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The Adventure Saga

The Beginning with Leaf Green


Chapter Six...

Leaf was nonetheless surprised when she woke up the next morning in a dry tent and not on the not-so-dry-but-good-enough grass she quite clearly remembered going to sleep on. What was even more surprising was that Gary was right next to her, his arm around her waist. Her face reddened with embarrassment as she shoved him off her.

Gary, after being woken up so rudely, propped himself up on his elbow and glared at Leaf.

"What the hell?" he asked.

"What happened to not touching me?" asked Leaf as she crossed her arms and glared. "I woke up this morning, and you had your arm around my waist!"

"I did?" thought Gary as he blinked.

"I can't believe you!" exclaimed Leaf, continuing her rant. Gary, desperate to get the angry girl off his off his case, glanced around, noticing the Pikachu that was with her earlier was gone.

"Where's your little rodent friend?" asked Gary as he got up, folding Leafs blanket and handing it to her.

"You mean Pikachu?" asked Leaf as she looked around confused. Realizing that the electric type was, indeed, not there, her eyes became frantic. "Where'd he go? Pikachu!"

She called out to the pokémon a second time, not receiving any response the first time.

"Your own fault, Leaf." said Gary as he stepped outside the tent next to the girl. "You should have caught it if you wanted it."

Leaf knew he was right, but still seemed shocked that the little Pikachu would leave her. She thought that they had formed some sort of bond...


The two looked down, and saw the Pikachu looking up at them, as if asking 'What's with you guys?'. He held out an Oran berry, and then bit into it.

"So you were just hungry!" laughed Leaf as she knelt down and gave the pokemon a pat on the head. Pikachu had finished his Oran Berry, and gave the two trainers a salute. Leaf picked up the small pokémon, and turned towards Gary. "And you thought he wasn't going to come back."

"Guess I thought wrong." muttered Gary as he scratched his head.


Leaf was glad to ditch Gary. She was still angry about this morning, and was resisting all urge to physically harm him. Or verbally. Maybe both.

"Perverted jerk." she muttered as she stormed out of the forest, her partner, Bulbasaur, in her arms while her Pidgey flew over her head, and her newly caught Pikachu walked beside her with exceptional cheeriness.

Leaf was glad to be out of the forest. The place brought nothing but bad luck to her. Pulling out her map, she glanced at it before continuing down the route. When she arrived in Pewter city, Leaf quickly checked into a pokémon center, and made sure her three pokémon got healed.

"Are you by any chance planning on taking the gym challenge?" asked Nurse Joy as she handed the three pokéball back to Leaf.

"Yep!" exclaimed Leaf.

"Then I suggest you train your pokémon a bit. The gym here in Pewter uses rock types."

"Oh," said Leaf, thinking of her type disadvantage with Pidgey and Pikachu. "Thanks for the tip!"

"Good luck!" called Nurse Joy. "We hope to see you again soon!"


Leaf stood in the vague battlefield as she looked at her three pokémon. Hands on her hips, she tried to form a battle plan that would be affective against the 'Rock-Solid Pokémon Trainer', also known as Brock, gym leader of Pewter City.

Bulbasaur was her strongest aspect of the team so far, which was good, since rock was weak to grass. But she didn't want to have Bulbasaur force it's way through an entire battle. Pidgey was defiantly the most agile with it's fast flying. True, most flying attacks won't have much of an effect, but hopefully she could land enough attacks to cause damage and have Pidgey dodge all the opponents. Pikachu... Leaf didn't really know what to say about him. The newest member of her team, she couldn't really tell what it's strengths and weaknesses were.

"Okay!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together to grab the pokémons' attention. "We don't know what Pikachus abilities are, so right now, we are going to have it battle against Pidgey, and see how he does, okay?"

With cries of acceptance from each of her team, Leaf smiled, and put the two at separate ends of the field.

"Okay! Pikachu! Start with Quick Attack!" ordered Leaf as she pointed to Pidgey. The small mouse-like pokémon obeyed, and sped towards the flying type. Pidgey, using it's speed to it's advantage, decided to dodge. Pikachu fell to the ground and skidded in the dirt for a minute before regaining his composure and glaring determinedly at his opponent. "Thudershock!"

The small bolt came from Pikachus tail, and hit Pidgey with dead-point accuracy. The bird type screeched from the super effective attack, yet still managed to stay aloft.

"Again, Pikachu!" commanded Leaf. Once again, dead-point accuracy.

"It seems that," thought Leaf as she ordered another attack. "That my particular Pikachu can hit the weakest points on his opponent. Therefor, his strength is accuracy!"

"That's good!" Leaf called out. Pidgey happily landed, for after taking three super accurate Thundershock attacks, one could understand why it would be tired. Leaf pulled out a potion, and sprayed it on the flying type. Once her wounds were healed, Pidgey chirped with gratitude.


Leaf looked up at the gym in front of her. She couldn't quite describe the feeling inside her. It was like a mix between excitement, nervousness, and slight nausea. It was almost as if she was making her self nearly sick from the excited Butterfree fluttering around in her stomach. She gulped, and lifted her three pokéballs to her face so that she could see her comrades through the translucent red plastic.

"Okay, everyone!" said Leaf enthusiastically. "The gym leader here specializes in rock types! This is going to be a tough battle, but we can do it! We didn't do all that training for nothing!"

Leaf smiled, for she could nearly hear her pokémons chirps of excitement and support.

"Alright guys!" exclaimed Leaf as she stepped towards the automatic doors. "Let do this!"


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