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Thankfully my lonely, Christianless afternoon went quickly and before I knew it I was in the back of his limo, on my way to meet his family. It felt surreal, less then two weeks ago I didn't even know who he was. I didn't know that men like him existed, that a life like this was possible. And now here I was in a limo, wearing a dress worth three times the amount in my savings account, I was sore from all the sex I had the night before. If anyone would have told me I would be here now, I would have laughed my ass off. Christian Grey wanted to be with me. And I couldn't understand why, he could have anyone and anything.

I started to panic, the car feeling very small. Maybe I was I just number sixteen. Another girl that Christian's will fuck and move on from, despite his protestations that he liked me… a lot, despite that he was bringing me to meet his family. I still had this lingering doubt, not so much about him but about myself.

I have seen this before, with my mother and whom ever she happened to be dating at the time. These men would get caught up in my mothers beauty and catching personality, like moths to the ever burning flame. For a while they would be happy, maybe she would even marry one or three of them. But then she would lose interest, a little bit at a time. Until it came to it's inevitable painful conclusion, for them mostly; Mom was already on to the next guy. After a while, I just couldn't take it anymore, the upheaval the drama. I begged to go live with my dad and thankfully, I got my way. The irony is that he isn't even my real father. My real father died before I was born but Ray took care of me, looked after me… He is my dad.

I didn't want to be the person that Christian left in the dust. The disposal girl of the month. I saw it in my father, he never really recovered from losing my mom. And I know that I have only known him for a few moments, but the thought of not having him in my life made me sad. Unbearably sad. I was beginning to think that Kate was right, that I was in fact in love with Christian Grey.

The closer we got to Christian's family home the more I wanted the limo to turn around. I was not ready to meet his family, I mean I have known him a week. This was crazy, insanity.

"Ana, baby are you ok?" He was talking on his phone, trying to close yet another deal. "Roz, I have to call you back. Make it happen I want this wrapped up tomorrow. Do not disappoint me."

He turned his body to me, and put his arm over my shoulder. It only added to my anxiety. I couldn't think straight when his hands were on me.

"I am fine… just nervous… I guess. Maybe this is all too soon."

"Probably, but we're here. So too late." Before I could think of a response, his mouth was on mine. His kiss calming and soothing me. "They are going to love you. Hell they will be thrilled that you even exist. There is not much you can do to mess this up Ana."

"Gee thanks…" I pulled at the hem of my dress, and ran my hands though my hair, trying to make myself feel presentable.

"You look beautiful Ana, breathtakingly so." The dress along with his complement was doing wonders for my confidence. Taylor had done well, really well. Gail was a lucky woman. It was a deep royal blue cashmere knit, deep cowl neck, long fitted sleeves, it came just above the knee. Taylor had even picked out black tights, and then I still had Kate's boots. I felt good, really good. There wasn't a sale item in sight.

"Thank you. You don't look to shabby yourself." The deep charcoal turtleneck, made his eyes pop, mixed with his dark washed jeans and black leather jacket. He was heart stopping hot.

I exhaled loudly as I looked over at his house. He took my hand in his, pulling me towards the door that Sawyer just opened. I resisted, pulling back. He turned to me, question on his face. I bit my lip, aware that I was doing it.

"Ana… what is it?"

"I have never met anyone family before. I am nervous."

"Ah, I see well I have never brought anyone here… Another fist for us. Come."

The doors to their stately home flew open and a small brown haired woman squealed with delight at the sight of us. I found it odd that she didn't hug him, but then I remembered that he didn't like to be touched and that extended to his family as well.


"Hello Mia." He smiled at her, a genuine smile. Christian was a big brother, it dawned on me in that moment. He was a real person, not just some fictitious character living in my head for my amusement. "Mia, this is my girlfriend Ana, Ana this is my baby sister Mia."

"Oh my god Ana, I am so happy to meet you. Kate and Elliott have been filling us all in. Come in, mom and dad can't wait to meet you." She grabbed me by my hand and pulled me through the house. I looked back at Christian for some help but he just laughed, idly following behind.

I felt like I was on display as I walked into the living room. All eyes were on me, it was daunting. I was grateful Kate was there, a familiar face in the crowd. She smiled broadly when she saw me and waved.

"Ok, everyone lets get this all out of the way at once." Christian's voice was booming behind me. "This is Ana, she is my girlfriend. No I am not gay." He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and I relaxed against him, laughing about his announcement.

"Ana dear it is a pleasure to meet you." A stunning women, her name suited her perfectly. She had this energy, and it was clear to me why all of her children seemed to glow, blood was no match for love.

"Ana, this is my mother Grace." She took my hand in her and gave it a small squeeze.

"Thank you so much for having me."

"Thank you so much for coming. I am Carrick, the father. Its nice to meet you Ana. Please come and sit. We were just talking about you."

"All good things I hope."

His family was unlike anything I had ever experienced, they were warm and open, kind and inclusive. I felt like I had known them for years, we talked about everything. Movies, politics, design, books. It was all open for discussion, the conversation carried on tonight dinner. Christian and Elliott were right, snarky banter flowed like the wine, and I was drunk in it. Laughing and happy.

"Ok, enough of this… Why don't you tell us why we have all gathered here today." Elliot spoke up first, but I knew it was on Christian's mind too.

"Seriously mom, we have been on bated breath all day." Mia looked at Grace with worry on her face as she spoke and suddenly I felt like Kate and I should not have been there.

"Is something wrong are you or dad sick?" In the short time I had known Elliott he had never sounded so serious and somber, there was a transformation in him just for a split second. I could see Christian's body tighten, his jaw clenched in preparation for what was coming next.

"No Elliott, its nothing like that." Carrick exhaled and took a sip of his wine before he began. "Your mother has been working with a patient. A little girl brought into the ER a few weeks ago."

"Her name is Olivia." Grace chimed in, taking Carrick's hand in hers. "She was badly beaten, abused."

"How old is she?" The pain in Christian's voice was measurable. I reached under the table and rested my hand on his knee, just to remind him that I was there. He placed his hand over mine and held it tightly.

"She is seven, almost eight." Grace looked at Christian as she spoke, carefully measuring her words to his mood. "She hasn't spoken since she was brought in but I feel this intense connection with her. The same way I felt when I met you three little devil angels. So your father and I have been discussing it and we would like to adopt her. We wanted to run it past you all first."

"Of course you should, without question." I smiled at Christian's immediate affirmation, the certainly in his voice. "If you feel that strongly about her, then you must."

"I am with you big brother… Olivia… I have always wanted a sister. You two boys are like no fun at all."

"I am with the two of them, the more the merrier." Kate beamed at Elliott, leaning in kissing his cheek. I could see relief wash over Grace's face and a wayward tear fall from her cheek. I could feel this burning in the back of my throat, wanting to cry myself. Kate and I made eye contact and smiled, just grateful to be part of this moment I guess.

"Where is she now?"

"Well Christian, she is still in the hospital. I am releasing her tomorrow and she will be relinquished into our care until we can get all the legalities in order."

"She is not speaking?"

"No she is not."

"So then you really have no idea what she has been through." I could only imagine what this poor child had endured. The thought of it made my stomach turn.

"We know enough. More then I would like to know actually. I called Flynn this morning and he has agreed to come to the house and meet with her."

"Good, Flynn is very good. What about the person who put her in the hospital?" I was wondering the same thing.

"We don't know…"

"What do you mean you don't know?!" Grace took a long pause before she began to answer, I could tell she wanted to speak to Christian alone. He seemed to be the most disturbed by what had happened. Elliott and Mia were more focused on the future with their new sister, while Christian was more focused on her past. It spoke volumes, and a small piece about why Christian couldn't be touched started to come together.

"Well she was found… look lets not talk about all of this tonight. The good news is that you all are going to have a new little sister and we are going to have a new daughter, the how's and why's can all be answered another day."

I could feel his anger, it was leaching out of him along with sadness. I laced my fingers with his, and he finally looked at me, his grey eye heavy. I smiled just a half smile, and he leaned down and pressed his lips gently to mine.

"Are you ok?" I whispered, his breath on my lips.

"Yeah…" He kissed my nose and then took a quick sip of his wine before he stood up from the table. "Ok, then Ana and I are going to head out. I guess I will see you all tomorrow night for the arrival of the newest Grey?"

"Yes, tomorrow, around four. Does that work for everyone?" Grace looked around the table at the nodding heads and it was settled. She then stood and put her hand on Christians shoulder and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and grumbled something that I couldn't understand.

"Ana, dear. It was wonderful meeting you. I am so glad my boy here has found you." She wrapped me in her arms and held me tight, when she pulled away I could see the tears in her eyes and I couldn't stop the ones forming in mine.

"Look at us, such an emotional day. I will see you both tomorrow." We said our goodbyes to the reminder of the group and were finally back in the calm solitude of his limo.

"Sawyer, take us to Ana's apartment." He raised the glass divider and we were finally alone. "I figured you could pickup a few things. I have a call in with my personal shopper, expect a delivery at Escala tomorrow, but you will need something for work."

'You don't need to buy me anything, I have things."

"That may be true, but indulge me. I like to spoil and you my dear are in dire need of spoiling." there was a distance in his eyes, his mind was someplace else and I wished I could read his mind.

"Are you ok? I mean Olivia…"

"I am thrilled that mom and dad are adopting her… I just cant imagine how anyone could beat a small child."

"Either can I, I just don't understand it. But kids are stronger then they look. Olivia is very lucky that she has been found, but such an amazing family. Its going to be ok."

"It doesn't change the damage that has already been done…" His voice trailed off and he shook his head, turning his attention back to me. "Ana, come here."

I slid closer to him and in one motion he had me on his lap. His sweet mouth tinged with wine gently caressing mine. He pushed my dress up on my hips running his fingers along my thighs, the fabric of my tights the only thing between us.

"These are quite a nuisance."

"You're the one who bought them for me."

"In that case." I felt the pressure of his fingers, as he tore through the fabric. The sensation was oddly arousing, as my tights became crotch less. He put this thumbs into the hem of my panties pulling on them gently. "I bought these too right?" I nodded breathless as he tore through those as well. Exposing just enough of me, he pushed two fingers inside, I moaned wanting this all night. I grabbed at his belt and zipper, freeing him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom. My eyes locked with his has he ripped it open with his teeth and rolled it over his shaft. He pulled me towards him, positing my opening right over his cock and pushed me down, filling me in one thrust. Pushing into me over and over, his hands firmly at my waist guiding me, down over again and again. He picked up his speed and force and I realized when he meant now about fucking hard. There was not hint of my loving gentle Christian, this was all together different. He grabbed both of my wrists, holding them behind my back with his left hand, and then his right hand was on my overly sensitive nub, coaxing me in to submission. I leaned back, as he pulled on my arms, feeling the stretch in my core, feeling every inch of him inside of me. This was fucking unreal, my body felt disconnected from my mind, we were just nerves and friction and velocity. A mess of sounds and movement. And then like a bomb exploding in my body, I came. I came from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, every part of me on fire. The pain I was feeling only fueled the pleasure and I understood what he was talking about.

"Fuck Ana…" I loved hearing him say my name, it only made me want him more. He released my arms, and I rested them on the seat behind him for support. I felt like he had removed every bone in my body. "Baby, you see…"

"I do…"

"You have no idea what I can make you feel. What I can do to you. You just have to let me."