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"Hey Wade. This might sound totally unrealistic, but I think Lucifer or Satan is out to get Kim."


New Beginnings - Chapter 11

"Ron? Are you okay?" Wade asked confused, his brow furrowing.

"Yes Wade, I'm fine. Just trust me on this okay. Just let me get you up to speed on everything." Ron answered, his voice wavering a little.


Ron looked at the screen with the most serious face Wade had ever seen from the blonde boy, and began to tell the young genius about the dreams that he and Yori had both had. He also told him that Yori and some of the Yamanouchi ninjas were on there way now to Middleton, and would be there at any time. They had to start preparing for whatever was out to get Kim because they didn't know when these things were to occur.

Wade had just stared at the image of Ron in wonder and confusion. It really wasn't making any sense as he didn't believe anything like that could actually be seeking out Kim; though he was sort of leaning on how a lot of things that he would of thought could never happen, always seemed to happen. And if Ron and Yori were actually having the same dreams, then maybe it was all actually true and maybe he did need to take this all seriously.

"Well I don't know what to say Ron... All of this just doesn't seem to make sense. I mean if it is true, why would 'Satan' want Kim? I'm drawing blanks on everything." Wade replied after a little while.

"I'm right there with ya' buddy. None of it makes sense, but I can feel that this is going to be major. We really need to do everything we can at the moment so we will be ready for when this all goes down; Kim's life is in our hands now, and I don't want it to end on my watch." the blonde boy turned man said.

"Ron, I am at your service. Since you know more about what is going on, I will follow your lead and do whatever you tell me to do. I'm taking your word on this, as I too don't want Kim's life ended." the young teen replied, bowing to Ron through the screen. "So what would you like me to do at the moment?"

"Start going through all news feeds and files, find anything and everything that looks just a bit off than normal standings. Also, get ahold of Dr. Director. I know that she would like to be informed about something like this, especially if it is a danger to Kim's life."

"Alright, already on it. Anything else before I let you go?"

"Yes. Whatever you do, DON'T tell Kim. I don't need her stressing over all of this, nor do I need her doing something stupid like try and go after this thing. God knows that she would only get herself killed even quicker if my guess is right on what or who this thing is." Ron let out a sigh as he looked out the window in his room, looking out into the darkness.

"Okay, whatever you say Ron. Stay safe and keep me updated on things, I'll contact you if I find anything."

"I will. And I'll be waiting." With that, the line then went black and Ron was alone once again.

Looking down at his bed, Ron saw his buddy of quite a few years sitting right beside him. Rufus looked as if he were a little kid, crying because he lost something so dear to him. Ron scooped up his best buddy and hugged him to his chest, saying soothing words to the small, pink rodent. "It's alright buddy, everything is going to be alright. Kim's fine, and we are going to keep it that way. Okay little buddy?"

Rufus snuggled into his masters chest, calming a bit to the warmth as well as the words that Ron was cooing. He sniffled before answering; his answer was a little muffled as his face was in the blonde man's chest. "M'kay. Keep Kim safe. Both of us, mhmm."

They stayed like this for a little bit, Ron comforting his beloved little partner and Rufus accepting the embrace and comfort. They soon fell asleep cuddled together on the bed, tired from the days events both physically and mentally; more mentally though than anything, as they were worried about their bestest friend in the world. Kim.

Two days later... December 23 (2 days before Christmas)

10:00 p.m. Kim's Room

The past couple of days were quite slow for Kim, as there really wasn't much to do. The day after Shego and her had stayed up the whole night talking, said villainess had left at the first signs of sunlight. Before leaving, she had embraced Kim tightly, holding her as if she could lose her at any moment. Once they said their goodbyes, the green woman vanished. Kim hadn't heard anything else from Shego after her departure. Kim was starting to get worried, as she didn't know what could of happen to Shego.

She couldn't lie to herself anymore about her feelings for the raven haired beauty; she was falling hard for her ex arch foe, and at a blinding speed. After she found out a lot about Shego's life, stuff that she had never thought would be apart of the woman's life, she began to see the true Shego. She began to fall harder than she already had been, as she now saw the true identity of the woman she so deeply cared about. Both women had opened themselves up for the other, and were letting the other in.

Kim had been kicking herself for the two days that had now passed, as she never got the green woman's number. It hadn't crossed her mind the whole time she had spent with Shego; other things had clouded her mind in that time, nothing of getting her personal cell phone number. The redhead was becoming more and more anxious as time passed without a word from Shego, and everything bad began to sneak up into her head of what could've happened to her Shego. She couldn't stop any of the horrible thoughts that began to fill her head.

God Shego, where are you?! Why are you doing this to me?! You knew what you were doing, capturing my heart and all, and now you're just going to leave me all alone and ignored!?

Unseen by Kim, the woman of topic had scaled her bedroom wall and slipped into her room. She now hid in the shadows on the wall, watching a freaking out Kim. She had to chuckle a little at the girls antics with a grin plastered on her face, but soon became serious as she watched a stray tear role down the redheads cheek. She cringed a little, knowing that that there might just be over her. She hadn't contacted Kim at all in two days, and it was probably messing with the girl more than she thought it would.

Slowly Shego stepped out of the shadows and walked the distance over to the bed where Kim sat, pulling the girl into a strong embrace. She placed small kisses on top of Kim's head, breathing in the scent of her strawberry shampoo. She could feel Kim go stiff with the contact, not knowing what was going on. Once she felt the kisses on her head, Kim knew who it was and began to melt into the touches of the older woman. After a little while, Kim turned around in Shego's embrace and threw her arms around the older womans waist; she held on tightly not wanting to let go, scared that it was just a figment of her imagination.

They stayed like this for over an hour, just holding on to each other as if the world depended on it. They only let go when Kim had the urge to pee. Shego had chuckled at this as the girl jumped quickly out of her arms and ran to her bathroom, shutting the door as quick as lightning. The ex villainess decided that she would take a small nap while she waited for her younger lover/friend, so she splayed her body out on the small mattress and closed her eyes. Not only a minute after she did this, she had been tackled by her Princess and pinned to the bed.

"So, why didn't you come or contact me these past few days?! You had me worried!" Kim said with a serious face, still on top of the green woman.

"I'm sorry Princess, I just had things I had to do. And did you just say that you were worried, about me?" she asked with a small grin forming on her lips.

Kim began to blush and looked away from the grinning face of Shego. "Yes...I did... Is there something wrong with that?" she humphed.

Quickly, Shego took over the distracted Kim and flipped their positions. "No, it's sweet." she said with a genuine smile. "If it makes up for anything, I was out getting you a present."

Kim's eyes got wide and a smile began to grace her lips. "Really? You didn't have to. But that's so sweet of you Shego, and very thoughtful."

With a pout, Shego responded to Kim's comment. "I am NOT sweet."

Kim giggled, "You're still big bad Shego, don't worry. But you can also be a sweet, caring, thoughtful Shego too. That's Shania coming out, and I like that side of you just as much as your Shego said."

Without saying a word, Shego dipped her head low and captured Kim's lips with her own. The kiss was slow and passionate, filled with so much raw emotion. After a short moment, they parted from the kiss and stared deeply into each others eyes.

"That side is only for you Princess, only you." She then placed a chaste kiss on the younger woman's lips before crawling off of her and laying down next to the girl. She then pulled Kim into her front and held her as close as she possibly could.

"It better (yawn) be. I don't share (yawn)." Kim snuggled into the embrace, wanting as much contact as she could get out of the woman that held her.

A small laugh escaped Shego's lips. "Kimmie not sharing? That's a new one."

Lightly, Kim slapped Shego's arm. "Oh hush you."

"Goodnight Kimmie. Sweet dreams my love." She then placed a kiss on Kim's head.

"G'night Shego..."

Kims breathing became more even, and she began to lightly snore. Shego knew that her little Princess was now sound asleep. Slowly, she let sleep consume her. She fell asleep after only five minutes of watching her Kimmie sleeping. Both woman sleeping better than they had after the two days they had gone without each others contact.


Ron watched from the outside of Kim's bedroom, everything unfolding of the two woman. It was a big surprise to him, startling him very much. Next to him, his girlfriend Yori watched the scene as well. She wasn't at all surprised with this, as she had known that something was to likely occur between the two woman at some point.

With a small smile, Yori spoke up. "Ron-kun, I think this is for the best. Shego-san is good for Kim-san, in more ways than one. You and I both know it."

"I know Yori, but it looks like they are way too friendly than from what I remembered. When was she going to tell me?..." a frown topping his lips.

"In due time. This must be all so new to her too Ron-kun. But like I said, this is a good thing for her. Maybe one of the best things for her. She will be protected strongly by this woman, know that."

Ron smiled a little. "Yeah, you're right. If this is legitimate, I know Shego with protect her with everything she has. We just have to let Shego know about everything, cause she needs to know in order to be able to protect Kim."

"Yes love, we do. How about in the morning? We need to get some rest."

"Alright. But we gotta be out here at sunrise. I know how this one goes, having to escape the house without anyone findi-... I said that out loud, didn't I?" Ron asked sheepishly.

Yori nodded her head with a raised eyebrow. "So you snuck into Kim-san's room on many times?"

"Um... well... she sorta didn't know either.." Ron palmed the back of his neck.

With a sigh, the raven haired ninja shook her head. "Boys... It was in the past, so I guess I can forgive you. But for this, you will get nothing from me tonight Ron-kun." She then took off to Ron's room, her head held high and a knowing grin on her face.

"Awww! Come on babe, it was like forever ago!" he quietly yelled to his girlfriend, following after her.