My stomach flipped as we passed Castle Rock's welcoming sign, the sign I hadn't seen in eight years. I was glad to be back in the place where I was raised, but I had some serious nerves. I was mostly concerned that my four best friends forgot me, that they either wouldn't recognize me, or they wouldn't even care that I was back. Eight years away from home is a long time, and my friends weren't the cute little eight year old boys that I remembered anymore, they were now teenagers. Just like me.

My thoughts began to race and my heart thumped like a jackrabbit as we pulled into our old neighbourhood, I honestly thought I was going to be sick.

Nothing about the good ol' neighbourhood really changed, the houses were all still identical with the same white shingles, and the lawns were perfectly well kept. It was like I never left.

"HIP-JAB!" My younger brother Donny jabbed me in the side and I yelped, a definite rude awakening from my thoughts. "YOU LITTLE CREEP!" I spat, pushing him away from me as he laughed hysterically.

I have two siblings, and neither of them have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Donny is turning eleven next week, and has a bad habit of bringing tadpoles into the house and pissing the bed. Sophia is seventeen, a year older than me. She cares more about her hair and makeup than world peace, and thinks 10x10 is twenty. I know for a fact that if my parents had to choose which child they'd save from a house fire, they'd pick Sophia. Sophia never fucks up, she's perfect, not to mention beautiful; and I am the complete opposite. Everyone in our family fawns over perfect pretty Sophie, while I stand in the shadows, the "ugly" sister. All my parents want me to do is be like Sophia, and I try. I really just want my parents to love me like they love her.

Last but not least; I am Lola Bennett, sixteen years of age. I like to write poetry and I love to paint, I am apparently to my sister; I am a nobody and a loser. I guess that's kinda true. My four best friends are all boys. Teddy Duchamp, Gordie Lachance, Vern Tessio, and Chris Chambers; have been my best friends since kindergarten. We all bonded in the back of class where the nobodies sat.

I haven't seen them since we were all eight, just before I moved to Canada. We all sent letters to and fro for a while; Vern and Teddy only kept up sending the ketchup or grease stained letters for maybe a solid two months, but Chris and Gordie sent me letters for a year and a half, before completely cutting off cold turkey. We all had to deal with life kicking us in the ass I guess, and just didn't have any time. They didn't even know I was back in town probably, and they probably don't even want to be friends anymore. It makes sense, we don't even know what we all look like to each other anymore anyways.

Our car pulled into the driveway of our old house, and not a thing was out of place. Even Mom's old rose bushes were still there.

After unpacking the basic necessities, and all of us being pooped from the two day trip home; we all hit the hay. I'd be attending Castle Rock High School at 9pm sharp tomorrow morning, and I would be seeing a lot of familiar faces that I wasn't sure I was ready to see yet.