Arthur stood next to a large pentagram made of chalk. There were five white candles, one at each point of the pentagram and a skull that had been in Arthur's family for over one hundred years. Arthur pulled his dark blue cloak around him. Even if it was the middle of summer it was freezing and Arthur didn't want to catch a cold. The large grandfather clock struck 12:00pm and Arthur knew that it was time to start.

He lit the candles and poured freshly brawn blood on the skull. He opened the large lever book to the right page and started to chant.

"In the darkest part of night I, Arthur Kirkland, call on the Demon to come and vanquish my enemies. In exchange for a week in my body to do as you please in the world of the living" Arthur wiper the sweat from his head before continuing. "If you do this you will be given the joy of seeing the light of the sun and the gentle touch of love" Arthur raised his hands above his head in a dramatic jester "If you accept the terms of this contracted. Come fourth and join me in this unholy area"

There was a gust of wind and smoke pulled itself into a tornado that spun around the room in a frenzy. Hands reached out of the spinning mass and grabbed at anything they could get a hold of. Arthurs cloak whipped around in a crazy dance between itself and the wind. It pushed Arthur back against the wall. And as soon as it had started it stopped.

The smoke drifted slowly around the room. Arthur ran to the pentagram and fell to his knees. As the smoke dispersed Arthur could make out a figure's out line. Then it spoke.

"Arthur what are you doing this early in the morning? Why did you summon me?" it spoke with a heavy Russian accent and was very tall. Arthur punched the ground under him.

"Damn! I thought I really had it that time!" Arthur sighed and walked to the figure. "Ivan I'm so sorry for accidently summoning you this early in the morning" He helped the large man to his feet. Ivan stretched himself before looking at the pentagram he stood in.

"What kind of blood is that? The blood on the skull?" Arthur was silent for a moment before smiling slyly.

"What kind of blood do you think it? If you guess right I'll give you a prize" Ivan walked over to the skull. He picked it up and licked it. His tongue ran along the bone and into the eye-sockets, licking up all the blood and covering it in saliva. Arthur watched as the Russian's tongue moved around the skull, Arthur had not doubt that Ivan was doing this to tease him.

Ivan pulled the skull away from his mouth and a string of saliva connected the two before braking and falling to cover his lower lip. "I do believe that it is the blood of a goat" Ivan said licking a bit of blood off his hand. He went from the wrist to the tip of his figures.

Arthur moved to stand before Ivan "You got it right, Ivan. Ever good! Want kind of prize do you want?" Arthur smiled at Ivan and Ivan smiled back. He moved so that his hand was cupping Arthur's face and his other arm was around his waist, pulling him closer. "Ivan! You're not trying to suggest that we do that are you!?" Arthur said in a moving tone. "I. Well I never! I would never cheat on my bear Alfred!" Arthur drew their faces closer together. They bother knew that Arthur and Alfred had broken up many years ago, though Alfred seemed to think that he could still flirt and protect Arthur from everything.

He kissed Ivan deeply before pushing his to the ground. Ivan moved his hands over Arthurs chest before biting him hard on the neck. "I-Ivan! What are you doing?!" Arthur panted lightly as he pulled himself from Ivan.

Ivan chuckled "I want to mark you as mine" he said before launching himself at the English man's neck. He sucked and bit onto it, determined to make Arthur his own and no one else's. Arthur growled at Ivan before launching back at him, aiming for the man's euro zone.

Ivan moaned as Arthurs sucked on his nose hard. That'll leave a large mark, Arthur smirked to himself.

The next day was the world meeting and every one was there. Ivan had his scarf covering half his face so that it rest just underneath his eyes and it looked kind of suspicious. America, being America, had to comment. "Dude! Ivan! What's up with your scarf?! You look like one of those horribly disfigured villains who're trying to hide a large scar or a burn!" he said lunging for the scarf. Russia moved out of the way resulting America falling flat on his face.

"You're so slow, Alfred. I would have through that you would have a little more spirit!" Russia giggled sweetly and pulled America up from the floor. "You really are the 'spirit' of America! Aren't you!" Russia stared into the American's eyes, baring him to contradict him. America fell back on the one thing he knew would irritate Russia.

"Ya! I'm the 'spirit' of Ice Skating too!" he laughed his 'heroic' laugh as he felt Russia grow angry "Who was it that won Ice Skating at the Olympics? Who's that? That's right! America!" Russia growled at him from under his scarf. "Oh! I got you there, Commie!" America ran towards Russia, in a strange burst of speed. Russia had not expected a second attempt and let out a small gasp as his scarf was torn from his face.

America ran towards England in a flash. "Hey! Arthur! Help me hide this from Ivan!" America said placing scarf in the high collared English man's hands. America ran on screaming insults at the Russian. "Ha! Haha hah haha! Try finding it now! You C-" America stopped suddenly. He walked right up to Russian and stared at him. He shifted on his feet before letting out another 'heroic' laugh.

"Dude! Ivan! Is that what I think it is!?" he said looking directly at the hicky on Russia's nose. He lifted a hand and pocked it.

"So what if it is!?" Russia retaliated, he was now officially pissed. Before he'd been having fun but now America was getting annoying and Russia was on the verge of a head ack. America had drawn a crowd and they were all staring at Ivan and whispering. America jumped up onto a table landing in a 'heroic' stance.

"Hey! Everone! Ivan finally got laid!"

England facepalmed as America exclaimed this to the entire room. He could see Ivan's face go red with embarrassment and he ran to the door before leaving the room. Ivan could hear America yell out after him asking his who it was, saying that they were a whore. Ivan ran to the hotel.