Chapter 8 Bella's POV

I pulled up at Emily's house on Saturday at about 2 p.m. She had called Monday afternoon to ask me if I wanted to come to the beach with her and help her set up for a big bonfire that the Tribe was having. I wasn't really sure who made up the tribe, but I needed a distraction from my boring week of school. It was hard to admit to myself, but I was actually excited to go to Emily's house. She was becoming my friend.

"Bella!" Emily came out of her house as I was walking out of my car. She gave me a big hug,yet again I was taken back on how straight forward it was, but I quickly returned it with a shy smile on my face.

"Hey." I said as we pulled apart. She grinned again and we walked into the house. It was spotless clean.

"I wouldn't say spotless, but I try Emily said to me." I hadn't realized that I said that out loud.

Emily and I had been working for an hour with cleaning pots and starting to make food, when Emily pulled out a rack of about thirty hotdogs on it.

"Mind putting buns on them?" She asked me. I shook my head took over her position.

"So these are for the Tribe thing tonight?" I asked. She laughed hysterically. I gave her a strange look.

"No these are for the boys." I gave her a questioned look. "The guys you met last week at my house." I nodded, yes, I remembered them.

"Yeah, in a minute they should be coming back for lunch." I nodded again, it wasn't my business of how much they ate.

As if one cue they all came in, one after the other. I took a quick look around and saw all of their faces had a look of sadness. I turned back around and finished the remainder hot dogs. I turned back around to Emily to hand her the tray and saw that her and Sam were imbracing. It hurt because it was another reminder that I wasn't good enough for him and being away from him wasn't something I could handle. Even after all these months.

I was then in a tough position, I had a rack of food for a bunch of hungry teenagers and me being me was shy and embarrassed about walking over to them. Not to mention that the rack was heavy and if I feel, I would be heavily embarrassed.

Can't be a worse feeling than what I have faced before. I thought to myself.

I then noticed that I had been standing at the counter for a moment thinking to my stares oblivious to the glances I was getting from the people at the table. I was also oblivious that I had been staring at the ground. I had been practically boring holes into it.

As I began to look up, I felt the heavy tray being lifted from my arms I looked up to see Emily bringing it to the table.

I had to get out of there. I knew a meltdown of my memory of him was beginning. I could feel it.


I opened my eyes, my head was throbbing.

"Oh! You're alright." I heard a voice ringing in my ear. I winced. I heard soft laughter in the background.

"Sorry." I heard the voice again. Knowing it belonged to Emily.

"It's alright." I said. My body felt numb and dead. What an unfamiliar feeling. I smiled inside. I felt my head being moved up. My eyes were adjusting to the light. Emily's face went into my view and I turned robotic-ally to her.

"Hey," I said. Her eyes widened, but quickly went back down to normal.

"Um. Hey?" Her answer came out more in a question. "Um," she regained her composure. "Hey. Are you alright? Do these things happen a lot? We didn't take you to a doctor-" She didn't get a chance to continue. Seeing the wince on my face. Emily's face went into care. "I think we should take you." She said getting up from her position at my feet.

"No!" I saw her confused look. I sighed and answered her.

"Emily, if you take me to the doctor, my dad will hear about it and.." I drifted off and winced again with the pain in my head.

"Ok," Emily said looking as unconvinced as ever. I didn't like the glance she was giving me, because it was making me feel guilty for not agreeing with her.

It was then, that I noticed six other large bodies in the tight room. I sighed. Attention. I hated attention.

All but two of the overly large people were watching me carefully. I quickly averted my gaze as setled to the clock. It was fifteen minutes past six. I jumped up quickly. I stumbled a little as I felt a warm hand help me steady myself.

"Charlie is going to be home soon. I have to go." I explained to Emily.

"Ok, can you drive?" She asked back.

"Yeah, of course I can." I said. I was a little unsure if I really could or not. Not that it mattered, the longer I stayed here the worse. I looked back at Emily confused.

"What exactly happened?" She looked worried.

"Well, you kind of fainted."

"Oh," I answered not concerned. This was a natural thing for me to do. Then I remembered why I had fallen. I had to leave.

I grabbed my jacket from the couch and turned back to Emily.

"Thank you for helping me" I said with a shy smile. She jumped up and hugged me. I returned the hug.

"Anytime." She answered. We walked out to my car and I waved goodbye to her.

I shook my head at myself. Why couldn't I get myself together?

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