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New Beginnings - Chapter 5

As Kim processed everything in her mind, she couldn't help but mentally kick herself.

I obviously should of been born a blonde! How could I not see this, any of it?! The pet names!That should of given everything away, for crying out loud! God I feel stupid!

Shego waited, for what seemed like an eternity, for the redhead to say or do anything. All she got for the longest time, were some faces and blank stares. She wanted badly for the girl to just say something, anything. Even if it were to curse her out.

Come on Princess, I don't like all this silence. It is killing me. Please, just say something. Or hit me. At Least let me know how you feel about it...

She was snapped out of her thoughts, when she heard the girl clearing her throat. When she looked down into Hazel eyes, she saw something. It was a look of question of realization. But nothing of hate.

"Shego? H-How long, have you l-liked me?"

"Umm well, it sorta started after the 'time monkey' incident. It opened my eyes to who you were, who you are now. You would do anything and everything to save people you don't even know. And from none other, than myself.

"You are so different from anyone I have ever known. So much more amazing, than anyone I will ever meet. You have become someone I cherish so much, and don't want to lose. I have come to love you Kim, and that's why I brought you out here tonight. To finally get that out there.

"Hate me if you want, I know I would hate me if I were you. I have done nothing nice for or to you, and for that I am sorry. But I will get it if you want to punch me in the face. So please just do something to tell me about how you feel about everything."

"Shego, I don't hate you. I never have. You actually made my day better when we fought. I have to admit... I looked forward to getting to fight with you every day." Kim said, starting to blush.

"You don't hate me? Really? After everything I have done to you in the past?"

"No, I don't. I could never hate a person. And besides, that was all in the past. Nothing to dwell upon really."

Shego just stared at the girl beneath her. Dumb-founded by how this girl, who she injured severely many many times, shrugged everything off as if it were nothing. And didn't hate her for any of it either.

Wow... Sh-She doesn't hate me.. After all I have done, she doesn't hate me. How does she do that? How can she just push all those things, I did to her, aside as if it were nothing? I know I would be trying to kill me for everything I did, if I were her.

"How do you do that?" Shego asked.

"Do what?"

"Push everything I did to you, to the side, as if nothing ever happened?" her eyebrows scrunched together.

"Well, like I said, everything is in the past. And you can't change the past, but move on and live your life. Forgive, and forget. And I forgave you for everything a long while ago."

"I could never forgive someone like you have, if I were in your place. I wouldn't be able to. You are really something else.."

"Well, did you forget who I am? I'm Kim Possible. I am forgiving, kind, nice, and understanding. Let's not forget, amazing." she said with a playful smirk.

Shego had to laugh a little at this. "Yes, soooo amazing Princess."

Kim smiled up at her ex foe, forgetting about everything that had just played out not even a few minutes ago. Looking into Shego's emerald green eyes, she got lost. She melted in their gaze. Shego also getting lost in Kim's eyes, and melting in their soft glow.

Wow... Just wow.. Her eyes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I could get lost in those hazel green pools forever. The way the light from the moon hits them, makes them even more incredible.

Oh my.. Her eyes are just so beautiful. They are like perfect emeralds. And the soft glow of the moonlight, magnifies their beauty. I could stare into them forever, and I would never lose interest in them.

Shego began to lower her head slowly towards Kim's, not wanting to frighten her. Her eye's never leaving Kim's. As she was mere inches from the girls face, her eyes slowly closed, as did the redhead's. Their lips met, in a soft and slow kiss.

Shego raised her head to look into the girl's eyes. A blush formed on Kim's cheeks and spread throughout her face. Quickly, she averted her eyes to look past the green woman. Shego looking away as well.

"Uhh.. I... um think that... uh we should ya know.. take things slow..."

"... Yeah, yeah. Sure..." Shego said, looking down with a disappointed look on her face.

Crap! I think I just fucked up everything! Stupid Fucking Moron!

"Sh-Shego? Are you okay? It's n-not that I d-didn't like the k-kiss... It's just, ya know, a lot to take. I'm s-sorry if I hurt you.." Kim said looking away slowly.

Aww.. She looks so hurt.. And did I just say, I technically 'liked' the kiss? Well I guess I sorta did... Her lips, were so soft and warm..

"I get it. It is sorta my fault... I shouldn't of done that. I'm sorry if I crossed a line."

"It's okay, it happens.."

"So um.. not to make anything more awkward or anything, but when you said 'It's not like I didn't like the kiss' DID you like it..?" a blush forming on her cheeks.

Crap! I can't just lie! Aww... I can.. I can do this. Breath Possible.

"shjbfjhfh..." she said, no words forming as they escaped her mouth.

"What was that, Kimmie?"

She's all tongue tied... She might of actually liked it! Come on Princess, just say it!

"I said, I djfhhd..."

Why isn't anything coming out?! It is just a few simple words! Just say it already!

"That isn't a word, Cupcake." a smile spreading its way onto her face.

"Yes, I like it Shego... Happy?"

YES! She liked it! I..I might actually have a shot a this after all! Thank you to whoever has given me this chance at love. I won't screw up on this, never. I will give it my all. Give her, my all.

"I did too. I'm happy to hear you did.."

"Well... Uhmm can you get off me? And give me back my diary, please?"

"Oh, yeah. Sure. Sorry.."

Shego got off of the redhead, and rose to her feet. She walked over to the bench where her bag was, and grabbed it. Reaching in, she grabbed the diary and placed the bag back down. She walked back over to the now standing Kim, and handed her the diary.

"And if you are wondering, no I did not look at anything."


"No problem. I'm just, not that low. It is your personal stuff, not mine to see. I wouldn't want anyone to see what I wrote in my journal."

I don't think you would WANT to see what is in my journal Princess... Things in there, that are just.. umm.. Just no.

"Well, thank you for not reading it. I sorta, was worried about that the whole time... But i guess I was worrying for nothing. Well I guess I'm gonna get back to my parents, they don't exactly know I left."

"You are a grown adult, they shouldn't have to know whether you go out or not."

"Yeah, but still. I am visiting them. And I am still 'their little girl'."

"Alright, alright. I'll let you go..."

"Umm.. When will I see you again?"

"Don't know Kimmie.. I hope soon though."

"Oh, alright... Goodnight then.."

"Goodnight Princess..."

Kim gave Shego one last glance behind her shoulder, then walked off back to her old home. The whole night replaying through her mind.