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The journey to the Misty Mountains was long and tiresome. The landscape went from lush forest to rocky fields in a matter of days, which I can tell you is very difficult with traveling with a large group. I mean, have you seen Bombur? He weighs more then a ton of bricks! Of course, I didn't say that out loud. That would have been plain rude. Thorin has hardly spoken to me over the last week. I'm not sure why to be honest. I suppose it's to do with the Misty Mountains. It is home to swarms of goblins, and I think he's worried I'll be taken. I won't be of course. Not while I'm surrounded by the company. When we fianlly began our assent up the narrow path, Thorin called me to the front.

"Stay close to me," was all he said. I obeyed him of course, keeping myself close by his side between him and Dwalin.

Then it began to rain. It was freezing cold, even with my cloak wrapped tightly around myself. It seeped through my clothing and chilled me to the bone. The rest of the company was so different. I had an advantage however. I didn't weigh as much as a Dwarf and found it easier to feet my footing. The path grew more trecherous and the rocks slid from beneath you.

"We must find shelter!" Thorin shouted from beside him, grunting as he clung to the rock cliff face.

"Look out!"

I turned to face Dwalin who shouted. Half way to facing him, I saw a large boulder about to collide with the cliff face.

Oh no.

As if instinct, Thorin grabbed my arm in an almost painful grip and pushed me into the cliff face, covering me with his body as the rocks crumbled on top of us.

"Well bless me, the legends are true," Bofur breathed, awe struck. "Giants! Stone Giants!"


Stone giants?

You have got to be joking!

The ground started to shake roughly, my footing almost lost if not for Thorin's grip on my arm.

"Grab my hand!"

The company was split in two as what appeared to be another stone giant spread it's knees apart, beggining to stand up.

And we were standing on it.

Another clash of lightening and a loud crack as another boulder hit the stone giant beside us. The one we were standing shifted to turn, recieving a boulder to its head. More rock crumbled above us and the giant stumbled, crashing into the side of the path.

It was now or never.

I pulled Thorin who was too busy trying to hold on to notice that we were back to the path. He fell on top of me as half of the company jumped off the Giant's knee. But the others were still on the other side, opposite us as they held on. I could see Bilbo on the other side, holding on for dear life. Then the giant was hit again and it fell towards us, the comapny about to be smashed into the cliff side.

"No!" Thorin shouted. "Fili!"

We rushed around the corner.

"Its alright! They are alive!"

Beside me, Thorin breathed a sigh of relief and helped up the others. I looked around for Bilbo, unable to see him amongst the chaos.

"Where's Bilbo?" I asked. "Where is he?!"

Worry started to swell within me.

Did he fall?

Was he crushed to death?

"There he is!" Bofur shouted, leaping to the edge to catch Bilbo's hand. He narrowly missed as Bilbo slid to a rock lower down. Bofur was leaning over the edge, unable to reach him. I was beside him, reaching for his hand. Tears were streaming down my face, my mind spinning.

Don't let go...

Please don't let go...

Thorin jumped down the edge beside him and stood on a ledge, hoisting Bilbo up into mine and Bofur's hand. Thorin reached up to grab Dwalin's hand, but slipped. He dangled from the edge by his arm, Dwalin grunting as he used all his strength to haul him up. I gasped, silently scream that he didn't fall. Beside me, Bilbo clung to the wall. I wrapped my arm's around Bilbo, squeezing him for dear life.

"I thought we lost our burgluar," Bofur smirked, breathing a sigh of relief. But Thorin was always there to ruin the moment.

"He has been lost the moment he left home," Thorin spat. "He shouldn't have come. He has no place amongst us."

I glared at Thorin, stepping in front of Bilbo with a frown.

"How dare you!" I shouted at him, causing him to spin around.

"You are no better then him!" he snarled. "You have been nothing but a burden! You should have stayed!"

That was low. Each word was like a slap to the face.

He doesn't care for me anymore. The tears that I had previously shed for Bilbo began to spill again as Thorin stormed away.

That heartless bastard!

I took Bilbo's hand in my own and smiled weakily.

"Don't listen to him Bilbo," I said. "He doesn't mean it."

Bilbo simply shook his head and sighed, following after the company as they shuffled into a cave. I was the last in, trying to wipe away my tears before settling the farthest away from everyone. I hung my cloak up to dry and rolled out my sleeping roll, trying to stay warm. But it was hard without Thorin beside me. Why did he have to say those things? I thought he cared for me. That he loved me. I was wrong. I am always wrong. I slowly fell into my normal sleep, the same nightmare coming back again as my necklace hummed beneath my shirt. Only this time, I felt empty inside.

"Wake up!" Thorin shouted. "Wake up!"

The ground beneath me cracked and creaked, as though there was metal contraptions beneath the rock floor.

Oh no.

Suddenly, the ground opened up and swallowed the company including me. I landed with a thud on top of Bombur who gave a rather rough grunt.

"Oh. Sorry Bombur," I said, pulling myself off him. I stood on my feet facing what appeared to be a walkway. I screamed. Hundreds of Goblins swarmed the Company, grabbing them and dragging them along. One of them smiled devilishly at me and started pinching me in innappropriate places. Dwalin, who was closed by, saw the abuse and shoved the Goblin away and pushed me into the middle. Bofur stood beside me, covering me with his body from the Goblin's disgusting fingers. They dragged us along the rickety bridges till finally pushing us into the middle of a large platform. In the centre was a large type of throne, upon which sat a huge, ugly goblin, who I presumed to be the King. The Goblins searched each member and stripped them of their weapons. One of them pulled the key from Thorin's neck and threw it into the pile.

Oh no. The key! Thorin struggled to grab it but to no avail.

Idea! I pushed past Bofur who stared at me with wide eyes, and pretended to trip over his foot and fall on the pile. I quickly grabbed the key as the Goblin grabbed me and roughly shoved me back into the group. I shoved it between my corset strings and made sure it was hidden well.

"Who would be so bold as to come armed into my kingdom?" the Goblin King sneered. "Thieves? Assasins?!"

"Dwarves, your malevelance," a Goblin answered.

"Dwarves?!" the King cried. "Well don't jsut stand there. Search them! Every crack! Every Crevice!"

The Goblins began to grab at the company again as the King bent low to sneer in the company's faces.

"What are you doing in these parts?" he asked.


"Very well," he smirked. "If they do not talk, we'll make them squak! Bring out the bangler, bring out the bone breaker!"



"Silence!" The Goblin sneered at me.

"Well, well, well," the Goblin smirked. "Who is this pretty thing? Don't be shy, please come forward."

The Goblin grabbed my shoulder and pulled me forward, its nails digging into my skin.

"Let her go!"

"Get back!"


But it was no use. The Goblin's pushed them all away, dragging me forward by me hair and pushing me to the ground. I stared defiently at the Goblin King, glaring at him with everything I could muster.

"What is you name, little flower?" he asked, leaning forward so much I could smell his foul breath. I stayed silent, praying someone would help me.

"Oh. Trying to play the hero, little flower?" he smirked. "Perhaps you just need a little persuasion."

He grinned cruelly and turned to the Goblin beside him.

"Kill one of them," he ordered. The Goblin pulled a dirty, jagged knife from it's belt and approached the company, eyeing off Ori.

"Don't touch him!" I growled, standing up and trying to get at the Goblin. The other Goblins grabbed me, pushing me to the floor. I fought back. I elbowed the Goblins, punching one in the face.

"Wait!" Thorin called, stepping forward from the group.

"Well, Well, Well, what have we here?" the Goblin King asked. "Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, King under the mountain."

The King gave a pathetic bow while the other Goblins just laughed.

"Oh. But I'm forgetting, you don't have a mountain. Which makes you, nobody really," The Goblin King laughed at him.

"He's twice the King you will ever be, you bastard!"

You can guess who yelled that. Me, of course. The Goblin behind me yelled and grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling it roughly.

"I think you need to learn some manners, little flower," he said, gesturing to the Goblin beside me. He stepped in front of me, his hand raised above his head, and slapped me across the face. I didn't cry out, I wouldn't give them the satisfactory. I held my head low, my eyes firmly shut as I fought against the pain of the sting.

"I know someone, who would pay a pretty price for your head," The King said, chuckling. "Just the head, nothing attatched. Maybe he would even like little flower here for entertainment, then kill her in the most horrible ways imaginable. Perhaps you know of whom I speak. A Pale Orc astride a White Warg,"

I stayed perfectly still, my body aching from the Goblin's pinches and the blow to my face. But I wouldn't cry. I wouldn't. Thorin stared at the king, his jaw clenched tightly.

"Azog the Defiler, was destroyed," Thorin said defiently. "He was slain in battle long ago."

The King grinned.

"So you think his defiling days are done do you?" he asked. He turned to a little Goblin sitting on a pully system.

"Send word to the pale Orc, tell him I have found his prize," he said.

I didn't listen to much after that. The goblins began to sing a terrible song about torture, laughing as the company squirmed.

Suddenly, a goblin pulled up Thorin's sword, squealing as he pulled it from his sheath.

"I know that sword!" The Goblin King squealed. "It is the Goblin Cleaver, the biter, the blade that chopped a thousand heads! Beat them, Whip them! Bring me his head! Take the Girl to the dungeon!"

The King barked orders and began to whip the members of the company. They piled onto Thorin, holding him down as one held a knife at his throat.


The Goblins started dragging me away, struggling to hold me still as I fought back. The knife came down, the Goblins cheered, I screamed, and a bright light filled the cavern, knocking me back with such force it knocked the air from my lungs. I laid on the floor, the Goblin's grip on me gone, and the shadow of a man holding a staff and a sword, wearing a pointy hat towering above me.

"Take up arms," it said. "Fight! Fight!"

And we did.


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