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A Fan-fic by LostLove2015

A/N: This is my second story I have started to create. I'm very happy with the success of my first story "Something Different", even so as it is still is being written. So I hope that this is just as great a success as it. Also, Kim's thoughts will be in italics. Enjoy (:

New Beginnings - Chapter 1

My name is Kim Possible and I am 19 years old. I have been saving the world since I was about 13. I'm currently in my first year of college at Go University, studying/majoring in Marine Biology. I have just gotten out of a relationship with my longtime, best friend, Ron Stoppable. Even though it didn't work out, we still are close and keep in touch.

I sometimes miss my life back at home, everything I had. Parts of me are still there, so that leaves me partially empty. Mom and dad are proud of me for going into college, even though I'm not majoring in any of their fields. They support my path of what I want to become. Even the tweebs are happy for me. Yet I still feel an emptiness, a sad feeling inside of me...something I can't explain.

December 17

Kim walked down the hall to her dorm room, finally finished with the days classes. She was exhausted, and just wanted to lay down and take a long nap. Maybe take a soak in the tub before hand to get relaxed.

I hope all these classes are worth it. I don't even know how all these math classes draw into my field.

She came to a stop in front of her dorm, and pulled out her keys. Unlocking the door and shutting it back as she walked in. She was surprised to see her roommate and her boyfriend butt naked on the couch, fucking.

Seriously?! She has a fucking room, yet she chooses to do it on the couch! Gah!

She stalked towards her bedroom, neither her roommate or her boyfriend acknowledging her presence. Neither quieting the noises that left their mouths.

As Kim made it to her room, she quickly entered and locked the door behind her. Kicking off her shoes and shedding her jacket by the door. She walked over to her bed, and threw herself on to its awaiting, soft surface.

Just a few more days till Christmas break. Alls I have to do is make it a few more days, then I can go back to my old life for a while. I miss it... I miss everything.

As she got comfortable in her bed, sleep quickly consumed her. Her thoughts still on home, on her old life. On that empty, lonely feeling she had in her heart.

December 19

Kim awoke to her alarm, it shown 7:35 a.m. As she hit the snooze button, she slowly climbed from the soft confines of her bed. Dragging herself to her closet, she grabbed a fresh pair of jeans and a shirt. She then headed to her personal bathroom, where she started her shower.

She shed her clothes and jumped into the awaiting stream of water. It was nice and warm. She began to clean her body from head to toe, wasting no time.

When she was done and out, she dried herself off and got dressed. She fixed her hair and makeup in a matter of about 10 minutes.

Today was her last day before Christmas break, and she couldn't wait to get the day over with. Ron would be coming over later on to head back to Middleton with her, to spend break with her and her family.

Only six more hours and I'll be back home. I can do this. Just a few more hours of this torture, and I'll be home.

As she made her way to the front door, she stopped by the fridge to get some orange juice. After putting some in a cup and grabbing a bagel, she was off to her classes. Off to face her final classes before break.


As the bell rang, Kim shot out of her seat. She was finally done! Now all she had to do was get back to her dorm and pack. And she would be set to head back to Middleton.

Finally! God I can't wait to see everyone! It feels like it has been forever since I've seen them. I can't wait! She beamed at the thought of getting to see everyone.

As she made her way through the crowds of people, she finally made it to her dorm. She unlocked the door and made her way in. To her relief, her roommate was still out.

She headed towards her room, mind dead set on one thing. Getting packed and out of that place as fast as possible. There was going to be no lollygagging. She was gonna get her stuff and get out.


After about an hour of packing, she was finally done. Ron had shown up about ten minutes ago, and helped her get her things in the car.

"So you excited to go back home KP?" Ron asked, a cheeky grin on his face.

"Excited doesn't begin to explain how happy I am about it." Kim said, a matching cheeky grin on her face.

Ron chuckled, "You sure miss your family, huh?"

"Soooo much." she said sighing. "Sometimes I wish I could go back. Back to the good ol' days."

"I hear ya! God, those were the best huh?"

"They sure were."

"Well, enough dwelling in the past. Time to hit the road!" Ron said cheerily.

"Alright, alright." Kim giggled.

"Road trip!" squeaked Rufus as he scampered out of Ron's pants pocket.

"Road trip little buddy! Booyah!"

"Men" Kim chuckled underneath her breath.

They walked over to the car, and got in. They double checked everything, before they took off. Both were excited to go back to their old lives, if only for just a little while.


They had been on the road for almost three hours now. Ron had fallen asleep, so that left Kim with her thoughts.

I can't believe all of this has actually happened. My life, it's just so..different. I'm grown up, I'm living my life. But it feels so empty. Why? I don't know. Maybe it is the fact that I don't fight crime much anymore. Or maybe because I have no one 'special' in my life. I wish I knew...I hate this empty feeling.

She was drawn from her thoughts as she pulled up to her old home. Her parents were standing outside waiting for her, as well as the tweebs.

Wow, they have gotten bigger.

She shook Ron, and he spazzed out. Arms and legs flying through the air, trying to hit the non-existent threat.

"Calm down Ron, it's just me."

"Oh, s-sorry KP. Thought you were a bad guy." Ron said sheepishly.

"It's no big. Besides, we're here." Kim said with a bright eyed smile.

She didn't give Ron any time to respond, as she jumped out of the car and ran to her parents.

"Mom! Dad!" she screamed, tackling her parents into a big hug.

"Kimmie- Cub!" Mr. Dr. Possible chuckled.

"I've missed you guys sooo much!"

"We've missed you too sweetheart." Mrs. Dr. Possible said.

"Hey sis!"

"Don't forget.."

"...about us!"

"I could never! Get over here you two!" Kim said, grabbing the two into a big hug.

They accepted the embrace, hugging for a little while till they heard a noise from behind them.

"Ehmm" Ron said. "Anybody miss the Ronster?!"

Mr. and Mrs. Possible both chuckled. "Of course we missed you Ronald, how couldn't we." Mrs. Possible said.

Ron came over and hugged the family. After he was done, they all headed into the house. They all had a lot to catch up on, and no one wanted to waste any time.