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"You're like a dog sometimes," Nanami commented as she handed him another can of peaches. She watched as he made that stupid, dorky grin and then proceeded to cut through the metal with his claws.

"What?" he absently replied as he tilted the can upside down and let the processed peach slices tumble into his mouth. The brown haired woman hid a smile behind her hand as he swallowed and let out a satisfied 'aaahh'.

"You get happy so easily. From peaches!"

"I've never tasted anything like these. Hm," he put his elbows on the wooden table and stared at her through his long lashes and eyeliner. Nanami blinked and tried to smile at him. Even if he seemed docile now, Akura-Ou used to be an acquaintance of Tomoe's (or, he still is, seeing as she was in the past).

"Ca-Can I help you?" Nanami offered nervously.

"Where did you get these—metal tins with peaches?" he asked seriously.

She cracked a small smile and he raised an eyebrow at her amusement. I suppose that back then, having such nicely prepared peaches is rare. Even rarer for them to be so sweet.

"It's a… family business," she lied. She could not very well tell him that they came from a store, and before that a factory, since that would screw up time.

"Interesting," his red eyes bore into hers.

"A-Are you going to stop staring sometime soon?" she squeaked. "It's kinda creepy!"

"Noooope," he grinned, showing off his impressive canines.

"How about for a can of peaches?"

His ears seem to perk up at the mention of more peaches, and he eagerly held out a hand for them. Nanami reached into her overly large backpack and grabbed one of the numerous cans that Mikage had thrown into her bag. She dropped it in the red haired demon's hand and he got to work devouring it.

No, he's more like an eager child than a dog. Another set of peach slices fell into his mouth. It's strange, to be so comfortable in the presence of demons. I feel content in his company. Somehow, I can't see myself leaving.

She giggled then and he looked at her strangely. "Nothing, nothing," she reassured.

At least, until I run out of peaches.