

Cynder was shocked; she'd seen his brave and leadership side but not his intelligent side, she thought that his time with Sparx had melted that part of his brain.

"I guess you could say we evolved from apes but we're called Terrans, and as far as hating dragons goes, you only existed in fairy tales on a long gone planet. So in short no one even remembers you, and if they did they wouldn't think youd've existed at all."

"Then what about what you have planned for us."

"Well to know about that you'd have to know how I found you and that part is simple. I was on a patrol when I found you two being mined out from some yellow crystals. The things that were mining you out are the same ones that want your blood now."

This made both of the dragons think. They were saved by someone that didn't know them at all, someone that evolved from their old enemies, and now he's keeping them alive.

Cynder was the first to speak up this time.

"All right then why didn't you bring us with you if you put us in here?"

"Simple the monsters out there were coming and I had to focus on saving my men first. I would've moved you but that building is the only one with your equipment in it. When the monsters came they had something block out our signal to that building and it took us till now to get back in."

This piqued Spyro's interest.

"Equipment, last I checked we lost our armor in a previous fight so how did you find it if we're in a different place?"

"I didn't find any of your armor and also you're on a different world now brotha. The equipment I'm talking about will put itself on you when you stand in those two boxes on the floor, however the process will drain the buildings battery and you'll have to fly your way out to live."

Spyro and Cynder looked on the floor and sure enough there were two yellow boxes marked on the floor one of them purple and yellow, the other one black and red.

"Just make sure you get your snugglin' time in while ya can 'cause I can't guarantee you'll be getting any more time for a while."

This made the two of them confused, what did he mean by that?

Cynder took this moment of confusion to sneak a quick peck on Spyro's cheek before telling him.

"Hey no use standing around waiting for this place to fall to the ground."

After she said this she went over to stand in the middle of her box facing the way the arrows pointed.

Spyro was stunned by what just happened before snapping out of it and walking over to his square and standing the same way Cynder was.

What happened next surprised them, as the area they were standing were lifted up and a moving metal bar held up a panel that had what looked like a harness that went from their wings to their feet and even to their tail.

It looked easy to get in and out of but they hesitated until a distorted female voice told them to 'please get in'.

The moment they did was what took the cake for surprising as more metal bars started bringing out more panels and plates that encased them. Though they couldn't see what was going on what was happening was the armor was building itself around their 'cockpit'.

Spyro was in complete darkness until a small thing lit up above him to reveal a room that was little bigger than he was but there would be ample room to circle in.

The light started dimming as some small black panels turned on showing three things.

The panel to the left showed Cynder being in a similar room, the panel to the right showed his armor which looked like a dragon that was bigger than Terrador, the screen in the middle showed several things but mainly it showed him the world outside.

In a small 'window' on the left side of the middle screen Spyro finally got to see The Voice's face. The Terran had a dark skin tone with milky white eyes that would've classified him as blind were it not for something shining in the center.

His hair was black and on the top and backside of his head and was braided into thick bunches of hair and he could guess by the way they were positioned, they were tied into a bundle on his back.

He also had some hair surrounding his lips and then being tied up once it hung from his face. He also practically had a permanent scowl.

Another terran would've called the hairstyle he had as having Dreadlocks.

The Terran remained calm in facial expression and voice.

"Alright the screen you're looking at shows you the world around you, the circle in the lower left corner is your radar, the red bar on the bottom right is your armor so if you lose all that you'll either crack open unharmed or blow up, the blue bar are your shields which is armor but it can regenerate the armor can't."

"Spyro your wings and body are shielded, while Cynder only has one shield she can turn invisible."

"You can figure out how to use these in your leisure time because the building is slowly going down. The armor responds to you moving so just fly like you normally would and get out of there before the zerg can get to you."

Cynder found this troubling as neither of them knew where to go.

"Well where do we go, if we're so important than you must have some kind of rescue for us right?"

The Terran responded just as calmly as before.

"I managed to face you in the direction you need to go, just keep flying that way and don't land; the zerg can't follow ya because the lava is still on the Lowlands. When you find another place with buildings like mine except blue, land there the people there are called Raynor's Raiders and I have good faith they'll take care of ya. Now hurry the lava doesn't stay on the Lowlands forever."

With this the dragons turned around to see the land getting closer and could hear the roars and clicking getting louder. So by taking no chances they started running and felt the harness putting enough resistance in the legs to make it seem like they were running and stopping them when the armor's legs would hit the ground.

As they neared the metal wall that opened earlier Spyro jumped and was surprised to find that when he flapped his wings the armor's wings would flap and actually keep him up in the air.

He kept flapping his wings and gaining speed. When he actually reached the door he put all his effort into his wings and rocketed out the opening. He took a chance to look at his radar and saw another green dot following him. He guessed it was Cynder and his suspicions were proved true as he saw another metallic dragon come up beside him.

The zerg tried their very best to hit them. The zerglings were jumping up and down, and the roaches tried to fire at them but the acid never had enough speed and would melt a fellow zerg.

The dragons did get to behold the zerg's willingness to follow orders no matter what as most of the zerg tried to run after them only to run about five feet into the lava before they couldn't even move and caught fire.

The dragons saw this as they were flying over the entrance and from what they could see the place was an elevated piece of land that had blue buildings on it and was only about an hour's flight away.

Deciding to try and pass the time they saw that The Terran was still on the middle monitor.

"So… Terran right?" Spyro tried to use to make conversation.

"No no brotha that's the name of the species mah name's Gabriel Tosh though you can just call me Tosh like everyone else."

Cynder saw this as a chance to get some information from Tosh.

"So what were those things back there?"

"Those were the Zerg, they're a bad bunch. All they do is Capture, Assimilate, and Kill."

"What do you mean by that?"

"They find the strongest version of a species and from what I hear they let them boil in a green vat of some kind of acid. The acid burns away their body but leaves behind something called DNA; this DNA is essentially the blueprints of the body. After they have the DNA they want they merge it with other pieces of DNA and add their own little twist. The end result is a Zerg."

This shocked both of the dragons as they thought of what would've happened if Tosh hadn't saved them. The reason why they were concerned was due to their… history they could possibly be the most powerful dragons.

"Since we're talking common knowledge ya might need ta know I'll tell ya about da Protoss as well." while he was saying this he got excited which tended to thicken his accent.

"Da Protoss are an advanced race that use light as tools and their minds as weapons."

This confused the dragons as they'd never heard of anyone who could use their mind as an actual weapon other than tactics. The light part just passed them by as they've actually used light as a tool as well.

"Da Protoss are able to use someting we Terrans call 'Psionics'. These Psionics are things like being able to levitate something with your mind but they go beyond dat. They can use their mind to bend light into a blade, read other minds, and the most powerful can summon someting called a Psionic Storm."

This both clarified and confused the dragons even more because the idea of using light as a blade was confusing, sure they'd used lightning and using the Convexity Beams as weapons but they didn't have that much control over it. They could only essentially open their mouths and tell it to come out they didn't tell it who to or who not to hit.

"Not ta mention I've also heard that all der minds are connected by someting called da Khala."

This snapped Spyro out of his confusion as the word seemed to dance around on his brain.

"The Khala?"

"Yes the Khala. It allows da Protoss to talk to each other easily, figure out your strength and weaknesses, even see your entire life, and it's all neatly organized from what I've heard."

"So how are these guys linked to the Zerg or you Terrans?"

"Simple the Zerg and Protoss were already fightin when we got here, we saw da Zerg as a threat so we shot at dem, and we got scared by the Protoss so we shot at dem too. Though it's a shame I hear dat dey be quite nice once ya get to know one."

Cynder saw this as appalling seeing as of how the Protoss probably didn't do anything to them.

"So what actually caused you to fire first?"

"Ah so da little missy figured it out, the terrans heard about some aliens and without thinking dat dey could be friendly went to go out and exterminate dem, and their reason is 'they were a threat to the empire' or some political excuse."

This information shocked Spyro and confirmed Cynder's suspicions.

"So then why should we trust you, after your entire race attacked another race because they could be a threat?"

"In all honesty Terrans could be better, the Dominion is the one that's addicted to power, and last I remember we have a 'truce' wit da protoss meaning we leave each odher alone and the guns don't start firin' again. Oh looks like the little history lesson is over you're coming in to da base. If ya need me I'll be on the top floor of the cantina." He said as his accent started to weaken.

Sure enough they were now passing over a metal platform that they thought earlier was a natural formation.

They glided down and as they were the main monitor on both of their screens would target different buildings and give them brief descriptions. Though it seemed as though they wouldn't need it for now because the buildings were lifting off and seemed to be heading for a giant vessel of some kind, which was just barely visible against the sky.

The Command Center stayed behind for them and the moment they entered they could feel the force push them down as the building started to lift off.

The buildings were being loaded into some kind of armory where they were being disassembled after the passengers were out.

Spyro and Cynder were quite amazed at what the vessel looked like on the inside. There were things moving everywhere and the bay door was open which had some kind of field across it. What the field did they didn't care because for Spyro it was just plain cool, Cynder on the other hand was a bit more fascinated with the tech that was in here.

They were both pulled out of their thoughts when a terran knocked on their armor.

The terran had a light skin tone, his hair was black and the hair on his face was short and went around his mouth but unlike tosh his stopped at his chin.

"So you're the two A.I.s Tosh was fussing over. Well the name's Jim Raynor, leader of the infamous 'terrorist' group Raynor's Raiders."

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