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The Adventure Saga;

The Beginning with Leaf Green


Pallet Town is a small town. Gentle winds came down from Mt. Silver and flowers sat neatly in the yards of the residents. It was a town were everyone knew everyone, and everyone was friends. Everyone had a peaceful aura around them, from the youngest babies to the most elderly seniors. Even the pokemon were at peace here!

But, everyone knows that the greatest of legacies start in the smallest of towns. In fact, it was time for the newest legacy to be born...


"Leaf!" yelled a women in her mid thirties. She stood, apron around her waist, exasperated as she waited for her fourteen-year-old daughter to come down the stairs. She looked over at her guest, who sat patiently at the dining room table, drinking coffee. He was an elderly man, wearing brown khakis, a red polo shirt, tucked in, might I add, and brown loafers. But what really set him apart was the white lab coat he wore over his professional attire.

"I'm sorry, Professor Oak, I can't imagine what could be taking her so long." apologized the women, obviously this 'Leaf' characters mother. "Leaf!"

"Oh, I don't mind at all. You know how these teenagers are. Just the tiniest bit slow." chuckled the world renown professor, thinking about his own fifteen-year-old grandson.

"I'm coming!" yelled a girls voice from atop the stairwell. She emerged into the dining room, wearing a red skirt, a turquoise tank top over a black camisole top, turquoise leg warmers that were baggy around her ankles, and black socks on her feet. Her long, strait brown hair reached her mid back, while some of her hair framed her face, reaching her shoulders. She shoved a white hat with a premier ball design on it on her head, hiding a majority of her bangs, with a few sticking out around the side edges of her hat. Her emerald green eyes widened as she looked over at Professor Oak, the Professor Oak, at her dining room table.

"P-Professor Oak!" she squeaked as she bowed in a gesture of apology. "I'm so terribly sorry! I didn't realize you were here!"

The old man sat dumbfounded as he stared at the teenager. Never had he met a girl so polite!

"Are you Ms. Leaf Green?" he asked as the girl stood strait again.

"Yep! That's me!" Leaf said as she nodded her head.

"Fantastic! Ms. Green," said Oak as he addressed Leafs mother. "I'm going to borrow your daughter for a little bit. Would that be alright?"

"That would be fine! Just make sure she's home by dinner!"

The two walked out the door. Prof. Oak had his hands clasped behind his back while he closed his eyes, breathing in the pristine air. The occasional wind from Mt. Silver blew down, rustling Leafs hair.

"I'm sure you're curious as of why I've summoned you." said Prof. Oak as they came to the lab, the two of them stepping inside. Leaf noticed that there were several lab assistants working at computers. Prof. Oak, however, took her farther back into the lab. There, she saw walls of pokeballs, each with pokemon inside. She noticed a table with three pokeballs separate from the wall. Leaf looked up at the Professor curiously.

"An explanation would be nice." said Leaf.

"Well, I would like-"

"Hey gramps!" yelled a male voice, rudely interrupting the Professor. Leaf cringed as the boy came up to Oak, recognizing the male. He had on violet colored jeans and a black polo shirt, who, unlike his grandpa, had the shirt untucked. A purple fanny pack was around his waist, and black sneakers were on his feet. He always had on this silver pendant around his neck, and his light brown hair was gelled up to have this spiky look it, which reminded Leaf much of a hedgehog. His chocolate brown eyes were blazing with fury.

"Yes, Gary?" asked the professor, closing his eyes with a sigh. His fifteen-year-old grandson stomped angrily up to him.

"How come you're giving her a pokemon but not me?" he asked as he gestured in Leafs direction.

"Because, unlike you, Gary Oak, I happened to have matured since we were ten." said Leaf as she glared at Gary. She and him have been in a rivalry going as far back as two years of age. But despite that rivalry, they were fantastic friends. That changed, however, when Gary turned eleven, and Leaf turning ten. He became a bully to other kids around him, boasting that he would be a better trainer because his grandpa is Prof. Oak. By the time he was fourteen, he became a player, flirting with every girl in Pallet Town, and then crushing them when he wasn't interested anymore. But that was long before Leaf stopped hanging around with him. She wanted nothing to do with him, and the tight friendship they had just faded away. "Not much has changed, has it, Gary?"

Leaf glared in his direction. He did the same thing. The tension between them was so sick that you could practically see lighting bolts.

"No need to start a fight you two. I'll give you both a pokemon." said Prof. Oak. "But Leaf will choose first."

Gary smirked, and bowed formally towards his ex-friend.

"Ladies first."

Leaf rolled her eyes, and looked as Prof. Oak released the three pokemon from their pokeballs. The first one to come out was a teal colored pokemon with a green bulb on it's back. The second one was a red lizard with a small spark of fire on it's tail. The final one was an aqua turtle-like pokemon.

Leaf already knew what these three pokemon were. Bulbasaur, the grass type, Charmander, the fire type, and Squirtle, the water type.

"I used to be quite an excellent trainer when I was your age. I journeyed across the region collecting pokemon and winning badges. These three are the only ones that I have left to give away." said Prof. Oak as he gave each one a pat on the head.

Leaf looked at each pokemon, wondering who to choose. The Squirtle let out a yawn, and stared off into space. Charmander crossed its arms, rolled it's eyes, and turned its head away with a smirk. Bulbasaur looked up at her with hopeful eyes, and took a tentative step forward, before deciding against it, and sitting down.

Leaf smiled, knowing exactly who to choose.

"I choose-"

"I'll take the Charmander!" exclaimed Gary as he snatched the said pokeball from the table behind Prof. Oak.

"Wha...?" started Leaf before she became angry. "Hey! What happened to 'Ladies first'?"

"Well, I wouldn't exactly consider you a lady, Leaf." said Gary as he and his pokemon smirked. Leaf opened her mouth to argue, but decided against it.

"I wasn't even planning on choosing Charmander. Bulbasaur? Wanna come on a journey with me?"

The pokemon blinked in shock. Why would she want him? He was always considered the weakest of the trio, and even afraid to battle. But then again... he was feeling this bond with this human that he hasn't felt with any of his past trainers. Maybe she was feeling it to?

Slowly, Bulbasaur stepped forward to Leafs outstretched hand, and, before sniffing it, of course, nuzzled it's head into her hand. Leah giggled, and gave the grass type a loving pat on the head.

Gary looked over at Leaf, and couldn't help but notice how she has changed over the years. She got taller, that's for sure, but he still beat her by a couple of inches. Her body began to take a more feminine shape, rather then the pudgy little child forms that they both had when they were kids. Her hair was longer, and, he wondered for a moment, if it was possible that her eyes became even more green then when he last saw her. She was smiling, and, to tell the truth, whenever Leaf was around him, she was either glaring at him or had this sad or regretful look on her face.

"Lets have a battle!" declared Gary.

"Now?" asked Leaf skeptically.

"No, in twenty years." said Gary sarcastically with an eye roll. "Yes, now! Unless you're scared."

Gary made sure to draw out the word 'scared', just to taunt Leaf. She got up from the ground, with Bulbasaur in her arms, and began to walk towards the door.

"Walking out, are we?" mocked Gary.

"No. I just don't think it would be very considerate to your grandfather to have a battle inside his lab, were all his research is. Battles should be held outside. So, hurry up." she said before looking over her shoulder with a smirk. "Unless you're scared, Gary Oak."

"Hell no, Leaf Green! Lets go!" he yelled as he grabbed her hand and dragged her outside. Soon, the two were standing opposite of each other, with there pokemon in front of them.

"Get ready to be demolished!" yelled Gary as he pointed at Bulbasaur. "Go! Use Ember!"

"Jump to the left!" yelled Leaf. "Tackle!"

She watched as her pokemon went charging at Garys'. The attack hit dead on, causing Charmander to skid back a few feet. Bulbasaur jumped back towards Leaf, awaiting his next command.

"Tackle!" yelled Gary. Charmander came charging at Bulbasaur.

"Stop it with Vine Whip!" ordered Leaf. Bulbasaur did as he was told, and long vines extended from his back. The vines wrapped around Charmanders waist and arms, immobilizing it in mid air. Gary looked at his struggling pokemon, and knew that since the vines were so tight, she would loose HP fast. Then a brilliant idea popped into his head.

"Use Ember on the vines!" he yelled. Charmander did as told, and Embered the vines.

Gary watched with satisfaction while Leaf watched with horror as the fire spread down Bulbasaurs vines before finally coming in contact with the bulb on it's back. That was Bulbasaurs weak point. He let out a scream of pain as the flames burned him, and immediately let go of Charmander.

Since she was so weak from the vines, she fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Leaf knew that since Bulbasaur was hit with a super effective attack at it's weaker point, that he wouldn't last much longer. Gary also knew that the Tackle attack and the long term Vine Whip also dealt some damage, along with the fall to the ground. Both were on their last leg.

At the same time, both newbie trainers yelled out their attack.

"Bulbasaur/Charmander! Use Tackle!"

The two pokemon got up, and charged at each other. Hitting dead on, the two flew back at their trainers, laying in a heap.

"C'mon, Bulbasaur!" yelled Leaf. "You can do it!"

Shockingly, Bulbasaur did get up. He stood tall and strong, and looked over at Charmander. She had fainted.

There was silence for a moment.

Then Leaf fist pumped, and grabbed Bulbasaur twirling him through the air screaming, "We won! We won!"

Gary was dumbstruck. He lost? And to Leaf no less.

He returned his pokemon, and looked over at his newly appointed rival. He smiled, and turned away, replaying the battle in his head, trying to remember what went wrong and how he could do better next time.

For some reason, all he could remember was Leafs ever determined eyes.


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