Chapter 5 – Back home

Sherry's POV

I thought a couple of weeks would prove enough, but at the end I needed one and a half month to settle down everything and conclude by all my outstanding matters around the world. Yliaster belong to my past now so I need no spies working for me, gathering information.

It was really six painful and awful weeks with no much of sleep and rest, not to mention that all those matters was far away from the pleasant characterization. But everything is settled and I won't have to dial with any of my previous undercover cases ever again. My undercover identity is no longer needed and I wonder if I ever miss this strange feeling when someone is calling me Eva. I smirked; I guess no one will ever address to me using my code name again.

I sink into the couch as my eyelids began to weigh like I was ready for bed. The sweet world of dreams began to calling me and I was ready to accept its invitation, when I heard the door open. My eyes widen with force and I slowly and somewhat hazily sit up on the couch. Mizoguchi entered our hotel's room holding a puffy folder.

"Is everything ready?" I inquired from the comfort sofa. I knew his answer already.

"Everything is ready my lady," my loyal servant replied leaving the folder at the small table near the couch and placed himself at the armchair.

I stretched out my hand to catch the folder and I brought it in my lap opening it, "this is the entire file?" I asked checking the inside.

"Yes," Mizoguchi assured, "Everything is in there; contracts, agreements, all the lists with old collaborators and their profiles, along with their full data of their services. All arranged, no pending."

I sighed in relief. "You did a great job," I congratulated him moderately.

"My pleasure," he dipped his head. "Now that everything is over we can returned back to Japan." It wasn't a question, but a simple fact.

His words awake something strange and gentle, but also powerful inside me and sped up my heartbeats. I have a reason to feel like this every time the words home, Japan and Neo Domino, were entering our conversations even though I was trying to push this feeling away. I tried to maintain cool but I couldn't hide a slight smile from my lips. It was a pure happy feeling and I took a deep breath.

"I think you are right," I ended up saying, "I supposed we can go home now, I will check the flights in a bit," I said and I made to stand up to catch my laptop, but Mizoguchi pointing to stay down. I stared at him utter confusion.

"I already book the tickets to Neo Domino too," he informed me and I couldn't help but smile widely, "we are leaving in two days."

I gasped surprised. He did it already? He booked the tickets and in two days we will be back. After one and a half month away from home, away from him? I waved my head trying to pull him out of my thoughts, but I found it quite difficult right now. All my thoughts spun with him at the center.

"Really? That's great!" I blurted before I could be able to stop myself. I was thrilled and I couldn't hide it. Then again I didn't want it either.

He threw me a look full of meaning for my sudden reaction and think I blushed a little. "Yes, my lady," he agreed softly, "it's great returning home and to anyone who cares and is waiting for you," he added and I blinked a couple of times in astonishment.

I knew perfectly to whom he referred; the same orange-haired man of whom his images were haunting my thoughts and dreams. His hilarious grin was following me from the day I left Neo Domino and there wasn't even one day without thinking of him. I just hope he didn't forget about me already, for his own good.

Mizoguchi stood up to his feet. "I think I will retire to my room my lady, if you need anything-"

"No," I interrupted him, "I only need you to go and get some rest. You really have been a big help," I suggested and he dipped his head. "Thank you," I added with a smile.

"My pleasure, especially if I see you this happy," he smiled too and left.

I lay on the couch closing my eyes and letting my joy fill me completely. I wasn't just happy but excited too. I rolled to my stomach still smiling ready to burst out from happiness. "That's it," I murmured, "I'm going back home, back to Neo Domino, back to you Crow Hogan," my smile becomes wider, if something like that is possible, "in two days I will see your funny face along with this annoying grin of yours," I shook my head.

This man is a puzzle to me but more confusing are the feeling he creates every time I'm thinking of him. Every time his face comes to my mind, I acquire a permanent smirk and as I recall his goofy grin, automatically, I feel lighthearted inside, less anxious and pressed. As if laughter is the best treatment in the hard face of life.

Six weeks and I missed him so much. I pressed lightly my face in the couch's pillow releasing a soft moan. I admitted it to myself the same day I left Neo Domino in the flight to France that I do have some warm feelings toward Crow and my unexpected reaction is the best proof.

I yawned loudly and rubbed my eyes. The fatigue of the past weeks is beginning to make its presence noticeable, and the point where I am not able to lose any more time from my sleep by going from the couch to bed. Besides, I feel very comfortable here; soft and warm, his face is plopping in my thoughts too, but that's nothing new.

I must make sure he will know when I'll return. I haven't spoken to him since I left; I had no time for anything else than my trip purpose, not even to get some properly sleep at nights. I stifled another yawn and stretched out my hand to grab my phone to text him a message.

"In two days I'll be back at Neo Domino. Finally all settled down to the last detail. For your own good I hope you still remember your promise. -Sherry."

I pressed the 'send' bottom the same time the phone slipped my fingers to the carpet, as I fall asleep with a smile still painted on my lips.

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