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Through the Fire

Nanami fell to her knees and hacked violently. She coughed into the sleeve of her kimono—mentally lamenting the fact that she was getting it dirty—and pushed herself off of the floor. Through her blurry vision, she could make out the window on the opposite side of her. The door to her room had already collapsed from the burning wood, and if she did not get out, she would collapse.

The land god tightened her grip on her backpack and slowly made her way to the window. She needed fresh air, or else she would suffocate in the fire. Nanami cursed her rotten luck to stay inside an inn that just so happened to have a fire the day she bought a room.

Her knees wobbled, and she fell face-first onto the floor. Without the proper oxygen in her bloodstream, she could barely move, let alone walk.

It can't end here. I have… have to find Kuromaro… on… Ontake Mountain… help Tomoe…

She coughed again as black dots swam freely in her vision. With renewed determination, she pushed herself up again, only to collapse as another piece of burning wood fell behind her. Nanami squeezed her eyes shut as tears rolled down her cheeks (as a result of the raging fire or her own emotions, she did not know).

Her bag was snatched from her grasp and she weakly clawed at whoever dared to steal from her now. Within another few seconds, an arm wrapped around her waist and she was hauled into someone's arms, bridal-style.

"You're so troublesome, scarf lady," a familiar voice rang in her ears. She could not place it due to her brain trying to keep her alive, but she held tightly onto the leather that the person wore as if it was her lifeline. "If you die in here, it's your fault for being so weak."

She did not respond and then felt a nail prod her sides. "Are you dead?" he asked.

"No," she weakly replied and finally mustered enough strength to turn her head to see who it was. Akura-Ou's diamond face greeted her with a questioning gaze and then grinned as she looked at him.

"Good," he slung her backpack over his other shoulder and calmly strolled through the burning building. It was as if the flames did not even dare to touch him.

"Thank you," she croaked. She could have sworn she felt him stop mid-step, but it was so fast that she thought she just imagined it. Nanami struggled to stay conscious as he carried her out of the building.

She put her face against the leather of his coat and inhaled sharply. Nanami did not have the same sense of smell as demons did, but the scent of familiar leather and peaches put her at peace. She clung to his coat and let her eyes slip closed as the fresh air hit her.

She could sleep soundly in his arms.